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Very Positive 91% (36 reviews)
33 growers recommend this
recommended by
Robert B.

Very easy grow. Great for relaxation! No issues whatsoever with the plants, great bud production. Very good strain for pain management!

recommended by
Rick S.

Very nice Nirvana Munster colas really thick tall plan very easy to grow like I said beautiful colas on them real long white hair on them early Bloomer

recommended by
Mark C.

This is a solid strain. I flowered for 9 weeks and the harvest was substantial. It gained a bit of purple towards the end even though the temps were not cold. The smell is musty like an old cheese and the high is more of a nightime feel, but also more heady than other indica dominant hybrids.Being a pungent grow, make sure you run a good carbon filter if smell is of concern. The grow and height was comparable to its skunk parent. Similar style and yield. I have grown this strain a couple of times since and there is little variance in phenotypes. It is solid and a good producer. Highly recommended for a constant seller.

recommended by
Ashton V.

Grew these back in the spring of last year, indoors, 1-2 plants at a time under 150W HPS and 100W CFL. Topped twice and LST, they did very well!!! Actually split the main stem they were so heavy, yield was about 3-4oz per plant after 4 weeks vegging. Very neutral smell during grow but a sweet wine smell when you squeeze the buds. Grew one outside, harvested mid September. Dense nugs, a little rot on last harvested colas due to weather in Michigan. Would recommend

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recommended by
George R.

Big fat buds, the Sweet dank smell of cheese, and one of the easiest strain that I've ever grown from Nirvana! So if you have not grown this plant yet? try it, you'll love it. hom

recommended by
William B.

Swiss cheese!! Hardy plant! The only issues I had was the ones I created. Blossom faster than any nirvsna strain I grew. At first I wasn't impressed with the potency till I realized I was too high too actually tell I was. Smell definitely hinted of some skunk too with a sweet undertone.

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recommended by
Erin S.

Overall review: Swiss Cheese has excellent yield potential, but don't buy this strain if you're looking for a high CBD strain.I'm relatively new to growing marijuana and don't have experience with a bunch of strains to compare Swiss Cheese (feminized) to; so, my review is limited to my yield and THC and CBD quantities in this strain. I have a master of science degree in agronomy and am not new to hydroponics, only to growing marijuana.Grow info: 4 Swiss Cheese plants in a Deep Water Culture system within a 26"x26"x84" grow tent (66cm x 66cm x 212cm) under a 400 watt light (MH in vegetative stage and HPS in flowering). The plants were pruned with a manifolding technique so that 3 of the plants had 4 primary colas, and one plant had 8 primary colas. Yes, the tent was packed with large colas!Flowering time: approximately 8 weeks from the first observed pistilsDry weight yield: Excellent! 8 oz. - the plant with 8 colas yielded 4 oz with slightly smaller colas than plants pruned to only 4 primary colas.After curing the buds for approximately 2 months, a flower sample was submitted to an ISO accredited laboratory. The sample was taken from one of the largest primary colas.Total THC content: 24.32% (% based upon dry weight of sample) Total CBD content: 0.05% CBN content 0.02%Although there are strains today producing flowers with greater than 30% THC, I still wouldn't consider this strain to be a medium THC producer as advertised. At 24.32%, THC content was pretty high. And it's definitely not even a low CBD producer.Overall review: I wouldn't recommend this strain to anyone seeking a high or even a low CBD strain. Some seeds from this strain may produce flowers with high quantities of CBD; however, my test results indicate that the strain produces high variability in genetics and the variety is not stable.Seeds are not cheap. I was seeking a high CBD strain to make medical products (muscle balms). Expenses on these seeds and growing them to flower were not worth the results. My next grow will be Raspberry Cough feminized, another strain advertised as high CBD, hopefully with better CBD results though.

recommended by
Wayne B.

Swiss.., excellent product.. Very good strong strain.. Flowering took exactly 8wks.. Very strong fuel smell.. She took nutes well, started light then I thought I over fed but she took it..I used bat guano phosphorus & sea kelp plus molasses.. Barely cut her down 4days ago.. Still drying but i microwaved a few buds.. Pretty strong.. Damn good balanced high,, you get the uppy high where your inspired & energetic, then goes into a Northern Lights kinda stone. Should be way better after 4wks of cure.. I read a few negative reviews about Swiss & that's way I ordered her; she grew fantastically for me & I gotta say. I' ll be doing her again... all my phenos were all same.. She kinda stinks strong for indoor but oh well... Another strain in the books...

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recommended by
Wayne B.

I'm back again..., it's just the same thing but different strain.. The goodness & pleasure of growing these top notch genetics..been a customer since 2012..; I just keep getting more & more impressed wit each grow & cure...lucky me for my research & seriously, Nirvana is legit & is all you need in a seedbank in my opinion.. now I hav Swiss Cheese in 5wks in flowering mode.. Very, very hairy flowers, Fuel smelling..saw a few negative reviews about her, so I had to try for myself.. So far..;superb.. Like all other Nirvana strains, I'm 100% sure it'll be a winner.. Enjoying my blue mystic, & Aurora indica harvest.. & last of the Venus Flytrap.. Peace from 4corners-New Mexico, USAHappy Growing..

recommended by
T G.

Been growing this strain for a few years and it is a great strain. It grows easily with big buds that taste great and has a nice buzz. It is the most wanted strain by customers out of the many I have grown. I highly recommend this strain.

recommended by
Doug S.

Nice big plants, supports the colas well and finished in good timing. Trim is easy and the sweet looking dried bud does not disappoint. Smoke is cheesy/tasty and buzz is intense...this years fav by far and a strain for the repeat/ to bank on and impress the friends...thanks Nirvana.

recommended by
Nick H.

I got the best tasting pheno I ever had in my life with swiss it's amazing. This is definitely for all you flavor junkies. I have Been Growing since 2007 and this is the best tasting strain I have ever found. i got 2 very different phenos, one is the perfect split of the Uk cheese and the swiss miss and looks exactly like the picture and the other was light green with sharp spear leaves with almost white buds because of all the resin until it finished then the buds were golden and sooo caked in trichs smells like super sharp, sour, skunky lemon, citrus it is very tasty.. finished at exactly 7 weeks. But the window is definitely 6 through 8 weeks. They just explode with growth as soon as they start showing signs of flower it's just non stop vigorous bud development. AMAAAAAZING TASTE! Absolutely amazing flavor, the best of the best in the flavor category. A really stable great strain for any skill level this would be good for a beginner or expert. I garentee you will find a keeper.

recommended by
Jay P.

Had soil issue, will review next time. Dampning off horrible. Nothing to do with nirvana.

not my taste by
David H.

Everything went well as far as the grow. All seeds spouted short plant with plenty of bud. But I didn't really care for this strain to much only because Nirvana has so many other strains that are better.

recommended by
Ashton V.

Got the beans quick to the Midwest US. All 5 sprouted and were healthy. Topped and super cropped them, they took it real well. 3 outdoors and 2 indoors, all doing well. 3.5 weeks into flower and they look sexy and sugary. Very low odor unless you start touching them, expecting a really nice harvest weight. Great job as always. Waiting on my NL order now

recommended by
Paolo n.

postal services in my place are slow and sometimes unreliable. it took almost 4 months for my seeds to arrive but as expected, Nirvana surely delivers! already planted my first batch of seedlings and they're now 2 weeks young. very healthy and happy seedlings. more power to Nirvana!

recommended by
Andrew E.

awesome strain for northern climate!!

recommended by
Wayne C.

Great for beginners, very strong plant. I love cheese, it is comparable to any cheese strain out there. Not as much weight as I had expected, but I am not disappointed and was probably to blame for it. Great leaf/bud ratio. Excellent cheese smell and taste.

recommended by
D.G H.

2nd time I grew these in N MN. 5 seeds gave me over 35 Oz of manicured bud and about a pound of good trimmings for oil. They grew to about 6-7 feet and harvested the first week of Oct. They made it threw 2 lite frost. Very good quality smoke. Order some auto flowers for these coming summer (2016). Will be growing more Swiss Cheese, Feminized seed are the only way to go. Oh yeah, shipping is with out question the best. Order during the Christmas holidays.

recommended by
James B.

Planted 2 Swiss Cheese and 2 came up. Had a root problem with one, buried it deeper in the ground and it survived. Got a little over 100gr on that one. No problems with #2. Got 505gr off that one. Just started smoking this one and I must it is a strong long lasting high. Grown Blue Mystic Auto ,Jock Horror Auto and Swiss Cheese Fem this year. All great smokes.....thx Nirvana.

not my taste by
burnett e.

Truely a robust beginer friendly strain. Planted outside late June, is now Early Sept. I planted in 20 gal. grow bag, have only watered once with nutrients, she is now a five foot wonder and abt. a month from harvest, cat say enough abt this strain, very vigirous, cant tell abt the smoke quality but will update, that as well. Cant go wrong all outdoors on this one.

not my taste by
ron b.

I grew 4 of these Swiss cheese in a 6ft cube grow tent with a 1000 watt HPS using DWC. From seed to harvest was about 4 1/2 months. Used Gen hydro nutients. The taste and aroma of this smoke is awesome and my buddies tell me it's the best stuff they have had in a while. I am new to growing and now I'm hooked. Thank you Narvana

recommended by
Chevano F.

First time ordering seeds, newbie grower here and I must say I'm impressed. My seeds arrived very quickly and securely package. I germinated all five seeds with the cup of water and wet paper towel technique and they all cracked. Will be ordering only from here from now on.

recommended by
thomas d.

sun and water

recommended by
Kristian E.

I grew my two plants from clones from my friends mother plant. And they vegged for 16 weeks. Could have been faster but I had some huge temperature problems during the summer. I vegged them using a 200w cfl. And after installing a new ventilation system I switched to a 250W gp greenline hps in a cooltube. Very hardy plants. No other strain had given this nice end result with they kind of heat abuse . They had their roots in guano soil mix and I fed them using ionic and hesi nutes. Very pleased with this excelleunnt strain! I don't understand some of the who claims its not very potent. I beg to differ! I think.its stronger than.both "blue mystic" and white widow.dont

recommended by
Nick G.

Sent 5 females to the shop and all germed at 2nd day. It was well worth the wait through the vege state, and the little black back saved me at least 2 weeks when they started flowering. End of 16 weeks i was proud to have flipped my profit using the outdoor (14 day/ 10 night) method: for having small hairs, the bud isn't bad but would of expected more. My guess is indoor is better b/c it would of been more leafy and red. They werent bad fighting off insects but I recommend fertilizing early if you re-soil the plants and move into bigger containers. The new strain should be much higher. Thanks for the hook up Nirvana

recommended by
Johnny J.

SC came fast and stealthy. Germinated three and all three sprouted up within 36 hours. Nirvana has never let me down. As long as Nirvana exists; I will never need to go anywhere else for any and all my needs.

recommended by
john russell t.

I have 4 of these cured and 4 with about 3 weeks left. So far, 2 of my main comments would be that the flavor goes from a grade c- to a b+-a minus almost overnight so sit tight, the skunk is coming. Secondly, dense, dense buds that leave you totally locked. Potent but you are clear headed in a couple hours, just the way I like it.

recommended by
giovanni s.

I got 10 seeds and all popped up,very fast growing!!

recommended by
Charles P.

swim says Swiss Cheese is another regular that will be in my garden for many seasons to come. Swiss Cheese is a cross between swiss miss and UK Cheese (the skunk hybrid). It retains mostly skunk traits with and earlier finish from the SM.I always like to keep what I call a "White" skunk strain in my garden, I find skunk strains come in several shapes, looks, sizes and textures with that similar distinct odor. A white skunk strain has dark green, light green and white pistils. Along with the heavy trichs and it has a fuzzy white tinge to it (not to be confused with mould). Swiss Cheese fills these shoes exactly with 9/10 plants being the "white" skunk pheno, the other a more lanky sativa pheno.Swiss Cheese grows very fast and is very hearty along with somewhat mould resistant. It normally grows to about 6 feet but had 1 stretch to about 8. Very thick strong plant, appearance and growth is 50/50 sativa indica, but high is 60/40 Indica/sativa. Has a fresh, skunky odor with fruity aftertaste. Highly Recommended

recommended by
Jordan L.

This is my first grow with real genetics, not just bag seed. Seeds got here in 10 days to the mid-west USA. I cannot wait to order more, just hope I have a successful grow being new to this and all. I've decided to quit smoking till I grow my own and I am very impatient but I find 120 bucks for a quarter is way too much. Thanks a lot nirvana, I will definitely be back!

recommended by
Samuel R.

Bonjour,je reviens sur cette souche apres avoir testé d autres concurente direct car on resent l' origine shunk tres presente mais se detache un gout et une odeur bien specifique qui la fait sortir du lot ! La swiss cheese a ete tres facile a cultiver et a fourni un rendement tres acceptable en interieur ! Je la conseille a tous debutants ou au personnes qui souhaite une culture facile.cordialement

recommended by
Review r.

Weekend whoppers are often good deal for sure ... i was looking for an Old school skunky flavour, robust and easy growing !! Now it s done, plus a FREE germination kit !!Points are also a really good deal, 'cause by the same occasion, i ve got the flowertab for FREE too.

recommended by
Katie o.

Im currently 4weeks into flowering of these beautiful little plants,all 5 sprouted very easily and i vegged them for about 7weeks under a 125cfl.I've been flowering them under a 600 hps a month today and all 5 are covered in sticky white buds.Everyday there is a visible difference in the plants,and id say they'll be ready to harvest in 3weeks.Its my first grow so needless to say im very excited.Once i have the weight of the dry buds i'll be back to let you know how much i got,but from just looking at the girls i think i could be on for a very impressive yeild,there is well over an oz on each plant already.On a seperate note,why the hell do people keep coming on to the reviews(of all the strains) to proudly tell us the have germed there seeds,its really annoying if your trying to get a suss on what a certain type of strain is like and the review page is full of people telling us about the germination really fuckin pisses me of,get a grip people.Anyway,a big thanks to nirvana for the quality seeds,i will certainly be a customer for life,looking forward to trying the AK-48 out in the next couple of weeks.Peace.

recommended by
Fred S.

I tried two Swiss Cheese plants. When they hit flowering, you could actually get a scent of cheese. This gives a strong buzz. I smoke some to get to sleep. It comes on slowly and then it drops the hammer. I sleep like a baby all night. This can be used for medical purposes. I would grow it again. It produced about 1 3/4 ounce dry per plant, but it is worth your time. Give it a try.Go Nirvana!!!

Swiss Cheese Feminized

  • Robust outdoor hybrid.
  • Old school flavor.
  • Mould-resistant.
  • Beginner-friendly.

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