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Ronald B.

So far I'm very pleased with the grow of "Twenty Four". Hardly any care and it's flourishing nicely. Can't wait it give it a try and will come back and tell that side of the story too. Happy so far for sure.

recommended by
DeWalt T.

Only because no reviews have been made as of May 25 '18, I want to say that I just received 5 beans of TwentyFour today. This will only be my 2nd grow, the 1st was a single bagseed that is now in week 3 of flower. It was an experiment for me even if it had been a male. Now that I know I can grow, & learned 1st-hand the do's & don'ts, I will try this one. I personally do not smoke, but my wife has serious physical & psychological issues and (thanks to ObamaCare & Big Pharm) has been off all meds for several months. Local sources get us by but the THC gives her paranoia. So if you have an issue like this, please check back, I will update if I have success. It's supposedly not easy to grow...


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