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recommended by
Michael F.

Great mix, packaging was great and arrived in 11 days(Eastern US). All growing wonderfully in fabric pots/soil. Nirvana is only company I've used with 100% germination. Got to love that and there customer service replies promptly. What else do you need?

recommended by
Jedidiah A.

Great mix of seeds very satisfied

recommended by
Jay M.

This was a lot of fun managing different plants and comparing the grow, yield and mood to figure out my favorite list even quicker. The white plants are always winners, they are easy plants if they are not overwatered and the PH is carefully planned. Advanced Nutrients takes a lot of the worry out of it but the cost is higher. Soil is much cheaper for me to grow in and the notes last much longer. I usually get 2 Oz per plant.

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recommended by
Jay M.

Interesting and fun to manage all the different types of plants. I usually can count on 2 oz per plant. Also a great way to have a variety to help sort out which smoke is favorite for daytime and or nighttime.

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recommended by
Jimmy f.

Only 3 out of the four germinated. The papaya is a sticky beauty and smells great. White widow is also very nice but she is fussy and needed a lot of cal mag. Ice is by far my favorite the colas are huge! It grows like crazy you can tell this strain is a Beast. Thumbs up nirvana I will be ordering more for sure.

recommended by
John m.

Good service

recommended by
Rick K.

Ordered this mix, all 4 popped and are looking great. My order came in less than 10 days. I would definitely recommend Nirvana to anyone. A1 all the way.

recommended by
Robert I.

nice mix, i will order these again! thank you nirvana you guys are #1!please keep doing like your doing and ill keep buying and enjoying killer buds!thanks again to the super awsom "Nirvana!!!

recommended by
Greg C.

My first order. I was extremely satisfied with Nirvana's shipping and service. White Widow – never did hatch. Ice – made me not care about White Widow. Blackjack and Papaya are looking excellent – should be harvesting soon!

recommended by
Emily c.

Seeds Came in about 14 days exactly. Awesome packing very unique and secrete. Thank you nirvana for good service will be a returning customer. Will repost results.

recommended by
Christopher O.

Ice grows like a string bean, widow is definitely an out door grower but let me tell ya about that black jack......holy shister gewie funky, super sticky loves the bud candy.

not my taste by
Bernadette P.

had been ordering from Nirvana until I couldn't pay with my debit card any longer, was a bit nervous about sending cash, but I finally sent for their wonderful seeds, and as usual Nirvana came through. I trust this company!!!!! I love this company, how about that!!!!1

not my taste by
Jay M.

The Fem Mix seeds germed overnight and are very healthy. 2 hours in RO water, paper towel for 12 hours and into Pro Mix (added Bone Meal, Blood Meal, fish mix, bat guano and Worm casings and 20% perlite). The Ice is faster and stronger but the other girls are also green and strong. T-5 lights and 1/4 strength Advanced Nutes. Nirvana gets Kudos for stealthy delivery and quality of their product line. Customer Service is World Class and appreciated. The LED grow plan is 4 weeks veg and flower to 50% amber for Medical reasons. Shall update with flowering and Nute review when nearing harvest. TX.... Nirvana

recommended by
Ian W.

This is very exciting for me as it looks as though this is the first review for this combination platter. Well, I could not be happier with my order. I placed my white fem mix order about a week ago and after 8 days was getting a tad antzy about whether or not it would make it. Today, I have successfully received my new beans and am very excited to see how these new products fair. For one thing, I give it up to Nirvana as this is my second order and both were perfectly shipped and the stealth factor was incredible. Especially since I'm located in Eastern USA. Put it simply, they were SO stealthy, I was even confused when I first opened my mail. Then after detailed viewing realized where my beans were hiding. lol. My first order of Aurora Indica seeds are 3-4 weeks into flowering and the buds are looking great. After 5/5 seeds germed and 5/10 mystery (FREE) seeds germed, I HAD to come back for more. The white fem mix looks like a perfect combination of quality and quantity and am sure these seeds will give me exactly what I'm looking for. Thanks Nirvana- you never cease to amaze and I will keep coming back.

not my taste by
Mark M.

Let me just say. Trust is hard tooo find today from a person even more from a company. Nirvana has gained, No earned my trust. I have brain cancer and M.S. and im in my 30's. Thankyou for your impeccable ethics,morals and just being great human beings. My family and i thanks all you guys and gals deeply.

White feminized mix

This White feminized mix pack contains the following 4 feminized seeds:

  1. Black Jack: Loaded with THC -
  2. Ice: Cannabis Cup winner -
  3. Papaya: Fast grower disease-resistant -
  4. White Widow: A true legend Yardstick

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