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Very Positive 97% (35 reviews)
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recommended by
Thanh n.

Fast shipping. Great quality seeds. Good price. All seeds pop in 3 days.

recommended by
W Mark T.

I have grown this beauty twice, LST and topped, good flavor and yield

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recommended by
Robert B.

Freaking love this strain! Very easy to grow and definitely packs a wallop! Plants stayed short and stocky. Easy to train and good yield. I will definitely grow this one again!

recommended by
Blake P.

This is a strain I've grown off and on for a long time. Always great and easy to grow. This last batch I got a phenotype I haven't before. A bit stretchier but more trichomes than anything I've ever seen. So thick they literally looked like fur. The sugar leaves looked like the salt encrusted rim of a margarita glass and even the fan leaves had trichs. I'm revegging it now so I can cut some clones from it. Excellent job Nirvana!

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recommended by
Matthew W.

All 5 turned out very well, although they had a fair amount of leaf to trim around the huge buds. One went a bit mutant which was bushy without having to cut the top off, also the leaves were mostly all thee pronged and fatter, really dense dank buds quite different to the other 4 plants. Am currently trying to re-veg this one so i can clone. I also grew 5 Misty Kush (From Nirvana too) and I would rate them better overall than the White Rhino - denser nicer smelling/tasting buds. Overall am very happy, will definitely use Nirvanashop again. pEace

recommended by
Alan R.

I have grown the White Rhino and absolutely love it! It popped 5/5 seeds and all made it to harvest. Hanging upside down now. It's very consistent from one offering to the next. All short, quite stout and bushy. A true joy to behold. Smells are surreal!

recommended by
casey c.

One of the better grows! Has such a strong smell! Instant favorite

recommended by
Tony H.

You really cant go wrong with this strain, plants stay short but the final product is amazing, the effect of this plant is so strong that ive had veteran stoners have panic attacks because the effect comes on so hard, i think this is my 4th grow of white rhino, one of my favourite strains of all time.

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not my taste by
Stephen M. M.

Only had one of these short stubby girls in the garden last time (only one to survive germination 1/5 seeds, not good). Finished/Flowering in 10+ weeks. Never smoked any of it. The wife used it to make "butter", with in turn was used to make some fine baked edibles. The entire pound of butter with an Oz of White Rhino bud in one loaf of sweet bread. Hardcore Edibles. I can still feel it... Later.

recommended by
Shala P.

First off, much thanks to NirvanaShop for being the best at what they do. My packages always arrive in a timely manner and the product is always quality.As for this strain- it's a winner. It was an easy grow, yielded about 8 ounces from 5 plants and took 16 weeks from germination to harvest. It's a great energetic creative buzz- the kind where you can leave the house and run some errands if need be.

recommended by
Mark H.

Soaked in distilled water 24hours, then into 2" peat pot (peat and 10 gallon pot with FF-Ocean Forest full strength) then into 10 gallon pot. All water was ph'd and used FF-Soil Trio once a week and Molasses once a month. 2-600 watt MH/HPS lights 24 hour veg x 5weeks and 12/12 flower 9 weeks. I threw this in later after another sprout had died. In the corner of the room, it only got moderate light due to older sisters in the room. got 2 1/2 Oz VERY STICKY,earthy/fuel smell, strong Indica High. WILL spend another grow with Rhino as focus instead of afterthought. Awesome . Different but Right up there with Sterling Haze and Jock Horror

recommended by
Josh D.

Awesome and sneaky packaging. The seeds arrived in 11 days to north Texas. I will update once they have grown. Thanks so much.

recommended by
Ricky P.

Loved the stealth shipping, and the 10-day delivery. The White Rhino seeds germinated indoors in April, and were placed outdoors in May. Plants were topped and are looking good at 4-feet tall. Expect to harvest in 3-4 weeks. The odor is almost negligible and I need discretion. Thanks Nirvana! I'll be back.

recommended by
Lambros L.

Good job nirvana!! All my babies are germinated thanks! !

recommended by
Mohamad m.

very good packing and ectra slealth packing very thanks from nirvana . i love you nirvana ;)

recommended by
Cam N.

First off as a first time buyer from overseas all I can say is wow. these darn seeds got to me faster than my computer part off of amazon did from california. 9 days to get to me. loved the packaging too. all rooted amazing and sprouted very quickly. give me 4 months and I will be able to leave a review of how she produces.

recommended by
Dennis B.

Had the seeds for almost a year before germination and all seeds popped but let them get cold feet and lost one. 45 days into flower and all is great so far, buds are swelling the trichs cover even some of the upper fan leaves. All 4 are very hardy plant with a wonderful aroma. Growing under 8 Cree CXB7070 3000K chips, 40"X12" passive heat sink, MW drivers pulling 396w at the wall. Medium- ProMix, nutes- Bontanicare Pro Grow and Bloom, Cal/Mag and trying Terpinator for the first time.I'm really looking forward to this grow. Nirvana, YOU ROCK!!!Next grow, Nirvana Master Kush and Bubblelicious, yummmm...

recommended by
Alan R.

I've got a cornucopia of lovely ladies basking under the inside sun. One each of White Rhino, White Castle, AK 48, Master Kush, Super Skunk and Wonder Woman. Today is the beginning of their 5th week blooming. The Rhino is the shortest of the crowd; yet well formed and beautiful!

recommended by
Kathy G.

Ordered the package deal with White Rhino and Snow White. 100% germination on both. Couldn't ask for more. Thanks for the great seeds and all your help.

recommended by
Mark M.

Great and easy! Nirvana is so far still the best in my opinion. Only 1 bad experience. 10 regular bubblelicious i ordered then planted all of them. Sad but true all males but 2.

recommended by
Joe O.

I am on my second grow of White Rhino. The first grow was with a mix of Bubblelicious, PPP, Wonder Woman and of course, White Rhino. Although an F1 hybrid, I did not find any difference in the growth cycle (AKA hybrid vigor). As with most Nirvana seeds, I had about a 95-98% germination rate. I grow all my plants in a CO2 supplemented large grow tent with four 600watt HPS lights. Having grown for so many years, I have finally discovered that there is little difference in the vegetation state between MH and HPS bulbs, so here's a bit of 30 year growing wisdom; save your money and just utilize HPS for both stages. You can always supplement additional UV with reptile lights, but I have found that doesn't affect yield very much. The CO2 is the key. Back to the review. Quality of smoke was very good and I would guess the THC levels were relatively high. The buzz is mellow and typical of a perdominately Indica plant. Odor is not much of a problem either. However, if you care about connoisseur bud, White Rhino has a great taste and great smell after 3-4 months of cure. Easy to clone, easy to grow, easy to smoke. And each plant averaged approximately 2 ounces of top quality colas. Recommended. Thanks Nirvana!!!!!!

recommended by
michael g.

White Rhino has been everything I expect and want from the plant and though I try new strains a lot, I plan on keeping some around because it is fun to grow and to smoke.

recommended by
Yvonne M.

If your a first time grower nd wanna grow some killer med this is the strain to try. Very strong die hard plant(s), easy to HST. Used FF OF soil nd General Hydroponics Flora(s), Superthrive, nd Budswell under 400w MH(for 5 wks) to HPS(for an additional 8 wks. Dried for 4 days cured 3 wks atleast. No sugar daddy or nectar for aroma nd taste were used. Tested after 4 day dry nd it was heady nd energetic, not much difference after cure besides taste nd smell MUCH stronger. Excellent for medical use, no more migraines, increased appetite....MAJOR!!!! Love iit, my favorite so far.

recommended by
Mario J.

im writing this just due to this being my first time ever buying seeds period, especially off line.. yes I of coarse had my doubts, hell, I even for a second thought I was gonna have to just chalk it up as a lost, but nirvana proved me wrong, I literally ordered my seeds june 15th, and they got here 15 days later... IM growing thewhite rhino feminized seeds, its my first time ever growing, so im hopeing for the best... Thanks nirvana, you guys are top notch... Youve just made the state of Michigan proud.... Now if I could just figure out what the hell the 10 freebies you guys sent, I have no clue what strains these are.... lol but anyways, you guys roc....

recommended by
Heath B.

Probably goning to be a favorite despite the issues I have had with them so far hopefully I can get a better pack next time I ordered. I ordered a "10 Pack Femminized" of seeds of the 10 seeds 2 wouldn't shed they're outter seed shell so the first small little leaves could never get out for some light :( that left me with 8 seeds which all germinated in 36 hours and were germing very nice and healthy and of those 7 1 ended up getting some kind of wierd rot in the middle of the stem 4 days after germing so that left me with 7. Finnally I transplanted the seedling's into 7Gal grow bags and the medium was Fox Farm "Ocean Soil" also in the garden was a "Berry Ryder" (Low Ryder x Original Cannabis Cup Winner Blue Berry) from The Attitude Seed Bank and that is one hearty plant let me tell ya but that's non topic related other than it's Marijuana as well. I put them to flower 3 week's ago and out of the 7 I had left 3 turned to males which now leaves me with 4 out of the ten "Femminized seed's I ordered. The now 4 remaing ladies have long very long pasty white pistis that kinda look like lightinging bolts and the leaves are already ciovering in tri-combes :) I am also using the Entire Fox Farm Nutrient Line Up and the Cha Ching which is for essential oil and your resin's to form heavily has caused the plant's to start frosting early and heavily already! being in the 3rd week of flower and I am going to take em to 10 weeks of flowering instead of the 9 thats suggested I think thats the number anyways, so 7 more week is gonna do wounders. They are about 6 inches from the top of my tent and they have been topped except one :) and they are so forgiving when PH is an issues as well it thrives well in acidic soil but that has been fixed and it's doing just as well. They are under a 1,000 watt HPS 8inch Straight Cool Tube with 2 500cfm fans and my A/C with ducting is attached directly to the fans that cool the light so temps aren't and issue and niether was humidity. I live in the desert so I have my ac running all the time so it works out when cooling my 1,000 watter. I dunno if I should get a hold of Nuirvana and say something about the seeds I got? I hope they read these commets maybe they will write me I hope so cuz 4 out of 10 is a horriable ratio for great growing conditions and getting males from fem seeds is kinda wierd as well. I shall repost and give a dry wieght and smore/aroma/high review :) as well as yeil which I am guesstimating atleast 3/4th's of a LB for 4 6.5 plants with some bottom branches being tatter than the middle of the growing plant :) manny manny bud sites! Huge ass leaves! some the size of a dinner plate, I could wear one as a hat! so far it has 2.5 stars from me but I won't rate it until I have harvested smoked and thought about it it still has a chance of getting my seal of approval!

recommended by
Martin C.

First time for growing this strain, it wont be my last. Fairly easy to grow. I did try the grow and flower nutes....Not impressed. So I went back to mixing my own and I amreally satisfied with the results. Plant finished about 4 and a half foot tall, good bud on all the branches. Not thedenses buds on the planet. What they loose in weight they more than make up for in quality. The high is truly heady between 2 and 3 hours then bam it changes to a couch lock high. I was not expecting this! Great smoke

recommended by
Craig W.

Ordered 10 seeds and planted 5, germinated within 48 hrs and now 3 weeks later are big and bushy. Taking nutrients with no problem and I`ve had to top them twice so far. Looking forward to some excellent smoke around the Holidays...

recommended by
Brian S.

The White Rhino by Nirvana is an Indica dominant plant. It is rather leafy for how petite it's staure is. The leaves are gigantic too. The stems and leaves grow thick and the flowers are thin and unimpressive. I may have recieved a bad batch. 3 of the 5 plants were tossed out due to scrawniness. The 2 that made it to harvest were not even worth weighing. On a brighter note the potentcy isnt lacking and packs a true Indica buzz. Definately better strains from nirvana to choose from.

recommended by
Gary C.

HOLY CRAP!!!!!!!! First time order, placed order on 1/20/11. seeds in my hand 1/25/11..amazing that it got here that quick to the southwestern US! cant wait to see how the grow goes..

recommended by
Brian W.

First time grow, but I have experience within Cannabaceae. Bought 5 feminized. I was beginning to get nervous 3 weeks after shipment, arrived at 3.5 weeks (to East Coast of US) - stealthy as promised. Hopefully the delay was do to Thanksgiving. 3 had germinated within 2 days on peat pellets, and at the 1 week mark are 1.5/2 inch, while the other 2 seeds have not germed. I have high hopes.

recommended by


White Rhino Feminized

  • Powerful F1 hybrid.
  • Dense, quite short plants.
  • Hashy, slightly harsh-tasting smoke with a stony buzz.
  • High THC content, suitable for medical users.

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