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Dan d.

wow all 5 seeds came up about 2 feet I just went from 12 1/2 three days in on13 hours of light about they started budding this is around 20 days above ground oh by the way they need mag. potassium in grow so watch for leave dots other then that growing it was feed like hell for 3 on the fourth day let it dry when the buds get weight to them just damp dirt on the light side I worried about mold got lucky I think and on regular seed 3 were male this white rhino is the fastest growing plant that I ever seen oh buy the way we had the electric flicker on and off messed the light timers up it happened 3 or 4 days in a row and it's not dry yet

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Curtis K.

White Rhino is fantastic and was selected to help me with insomnia. I had trouble with other strains in the past because of a weird reason. A lot of the other strains made me rehash every self doubt and all mistakes I had ever made, from that day or previously. This does not help when you are trying to sleep. Some will call this the paranoia effect, but it was like you felt like it drained all confidence that you could do anything. White Rhino has none of those bad side effects. It hits hard and you immediately feel it grasp your head in a warm embrace. Let me state again that White Rhino does not have any of the self doubt effects like other strains. It is very relaxing and sleep usually comes between 1 to 2 hours after use. One downside to this positive effect is that it does affect your attention span. I would not plan on trying to do any serious thinking or work after you have a few hits. This strain is ideal for relaxation. It is also great for getting lost in a good movie.I decided to grow the seeds via hydroponics. I opted for this method because if you ever have something go wrong, it is easy to correct compared to soil methods. I used coco coir and watered daily, manually. I used two rows of 4 foot Agrobrite fluorescent lamps ($120 each) for 5 plants. I planted 4 White Rhinos and one of the free mystery seeds Nirvana included in my order. The mystery seed turned out to be male and had to be discarded. This left me with 4 White Rhino's to bring to harvest. I used 6500k bulbs for growing and 2700k for flowering. The whole process took about 4 months from seedling to harvest. I ended up with 5 mason jars full of product after harvest. I smoke once every night (for sleep) with about 4-5 hits each night and have been doing so over a year now and I have only used about half of one mason jar. The harvest is better than I thought it would be, since these are listed as small plants. They do get to be about 4 to 5 feet tall. They also have a very unique smell. It is like nothing else I have ever had before (and I can't really describe it). The odor is very strong if this is a concern for you. I ended up buying a iPower 8 Inch 750 CFM exhaust fan that I ran from my plants to my basement window to remove all trace of this pungent smell. We had family over for Thanksgiving during the flowering stage and nobody had any idea what was growing in our basement thanks to this $175 exhaust fan. Hope this helps anyone considering this plant. I had tried quite a few strains over the years before I found my perfect match with White Rhino.

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recommended by
Gerard S.

I ordered a set of 10 WR regular beans and received them within 2 weeks of shipping in the US. Out of the 10 seeds 7 sprouted and 3 were female. I have already grown and harvested the first two and currently have the other one and a few of the freebie beans growing. I would recommend WR to anyone who doesn't have experience growing as I totally abused my plants unintentionally as a first time grower and they still completely muscled through to blow me away.They also produced a lot of sugar so when I attempted to make hash with the sugar leaf I was able to get an incredibly surprisingly amount considering how much sugar leaf I had to use. The freebies on the other hand were kind of a disappointment. Out of the 10 seeds received only 3 sprouted, and currently it looks like only one of those will be female. I know this is all a part of the roulette of regular seeds but it still feels a bit disappointing. I have an order of feminized Somango XXL, which sadly didn't come with freebies, waiting in a film capsule in the fridge for the current crop to be done and can't wait. Nirvana has, what I feel, is the best competitive pricing for new growers with a lot of good deals on starter kits with guides available that really help. And for those reasons I'll definitely be a returning costumer as well as recommending them to others in my area looking to legally grow in our state.

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Lack of Appetite
recommended by
Gabriel b.

All beans sprouted 8 females. The phenos were all from the same family. Beautiful node spacing, thc content extremely high. Frosty sticky cola.

recommended by
Jason B.

You Guys Knock my socks off the friendliest staff around and fast stealthy shipping to the South USA made my experience with Nirvana sure to repeat business again. Thanks again for taking care of me Peace be with u my friend.

recommended by
Eddie E.

Was a bit skeptical sending cash in the mail. After a very short period I received a email describing that they had indeed received the cash and order arrived in 10 days in very discreet packaging. Took me a while to figure it out where they were located. All 10 sprouted and are very vigorous. Must be very fresh as they popped in under 24 hours and 3 inches with fingered leaves in 1 week.

recommended by
Arthur P.

This was my third order from Nirvana and all 3 made it in less than 12 days from delivery date to the US. This one was delayed a couple days waiting on my e-mail reply to verify some info. GREAT Customer service by the way. When I opened this package I noticed there was even something extra in there. THANKS again Nirvana for going above and beyond.

recommended by
Scott s.

Placed my order a couple days ago can't wait to receive it all my friends use nirvana very kind and quick to answer any ?s thanks nirvana will be ordering again

recommended by
Chad l.

just ordered some was a sale cant beat the price i have bought from this site before and the only one i use. have got master kush, snow white and more and can say have been please every dame time and i look forward to how the ship this order cant wait.

recommended by
Dave B.

Arrived today! Super stealth packaging - took me a few minutes to figure it out. White Rhino is 1 of my fave plants to grow. Really looking forward to growing these.

recommended by
Yvonne M.

To everyone who is skeptic much like myself ... got my order in just 8 biz dys in a very discrete package with the rest of my mail which is cool because my husband will know nothing.... for now. I hope I picked the right strain for my depression and insomnia issues. I will update my review and I'm feeling quite positive I will keep dealing with Nirvana for my meds, THEY can actually be trusted and judging on other reviews I'm SURE that if I have any issues it's me and not Nirvana cause they have AWESOME reviews overall that I now totally believe, even though some people got their orders in 7!!!! I'll b back like the terminator ;-p #excited.customer:-D

recommended by
Heath B.

This is my 1st grow and to start with I had 11 plant's in a 5x5x6.5 tent about 260sq. ft. of grow space adorned with a "Enhanced Blue Spectral HPS Lamp" connected to a Green house digital Ballast. I had 10 White Rhino and one Berry Rydder from Auto Seeds and she flowered at around 3 weeks from sprout and was out of there about a month ago very good auto got 5.5 Oz's but it truly dose not stand up to the Explosive Right Hook from the Smelly, Stinky, Deliciously powerful White Rhino from Nirvana Seed Co. I took some samples at 6 weeks...already better than the Berry Rydder then I took a sample at 7 weeks...almost double potency :) so good in fact I chopped one plant :) trics were about 15% Amber 60% Milky 25% Clear a good combo I'd say ( I have a 60-100x magnification) :). The tree I did chop was selected for the trics and the branches were just bending almost every other day because the buds were intensely heavy and dense as a chunk of rubber trying to squeeze between your 2 fingers...the longer it cures the harder it gets. I vegged all for 5 weeks (finding this to be a no no with the WR because of it's white sativa traits...there to the top of my tent lol. I used Fox Farms entire nutrient regime and flushed every 3-4 weeks. I love this strain for it's monstrous resin/trics's so covered it looks wet so wet in fact it seems as if a drop of THC is just waiting to fall off the flowers truly impressive. My only complaint about this strain is that the "10" pack of "Feminized" seeds through me 3 males not sure if it was unstable but besides those 3 I weeded out 2 more and one died during germination so 4 made it to the finals :) and I am oh so happy they did. This is superior smoke and I'd like to thank Nirvana for a amazing job well done! I think I may order some ICE or another high resin producer but chill on the smell. Thank's Nirvana top shelf quality here people! -Satisfied Customer.

recommended by
Ruthie j.

my 'wr' grew to be 12 ft high, yielding sticky stinky buds, reaching lengths of 18 inches... i grow completely organic....this is the most effective marijuana for full body relaxation and pain relief, also recommend as sleep aid...chuckliscious 'wr' is by far the best i have imbibed in, in 40 yrs of imbibing...and i have yet to build up a tolerance to it after over 10 yrs of smoking it (white rhino) that is... peace to all

recommended by
steve c.

I like a pipe just when I can't sleep it helps me relax enouth to sleep.

recommended by
jeffrey b.

just sitting reading reviews thinking how lucky we are to get good seeds to play with and enjoy thanks you nirvana!

recommended by
Jameil M.

Actually recieved a few buds from a friend that ordered some seed from here, and was not dissapointed. The high was like riding a flamed skeleton horse bareback through the gates of hell. but I was still mellow suprisingly. I recommend this strain to anyone who just wants to relax...

recommended by
Sandee D.

I love this strain. Very medicinal for my chronic back pain. Buds are tight and burn like hash. Excellent, awesome, and tasty.

recommended by
Juan enrique S.

De todas las variedades que cultive sin dudas esta es la que mayor produccion me dio. Aproximadamente 1kg por planta! Su potencia es incleible, los cogollos son enormes. Ideal para cultivo interior, no es tan alta la planta pero voluminosa. Recomendadisima!

recommended by
Brian M.

Beans arrived a few months ago so I thought I'd grow them out before doing a review. 1st off the seeds arrived super stealthy, kinda fun actually. You have to look fairly hard to find the beans, but they are in there somewhere. Gotta love the stealth shipping! These beans were a bit harder to sprout compared to the others I received from Nirvana. They were easy enough to germ, but the sprouting was a real struggle for them. I had no problem with the AK 48 I was growing side by side under the exact conditions. 7 out of 10 were fems from this strain. As for the plant, I grew them in Fox Farm Happy Frog Soil w/ added perlite for better drainage, I keep the Ph at 6.4 - 6.7 using FF nutes. The FF Happy Frog might be a bit too hot of a mix for this strain. Co2 was supplemented. Using a 400 watt HPS light. Temp : 75F. RH 40% (Could be a little higher) Yield was average. Buzz was nice and relaxing yet a bit uplifting. So to sum it all up, I'd say that this is a great keeper strain. I just need to tweek my growing methods a bit for this WR. I'll try this another time though, I'm working my way through many of Nirvana's beans, looking for the ultimate plant for my growing conditions and liking. So far I'm very pleased with Snow White. Going to try some SW fems next. Again, many thanks to Nirvana's staff. Good luck and happy growing! Peace out!

recommended by
Timothy A.

I first ordered WR in 2005, germinated all,5 out of 10 sprouted: 1 died,2 males,2 female, choose best female to grow. i couldnt imagine that she would so incredable, A little harsh but, very skunky and a high that releves pain and has a great head high. Didnt make me tired at all. now my only problem is finding other strains good enough to compare to WR. needless to say she is a mainstay in my garden. Oder control is a must if disgresion is a concern but well worth it for the finished product. Ive been a nirvana customer since. Just ordered 5 new strains to test and im sure i will be pleased. shipping is fast and discret even to USA.

White Rhino Regular

  • Powerful F1 hybrid.
  • Dense, quite short plants.
  • Hashy, slightly harsh-tasting smoke with a stony buzz.
  • High THC content, suitable for medical users.

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