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Very Positive 92% (83 reviews)
77 growers recommend this
recommended by
Thanh n.

Fast shipping. Great quality seeds. Good price. All seeds pop in 3 days.

recommended by
Thanh n.

Fast shipping. Great quality seeds. Good price. All seeds pop in 3 days.

not my taste by
Asaon m.

וואיט ווידאו אחד הזנים החזקים של נירוונה .! מגיע בזמן בצורה מושלמת ! קל לגידול תבואות טובות מאוד במים דחוסים וגדולים ויפים וטעימים... תודה נירוונה! (חבל שאן דוברי עיברית בשרות הכלולות שלכם.)

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recommended by
Blake P.

This is a very good strain, but this review is about Nirvana. These guys are great, I've sent them cash quite a few times and I've never had a problem. I've never had anything less than an 80% germination rate, and it's usually higher. The stealth packaging they use not only protects your seeds from prying eyes but also does a really good job of protecting them physically from postal machines/employees. You don't have to worry about buying from these guys. I use tracking and check up on my orders every step of the way. Yes it costs more but it's a good way of relieving the anxiety of wondering what's up with your order.

recommended by
James G.

Kinda has peanut butter smell went grinded up. It could been the cold cure but I will have to redo this one to explore it further.

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recommended by
R.d. P.

Grew but had power outage and blew my Leds so lost plants

recommended by
Blake P.

What can I say that so many others haven't already. I had an 80% germination rate, plants were remarkably uniform and responded well to LST. Effect is great, use just a little and go out and about - use more and you can relax in the recliner, listen to Pink Floyd and contemplate the universe. Pain just melts away and nausea is a distant memory with my favorite old widow lady.

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recommended by
loni m.

Amazing, very fruity smoke covered in shiny crystals. my highest yielder also with zero problems. I will deffinantly run it again.

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recommended by
Wesley S.

Ordered 5 ww seeds they came in about 14 days.Germinated 4 of the 5 all popped at about 36 hours. So far so good!

recommended by
vladimir v.

hi guys my first grow un der 1350 wats lights i got from amazon.2 plants one was 1.5 meters the other one just below training one grew tall and strainy the other went small and bushy.both yeild at 100grams a piece. got about 120 grams of leaves for future hash.nutrients are fox farm i went with half of the recommeded dosage so use at own preference.i went total of 128 days total about 70 days of flower.they buds are thick white and orange lots of orange on the smaller one.the bigger one grew very frosty and not as dark so i feel the smoke is at different levels of thc and the results are different.from relaxed and euphoric to sedated and narcotic sedated at times.i think the stone is worth it.its an every day smoke for me so i feel widow gives u that noice high but not like i just smoked blue dream and gorilla glue together and be feeling fucked up by the third the high is strong and relaxed rather than overdosed paranoid tripping u might experience the YOU OD!:)thanks to nirvanashop i will buy here again and again!!!!thnx

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recommended by
Nic O.

Nice plants. Easy to grow. Great high when cured properly.

recommended by
Jimmy P.

Wow she packet a punch. Looked like snow so many trichomes stacked on stacked. Easy grow don't over feed.

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recommended by
Eric M.

Ordered a 5 of these. They arrived extremely quickly(9 days to Midwestern U.S.), Very stealthy and creative, I almost couldn't find them myself. only 2 of the 5 germinated, using the paper towel method, and only one has sprouted so far. Nirvana made it right by me, and I am very happy with them all around. I will add more to this once I get farther into the grow.

recommended by
Donald B.

I recieved my order today exactly 8 days after being shipped.Can't wait to try

recommended by
Evelynn C.

Was very pleased with this strain, grew indoors during Alaskan winter and it did just great. large sticky buds and a beautiful healthy plant (I'm a gardener at heart, it's not just about the buds for me). Overall experience with Nirvana seeds and retail has been 100% positive, thank you!

recommended by
russ e.

Fairly easy grow, no surprises. Good stuff, excellent germination rate and grows like, well, like a weed. Dried and cured well. Very happy with this strain.

recommended by
Scott J.

So far I'm impressed by Nirvana. Helpful customer service. 9 day delivery to USA (Northeast). Very discreet packaging. Most importantly: 5 of 5 seeds germinated (rockwell) & thriving. While it is early, the genetics appear robust thus far. More info. to follow. Buying seeds online can be sketchy: I would recommend Nirvana to anyone.

recommended by
Wayne t.

Outstanding.... strain will not be disappointed.... All ten seeds germinated each showing diff. Fenotype... Hit them with worm tea....calmag.... powered milk....during veg.....0-50-30 growmore (amazon)...unsulphered molasses... Cal-mag.... flower... Finished bout... 8ft all the goods

recommended by
Robert G.

This was my first time growing weed, I used a garden patch box sold in the comes with organic fertilizer and I thought I would just try two seeds. Wow, Wow Wow, never had growth like this on anything The seed was late being planted but it sure made up time. I was amazed at the size and amount I got. Thanks Guys

recommended by
Stephen B.

What a beast! I put her through hell with some nuts burn due to a busted ppm meter but she bounced back and ran like a monster. I mainline like a nut and ended up with over 9 oz of dank stank crystal buds. This is a winner for sure.

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recommended by
Stephen M. M.

I love this Lady (My wife loves her too!)! I germinated 10 seeds on 11/28/16 and had 8 of them with 1/4" taproots in under 48 hours! I eventually had 9 of them grow into strong little seedlings, and can't wait to flower them! I only grew 1 of theses plants last time around, but i managed to get over 1/2 lb from that one plant, and it never got over 3 feet tall! Can't say enough about this strain, so i'll shut up now. Later.

not my taste by
Cora G.

Shipping was stealthy and fast; 2 weeks to US East coast. The WW germinated in 24 hours, as did the AK48 in this order, great! So far, so good. The 2 stars is to reflect disappointment for the free seeds that came with this order. 2 germinated. Kinda bummed!

recommended by
Mary C.

Thank you Nirvana for these seeds. They were surprisingly easy to grow outdoors and puts all the dispensary greens to shame.The most potent herb I had ever grown far.

recommended by
D D.

Seed popped after 24 hours wayer and 12 hours kitchen roll method .I then planted and ziplocked the entire pot .Popped through soil 24 hrs later. Shes doing great.

recommended by
Jeff T.

Rapid shipping! Very clever packaging! Will report back with further information. A+ so far!

recommended by
Evan K.

Fast shipping, great stealth (almost fooled me). Just started a new grow and all seeds germinated in rapid rooters. Will post after harvest!

recommended by
Robert b.

When done right this is a great performer.

recommended by
Larry D.

Very fast ship best prices on seeds and shipping.

recommended by
Cristina W.

I received my order in about a week and a half. Love the shipping!!! I will say the seed sprouted in 24 hours!!! Excellent!!! will update my post as it continues....

recommended by
Clarissa W.

Just received my seeds! Thanks Nirvana

recommended by
Suzanne S.

Just got my seeds! Ordered Aug 29 and received Sept 9. Way to go Nirvana..will post after harvest.

recommended by
Gordon A.

The Nirvana White Widow Fem seed was the most amazing plant growth I have ever witnessed. It is approaching 50cm in 33days...after...topping at 4 weeks.

recommended by
Fred M.

popped a single white widow seed, used Nirvana's flower tabs (I believe I used 4 of them throughout the flowering stage) plant yielded ~6 ounces of cured sticky bud and just keeps getting better after 2+ months of curing.

recommended by
Erez A.

Just received the lovely packaging, you guys rock.

recommended by
David r.

this is a must have strain to add to your collection,very potent,keep up the great work members of nirvana,thanks to all at nirvana

recommended by
Mohamad m.

very good packing and ectra slealth packing very thanks from nirvana . i love you nirvana ;)

not my taste by
Paul M.

Loved the package didnt want to open it lol will be cominng back if these turn ou well so 3 stars for now

recommended by
Timothy A.

Absolutely crazy fast shipping! Seeds look very good, packaging was stealth for sure! This was my first order and I am already impressed!

recommended by
Nick R.

You guys nailed it. Every promise delivered, super fast delivery (I think it was like 10 days from the date it was shipped), stealthy. You guys have my business.

recommended by
Tyler J.

I received in 12 days in the states. 4 out of 5 popped and they are growing very rapidly and are all strong plants. Will order from nirvana again!!

recommended by
Tommy p.

I got the beans in under a week, and all popped, i notised a small differens in color but it seems like the reason was different temperatur where they stood and water was very importent, and the stuff i tasted was awesome the smell was strong and the effect was so strong that i had to smoke smaller amounts at a time but the best smoke i ever had..., nirvana for ever.....

recommended by
Martha S.

I loved it grew well no problems just high times :)

recommended by
Yosef N.

Great smell and taste!

recommended by
Mark M.

Hands down easiest and best strain!! Just remember the 3 rules. Ventilation,light and water. Thx nirvana team. Would love a tour ;)

recommended by
shota t.

Very very strong weed. Thanks nirvana

not my taste by
Dragon R.

Only had one seed germinate but oh what a plant. Once started it is strong and healthy. Just cycled it into blooming phase, can hardly wait.

recommended by
Wayne C.

All my seeds germinated with no issues, the widow was one of the faster growers, both hydro and soilless mixes. The buds, holy god the buds!! Huge Colas, amazing smell, and delicious taste!! If you haven't gotten this strain, do it, do it now.

not my taste by
Kenneth C.

ordered the fem five pack was delivered in ten days. started grow with two seeds both have germinated in 7 days now the fun begins. Thankyou nirvana for being a legit company . I will be a repeat customer

recommended by
Gabriel P.

fast shipping and 100% germination. freebies was 40% germination so it was ok ( for a free seeds ). I'll buy again from nirvana.

recommended by
Yvette v.

Nirvana kicks ass ! Got my seeds and used a mix soil under a galaxy mh/hps ... They grew huge in 44 days and end result was amazing ! Great co. Will be a repeat costumer

recommended by
Michael a.

I VEG these three for a long long time and hen the where huge bushes i dropped a 4'x6 srcog net over them and vegged some more. 10 week flowering. Use botanicare pb bloom/ silica blast/liquid karma/ aurora big swell. My first scrog and i love love love it!

recommended by
Emily G.

I grew hydro ebb & flow in 4x4 rockwool cube. 4 of 5 survived germination. i vegged for 4 months. 12/12 schedule for 3 months. Smell was very strong. Very dense hard buds with lots of trichomes. Beautiful sparkles everywhere on WW. After curing she stinks so good. She reeks thru glass jars. High is incredible. She makes my face squint & always puts me asleep. I gotta get some more WW. She Is the truth.

recommended by
Christoph M.

Shipping: 2 days (Europe) I just had space for 1 plant with 4 cuttings. (60x60x120cm, 250w MH/HPS, SCROG) Vegetative Phase in 3,5l pot was fine, no fertilizer needed. (Just something for the roots, nothing serious.^^) Bloom in 11l pot, cuttings in 3,5l, was a bit more work than other strains, but the quality was much better than expected. If you want to interact with others or doing a bit of housework, this is it! Now I have 2 favorites from Nirvana: The Blue Mystic and the WhiteWidow. From now on these 2 are in my box. (Thats why I had to expand to a bigger box. ;)) Thanks, Nirvana, for these 2 Evergreens.

recommended by
William s.

good head trip and long lasting try making brownies out of the trimmings simmer for 12hrs not boil. nirvana is the only place that i get seeds from. have had about 98% success with there seeds.

recommended by
yoav p.

had the seeds stored for almost 2 years and they germinated without any problems

recommended by
scott r.

Amazing stealth and shipping time. Well dome folks. Earned a lifetime customer!

recommended by
pablo a.

one of the best ive gotten high bag apeal and hit like a champ

recommended by
Toms K.

oldschool strain. Fast growing and tall, buds are big hairi and white like snow, LOTS of crystals. High quality buds.

recommended by
Louis D.

Ordered 5 female all 5 sprouted except 2 died early from slugs (my fault). Fast sprouting so far fast growing looking good. Great shipment process very happy. Won't shop any where else....or dare too. ;)

recommended by
Donald P.

My favorite strain. Hits hard for about 15 minutes then turns into an" I want to do something" buzz.

recommended by
Darnell L.

I just ordered theres beauties along with some AK48s, so far both have germed and I will report back with the results. Shipping was wonderfully quick, only 7 working days and it was pretty stealthy as well. I have to take a 2nd to to aknowledge the help desk, I had a prinlem with a previous JD order and those guys were super helpful they seriouslymade me feel like they value my business and care about the customer service aspect of their business. I won't be taking any chances or wasting my time ordering from anywhere else, they have the seeds I want at a super fair price compared to the competition and their shipping and customer service are superb!Can you say loyal customer for the long run!!!

not my taste by
Alex W.

Veg 4 weeks flower for 8. plant was short yield was decent price was good buds were dense and smoke was strong and thick. nice job nirvana

recommended by
Jason B.

I had ordered WW a year ago when Nirvana still had the WW & White Castle package deal and didn't germinate until several months ago, and it still sprouted within 24hrs(shows the great quality of Nirvana). I was using a hydro DWC setup of just CFLs, over 250 watts with the GH FloraNova nutrients. This plant thrived on that nute solution, within the first couple weeks it grew quickly, had to use LST in the vegetative stage, when I switched to flowering it exploded in size, the colas were getting to heavy and falling over. Harvested at 11 weeks(yes I know, a little late, but it was worth it), the taste and smell was very earthy, and when smoked it gives you sort of a couchlock, but only to the point where you are so relaxed and don't want to move(coming from a person whom has panic and anxiety attacks all the time when smoking).

recommended by
Bobby h.

Ordered 5 of these fem. seeds received them 10 days later & Arrived very stealthy. Germ'd 2 of them (paper towel method) they germ'd in a day & a half. Seeds seem to be strong healthy genetics & moving fast so far. Nirvana ur awesome & have a customer for life but sure would love to see some blueberry

recommended by
Megan H.

It is a good strain for a stealth grow not much smell, a good flower like smell, neighbors willl not know what that smell is. It does not smell till week 5 of flowering in my case. Good high! In small doses its an up high, In large amounts its more like a indica but not a couch lock. I dried mine for 9 days, cured for 15 days. It had so many glandular trichomes it looked like frost so it took a little longer to cure but was everything i thought it would be. Nirvana stealth shiping is great took 8 days to get to west coast u.s.a i will order from Nirvana again thank you.

recommended by
nathan a.

i ordered 20 white widow and in 4 days yes 4 days they were here in very very good condition very nice colour to the seeds. also with a free XXXXXXXXX and 5 free black jack. ty nirvana. never seen such a good service. ive ordered from many seed banks and nirvana are the best for delivery. now if the plants genetics and seeds life up to the shipping and delivery. i will be back and back and back again.......GREAT SERVICE NIRVANA

recommended by
Ryan P.

Hello mommy

recommended by
Kyle W.

Stealthy shipping n they all germ in 5 days. this is my second time ordering from nirvana. got some snow white the last order and let me tell you my ladys are LOOKIN great!!! Cant wait to tast this!!!!!

recommended by
Darlene M.

very large fan leaves, lots of secondary growth, make room for the widow. she doesn't like small places. give an extra 30 days of growth than normal. you will be glad you did

recommended by
S G.

5 of 5 germ'd! (2 poked out within 24 hours) 4 preflowered in the 4th week of vegetation, the 5th in the 5th week of vegetation. So 5 of 5 are all females! i hope i am equally impressed with my harvest :)

recommended by
Fidel l.

i ordered the 5 WW pack.. shipping was ok. i'm not an expert but i've heard that good seeds are dark colored and big.. the ones i received are niether. but again, i'm not an expert..i received them bout 2 days ago and they germinated already, which i thaught was impressive..they are sittin in some peet pellets.. hopefully they look like the plants on this website.. i'll let you know the harvest in a few months..

recommended by
Fran Z.

this is a wonderful strain. a brain dead monkey can grow this strain. yields were good and the high was great. nirvana is the only place i get my seeds. thank you nirvana.

recommended by
mahmoud f.

thank you , the shipping time is great , and the package is very discrete , you guys know what you are doing

recommended by
Larry R.

I had a little problem with my seeds, BUT Nirvania Responded Right away, which makes a company look really good to me. I think I am a Customer for LIFE. fast shipping, stealth shipping and most of all. They back there seeds 100%, I am really happy with Nirvania!!!!!!! Love you Guys

recommended by
Guillermo m.

Hola amigos ,queria comentarles que hace unos meses compre 5 semillas de White Widow ,de las cuales puse a germinar ya cuatro de ellas ,dos no salieron una salio muy debil y no se si sobrvivira y una sola parece estar bien y creciendo. Junto con estas semillas tambien adquiri 5 de Jack Horror con las que no tuve inconvenientes y estan muy bien y muy fuertes .queria saber la causa de esto ,si es posible que las semillas de White Widow estuvieran viejas y si es posible que me reconozcan algo con la proxima compra . SaludosNIRVANA COMMENT: Please contact the Help Desk if you have any questions. The review function is not for customer support.

recommended by
Nicholas K.

Got the package 5 days from shipping date (including weekend), 4/5 popped in 16 hours...expecting the 5th this afternoon. Confident enough to move everything to starting soil. Great service...I will be back

recommended by
Bradley M.

There was had problem with order but finally made its appearence. All other orders came to southwest in average week maybe day longer after 'waiting to be shipped. Dropped 2 in wet paper towels with 12 different beans last night/evening! Too excited to wait 24 so I checked this morning (Like maybe 14 hours.) ! The White Widow cracked with some other Nirvana beans looking the same. Did I mention how short of time it took!? Thanks Charlie & Alice for my beans...I wasn't bullshitting anybody about my order! Got 4 or 5 cracked Nirvana beans out of 10 (4 more beans from my breeding) in 14 hours!! I believe thats a good start. Waiting and knowing it will be great crop of plants from my Bean store! Thanks Nirvana!!NIRVANA COMMENT: So glad to hear you are happy with us after all.

recommended by
Petri L.

I've bought Widow so many times i can' t even remember, and when i test different strains I take Widow just to be sure I get good yielding high quality plants aswel. Everyone I know loves this strain and many of them stick with White Widow. I use Nirvana 'coz I know i's easy and safe way to buy seeds. Thanks Nirvana, great customer service all the way :)

recommended by
Charlotte p.

your seeds are the best got them on friday put to sprout sunday planted them wednesday vegging already its only been 8 days thanks hope to get a great crow thanks again...

recommended by
John R.

My White Widow plants from this place are beyond what I can write. The plant is organic. It is 50 percent into flowing and it looks like snow all over it. I had a smaller plant I had plant rot that I was able to bring back to life. I has flowered in good heath and the smoke is the best I have ever smoked. It tastes like bubble gum. I have some old WW from Sensi but I keep putting the early bird above the HPS as the other stuff can wait. The old stuff blew my friends away but this is a whole new level. Please grow organic. You get more THC and do not have to worry about over furtalization like synthetic.Organic soil worm castings heated chicken poop blood meal bone meal LOTS of perlite to keep air in the dirt. If not you get mud and will kill roots. Maxi Crop 60 micro nuts blood meal for flowering Organic food with mirco orgranizoms. Dr Iron organic iron (small amout) bat gauanoGood luck

White Widow Feminized

  • Epic marijuana masterpiece.
  • Delicate tall plants with lots of resin.
  • Indica high, energizing.

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