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Very Positive 96% (31 reviews)
30 growers recommend this
recommended by
Trilly K.

Got my seeds today. As always. great job nirvana. Just a little under 2 weeks from ship date to northeast u.s. Incredible stealth packaging. I Absolutely love this site.

recommended by
Haleigh P.

Great strong genetics. Unsuccessfully germinated 2 out of 5 due to newbie errors. Successfully germinated 2 and got a month of veg out of both until root bound issue and killed them. The other 1 accidentally tossed in trash.

recommended by
David C.

The worst I ever grow. But to be fair I did them outside and we had one of the hottest summers on record. And limited water to it because of stealthy grow.

recommended by
Jeff d.

got your letter today..thanks!

recommended by
John C.

Amazing! I see why this is a top seller. Everyone I smoke this with loves it. Great taste and effect without couch-lock.

recommended by
Brad S.

Ordered 5 Wonder Woman seeds. 4 of 5 germinated. Of the 4 I planted, only one sprouted. But that one plant is doing very well after 12 days. I'm not a newbie, but I haven't grown in over 5 years, so maybe I'm rusty, or maybe bad seeds. No biggie. Nirvana has been good so far. I'll comeback for another review when it gets closer to harvest

recommended by
William D.

Received order very quickly to Texas, US. Got 10pk regs, started 4 seeds, all germinated and all were female. all were stable. Had 3 drastically different phenos out of the 4 plants. 2 were sativa and 1 indica pheno type. both very good results. Indica pheno yielded more. got 2-3 ounces per plant indoors. very frosty, spicy, skunky.

not my taste by
L C.

My first order WW went wrong because I had some problems with germination this seeds. Some just didn't germinate and when they did I had males. For the service I give Nirvana 5 stars but for the seeds that I received, 3 stars. Maybe next time Feminized Wonder Woman.

recommended by
William M.

Arrived to FL USA in 14 days.all 10 seeds hatched I n 3 days.looking great so far

recommended by
S L C.

My three wonder woman regs. are doing great, all females just over 2 feet tall, but the AK 48's next to them are spectacular, 2to 3 feet and budding vigorously at just over 5 wks. I really just wanted to make sure I said thanks to Alice and all of Nirvana's valued support crew. My second order the cash for my Venus Flytrap beans never arrived, so I managed to contact Nirvana. Alice decides to send me 10 freebies anyway for an order that the cash never made it, just to make sure that I had something to keep going. That's unheard of in customer service. My highest compliments to you guys. I had to cancel that last order due to unexpected expenses, but am looking to make my next Nirvana order soon. Thanks again Nirvana!

recommended by
Rolando G.

Received my seeds today 12/28 just 16 days after ordering to Pacific Northwest, thanks for speedy response and clever packaging too!

recommended by
Arturs N.

hey today I got my seed,s tnk,s guy,s

recommended by
Mark B.

A buddy gave me 10 of these wonder woman seeds, as well as a few swiss cheese and super skunk. I've been sort of feeling my way along, super stealth indoor growing, with way way less than ideal growing conditions. Only 1 out of 10 of the wonder woman made it all the way. While the others (swiss cheese, super skunk) were excellent and some of the best ever. The wonder woman I can say without a shadow of a doubt is the best I've ever smoked. Long lasting and didn't get old. Waiting on some auto-flowers to get here right now. With my growing conditions a regular long growing period just can't meet my needs. Need the surety of guaranteed females. Nirvana if the autos get here safely, you have a customer for life.

recommended by
Alex S.

We had a very interesting order complication, as in I did not put the full address information in. Placed our order and waited and waited and waited. Then I got in contact with the support team, extremely helpful people. You send an email and one is sent rite back to you. That's when we discovered the address situation. I then fixed the address and waited to see if it would make it back to the company, it did! My order was shipped back out and made it to the states in less than two weeks! If you are having any doubts about placing an order.......don't! This is by far the best "bean" company I have dealt with! I am now a costumer for life! "Beans" were perfect, the girls are doing wonderful!

recommended by
eugene s.

love them nirvana !!! I order them and all ten came out still watchin them grow #love nirvana seeds them are good quality !!!

recommended by
ian s.

planted all 10 seeds 7f 3mall 7off the lovly ladys developing well just started flowering but can not wait to smoke them.

recommended by
dutin n.

just popped out the dirt, cant wait to watch them grow

recommended by
Lynne P.

I did my research and Nirvana is the best as far as customer service and prices. Best reviews also! I ordered my seeds and had them in 2 weeks in northern USA. All 10 seeds germinated in 24 hours. Put them in grow cubes and they had to be transplanted in a week and a half because they are growing so fast. After two weeks suddenly I have brown spots on leaves on a few of plants (I am first time grower so I know it is my mistake, just don't know what I did wrong, they have plenty of water.) Otherwise I do love the looks of these plants. Will buy again.

recommended by
steve c.

Nice looking plants. Full flavour really nice smoke any time. More of a heady buzz. Squinty eyed.

recommended by
T G.

I love this strain and I'm going to order more. Easy to grow, pretty to look at and nice relaxing high. Thanks nirvana.

recommended by
John t.

after a questionable experience with a previous order, I was reluctant to place a 2nd order. I did, and these seeds arrived promptly. germ'd 5/5 and they are all hearty and happy. no definitve sex yet. I've had to top them to slow them down to let my flower room clear. very aggressive growers. I'll edit with a smoke review.

recommended by
eddie i.

my first gow , growed it in my bathroom which is very small, using foxfarm fertilizer(big bloom,grow big) really liked the plant, and i will buy it again.

recommended by
Jason O.

First time customer surprised they showed up very discreetly and are all nice looking seeds hoping I will have a good year with all the different strains I bought.

recommended by
Farzad .

Sehr geehrte dammen und herren mein bestälung ist gnau 7 tage nach geld überweisung bei mir gewesen und ich habe das gepflanzt und nach 3 tage ist sie gewachsen und jetzt warte ich und bin gespant wie es aussehen würde. Danke viel mal nivana für rasche sendung

recommended by
Mike H.

I just placed my order last week from US and no joke, the status changed to 'Shipped' on thursday night, and when I checked the mail today, 4 days later, I had a package from Nirvana with a very discreet stealth shipping packaging, GREAT JOB NIRVANA! I also received a pack of 10 freebies, and I am starting to germ 2 of the Wonder Woman and 3-4 of the mysterious 'Freebies'. I will post back when I have a little more experience with actually growing/critiquing of this strain, stay tuned!-Haze

recommended by
jeremie a.

well i got the seeds and was supprised they were all brown fully mature seeds but they were tiny germed out 4 of them all popped and grew out super fast and increadably dence quite a nice plant and what supprised me even more is of the 4 plants all of them were female so i started a nother 4 and all of them popped as well and again all of them were females quite nice odds but its all about the temp i keep mine germinating in root riot cubes and at a balmy 74 degrees during germ in my experience the warmer the germinating medium between 72 and 78 degrees gives you a higher ration of females to males out of the last 20 seeds i have germed from nirvanna i have only gotten 3 males so i suggest you people saying you germed 7 seeds and got 2 females change what your dong or youll just keep wasting good seeds mj is polymorphic witch means sex is not set at conception but rather influenced by environmental influences

recommended by
Dean C.

Seeds arrived safely in no time, took 6 days to reach midwest USA. Seeds are up and looking forward to the harvest already. I am growing in a mixture of topsoil and goat manure that hold the moisture without being to wet and plants are growing like weeds right now. Thanks Nirvana for your great products and support. we will purchase again in the future i am sure.

recommended by
Johnny J.

i've ordered from nirvana b4 and always had excellent service and product. this time all my other seeds were exceptional as always but my 10 wonderwoman seeds 9 wouldn't sink...i put them in soil after 5 days still floating on water hoping a coupkle might sprout but i doubt it. i guess im s.o.l. :(

recommended by
Jameil M.

A lot of people don't seem to be writing reviews about this strain for whatever reason, but more people should, this strain is awesome. I loved how she looked while growing, such beautiful colors, so alluring, so sexy, and when I took that first hit, I couldn't leave her, she seduced me with her aura...

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