Royal Flush, регуляры

Royal Flush (10 cемян)

10 Seeds per pack

Преимущественно Сатива

В закрытом грунте

325 - 425 г/м² в SOG

10 - 12 недели

Royal Flush (10 cемян)
  • F1 гибрид сортов «Jock Horror» и «Eldorado».
  • Высокий и даже долговязый куст.
  • Уникальный кисло-сладкий аромат.
  • Бодрящий и поднимающий настроение эффект.

Royal Flush – F1-гибрид сортов Jock Horror и мексиканского Eldorado из Оахаки. Растения этой разновидности вырастают высокими и стройными, со множеством отростков. Royal Flush отличается уникальным стойким кисло-сладким вкусом, а его энергетический приход приносит эйфорию.

Тип растенияПреимущественно Сатива
ВыращиваниеВ закрытом грунте
Высота растенияВысокая
Средний урожай325 - 425 г/м² в SOG
Период цветения10 - 12 недели
Seeds per pack10
EffectHappy, Euphoric, Uplifted
Flavor2Sweet, Earthy, Citrus
Medical+Depression, Pain

Reviews of Royal Flush, регуляры

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★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
07 Jan 2014

I have been growing this for about the last yr or so. Royal is a very strong sturdy grow. I had some heat problems over the summer " some really hot days 95" this strain actually pulled through and finished off really nice even with all the stress. The others just hermied and went in the garbage. She grows very nice resin coverd dense flowers. I would definatly recommend this as a keeper. Thank you Nirvanna

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
17 Nov 2010

Very vigorous plants, true hybrid vigour!
Last year 1 grew 2 feminized Royals and had one 1 plant with miraculous high. This year I planted 4 regular seeds, all sprouted and grew without problems. 2 males that didn't show preflowers but strange small branches. One of the males had the smell (funky lemon&flowers&mint candy) of the great plant from last year and its leaves were quite potent. The smells of the rest of the plants vary from flowers&pine (hazy) to tropical fruits (mango). Cured buds smells vary from sweet fruits (peaches, mango) to sour tropical fruits (grapefruit), all with pine on the background... quite Hazy smells, but more sweet than pure Haze. Taste is sweet and woody and stays in the mouth for at least 15 minutes.
High is very clear and social. Some plants are quite trippy, yet no paranoia at all. Others are plain giggly. I've been smoking Royal Flush day&night for the last month and there's totally no burnout. The big smile stays on my face all day long and I have energy for everything :)

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