Royal Flush, феминизированные

Royal Flush feminized (5 cемена)

5 Seeds per pack

Преимущественно Сатива

В закрытом грунте

325 - 425 г/м² в SOG

10 - 12 недели

Royal Flush feminized (5 cемена)
  • F1 гибрид сортов «Jock Horror» и «Eldorado».
  • Высокий и даже долговязый куст.
  • Уникальный кисло-сладкий аромат.
  • Бодрящий и поднимающий настроение эффект.

Royal Flush – F1-гибрид сортов Jock Horror и мексиканского Eldorado из Оахаки. Растения этой разновидности вырастают высокими и стройными, со множеством отростков. Royal Flush отличается уникальным стойким кисло-сладким вкусом, а его энергетический приход приносит эйфорию.

Тип растенияПреимущественно Сатива
ВыращиваниеВ закрытом грунте
Высота растенияВысокая
Средний урожай325 - 425 г/м² в SOG
Период цветения10 - 12 недели
Seeds per pack5

Reviews of Royal Flush, феминизированные

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ 4 Reviews Write a review
★ ★ ★ ★ ★
03 May 2016

By far the best what I growed, possible that I pick up a special pheno, but this was by far the fastest and highest plant. Forgive me, that I have now no clones :( In the beginning it sprout already after 24h, due to the speed I decided to keep it as mother in a Hempy Bucket (Coco & Perlit Mix in a 36 L bucket) and made more than 60 clones from it. After 6 months I sent the mother into the bloom phase and gave me a deluxe quality that you never smoked before... and I only use one seed, forgive me to not keep a clone. Under 600W, Canna/Aptus and Aeroponic you will get easily 1 Kg/m², nearly the same with 600W, Hempy Bucket and Hesi/Aptus. The mother gave me more than 20 big buds (SCROG over a 80x80 box), need one month.. but i predicted that it will be more than 200g.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★
27 Jun 2013

From Nirvana seeds. Watch her progress, From seed, to Bloom, Outdoors

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
09 Mar 2010

Being a medical grower we often swap seeds, I have grow Nirvana seeds before so I know you have quality products. But several of my friends were complaining that they could not get these to pop. I simply placed a seed in a peet puck buried it 2 inches deep in a 4 inch pot and kept it in a enclosed heated germination tray at 85 degrees. within 4 days I had a sprout above the soil. Friends who had theirs in soil for up to a week put theirs on heating pads and within days theirs also sprouted. Peace Mike

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
12 Jan 2010

Out of 5 seeds 4 were very small and undeveloped. I had to help them crack the seeds. 2 made it to plants. One was shorter, stronger smell, very strong up high. The other was stretchy, running buds, miraculous high - happy, not strong, but if you smoke more, it's truely psychedelic, sparkling clear and waves of emotion underneath! What a high!

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