Chrystal, регуляры

Crystal (10 cемян)


10 Seeds per pack


В закрытом грунте

400 - 500 г/м² в SOG

8 - 10 недели

Crystal (10 cемян)
  • Результат взаимного скрещивания сортов «White Widow» и «Northern Light».
  • По запаху напоминает керосин, приносит огромные урожаи.
  • Этот сорт получил первый приз на конкурсе «Dutch Highlife Cup».

Crystal – это гибрид White Widow, повторно возвратно скрещенный с Northern Light. Большие и липкие соцветия имеют почти керосиновый аромат и обеспечивают быстрый и сильный эйфорический эффект. Будучи гибридом F1, Crystal дает потрясающий урожай высокого качества. Само растение гораздо легче чистить и подрезать, чем White Widow. Сорт Crystal стал победителем кубка Dutch Highlife Cup 2002.

GeneticsWhite Widow x Northern Lights
Тип растенияГибрид
ВыращиваниеВ закрытом грунте
Высота растенияСредняя
Средний урожай400 - 500 г/м² в SOG
Период цветения8 - 10 недели
Seeds per pack10
EffectUplifted, Relaxed
Flavor2Pine, Sweet
Medical+Stress, Appetite, Pain

Reviews of Chrystal, регуляры

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★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
20 Feb 2014

I dried this for 1 week hanging and 1 and a half weeks in paper bag covered with strips of bag then cured 2 months in jars.OUTSTANDING.

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
20 Nov 2013

Ordered on Monday arrived Friday germinated 5 onfriday and by Monday 100% success. Got this one as I am slowly working my way through all Nirvana has to offer as I have had much success over the last few years.

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
02 Mar 2011

Thank you Nirvana for the free sample *********. You can believe I will come to you for all my ***************needs in the future. Speedy service, 10 days to east coast US.

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
13 Dec 2010

Chrystal is looking real good here - only got three females out of the ten seeds but they look real good in mid flowering stage - building colas and puttin on lovely white trichomes. She cloned real easy for me too. I did see some serious variability in seedling morphology - some are short nodes and some were longer node, taller but not seeing that anywhere nearly so pronounced during flowering and among the clones. Eagerly awaiting this first harvest to enjoy this new friend. I'll post again after harvest.

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆
05 Dec 2010

this has been gettin me high for the last couple of days. it is true, it grows thin airy buds, sporatic, but they are green and look awesome.

after it cured, it smelled like bbq beef or somethin.

smoking it, it keeps me in a buzz. good for pain, smoke during day.

not good for smoking before bed

Chrystal, регуляры

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10 Seeds per pack
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  • Получите 10 семян бесплатно , если стоимость покупки больше 10 евро.
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