AK-48 Feminiserad

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5 Seeds per pack



400 - 500 g/m² i SOG

7 - 9 veckor

AK48 feminiserad (5 frön)

AK-sorterna har stadigt ökat i popularitet sen mitten av 90-talet. Vår AK48 är en av de starkaste snabbväxarna du över huvud taget kan få tag på. Blomknopparna blir fasta och har en kraftig, genomträngande arom, och även om AK48: an är en hybridplanta så ger den ett rus som mer liknar en sativaplantas. Under optimala förhållanden kan du ha en skörd klar på bara 48 dagar, men de flesta skulle troligen låta den växa under längre tid, inte minst för smakens skull.

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Genetics Colombian Gold x Thai x Mexican x Afghani
Växttyp Hybrid
Odling Inomhus
Växthöjd Medelhög
Genomsnittlig skörd 400 - 500 g/m² i SOG
Blomningstid 7 - 9 veckor
Seeds per pack 5
THC high
CBD Medium
Effect Happy Euphoric Relaxed
Flavor2 Sweet Earthy Flowery
Medical+ Stress Depression Insomnia
Medicinsk Användning Nej

Reviews of AK-48 Feminiserad

91 Reviews Write a review
12 Apr 2016

Again, I have nothing but praise for this strain, for Nirvana, for the people that make it all happen, and for the quality that I can truly and honestly say has been 100% consistent and exceedingly superb for the decade+ that I have been a Nirvana "loyalist" (lol). I never go anywhere else, never even look, and even though sometimes I will come back to Nirvana for a strain that I wanted to purchase again due to the success of the product when I purchased it the first go around and it wont be available any longer, but that says ALOT about these guys because i have yet to come across a strain that has been over-hyped/anything but what they describe. I come back to seek quality, and more often than not I leave finding myself with a whole new batch of higher quality :) I have not had a problem with Nirvana ever. EVER. Not with billing. Not with shipping. Not with Customer Service. Not with the product. Not with bait-and-switch stuff that you find all over the internet. Not with anything. And although the AK-48 says that it is a fast finishing strain, when i had a garden of AK-48 I grew it almost 5 wks veg and just about 7 to 8 wks flower. So, yes, the flower time was certainly trimmed a bit from the normal time that i am used to (~8-10 wks) but as the description says above, you can let it veg longer - as you can most all strains - and that then becomes more of a determining factor as to the time it will take to be "done." It was a serious strain and I ALWAYS have a (and i am going to preface this statement quickly and state that I am not a superstitious person, BUT ever since i was a "youngin'...and at the early stages in my younger life learning and exploring all I could know about this discipline, like in anything, I had tons of mistakes and my yields would be 1/2 lb one grow, and then 1 oz the next, but hey, 18 or so years later and i know just how valuable those years of learining were, because now, there isn't failure grows but a "lower yielding grow" these days 2 decades later is now 1/2 lb/plant - so its all relative) but I ALWAYS, no matter what strains I have, in every garden i have 1 "lucky" Northern Lights plant. Why? I dont really know other than its a great bud, my favorite if i HAD TO choose a "favorite smoke," is resilient as hell and can grow with anything. I even grew it in my tomato garden once by accident (dropped a seed and come early summer, there it was...years ago)... Ok! 5 BIG STARS!

05 Mar 2016

finaly seeds in my hands i put one to try She germ in less then 24 hours
exelent Nirvana

20 Feb 2016

Very quick and sturdy strain. All 5 germinated in a day and are acclimating to Texas outdoor temps very well. I am growing outdoors right now and so far so good.

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