AK48 feminiserad (5 frön) Visa större
  • AK48 feminiserad (5 frön)
  • AK48 feminiserad (5 frön)
  • AK48 feminiserad (5 frön)
  • AK48 feminiserad (5 frön)
  • AK48 feminiserad (5 frön)

AK48 Feminiserad

  • Populär, stark, snabblommande stam.
  • Hårda knoppar, exceptionell arom.
  • Indica/Sativa korsning som ger Sativa rus.

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€ 25,00

5 Seeds

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AK-sorterna har stadigt ökat i popularitet sen mitten av 90-talet. Vår AK48 är en av de starkaste snabbväxarna du över huvud taget kan få tag på. Blomknopparna blir fasta och har en kraftig, genomträngande arom, och även om AK48: an är en hybridplanta så ger den ett rus som mer liknar en sativaplantas. Under optimala förhållanden kan du ha en skörd klar på bara 48 dagar, men de flesta skulle troligen låta den växa under längre tid, inte minst för smakens skull.

För bakgrunds info, recensioner, bilder och videoklipp, även besöka AK48.com!


EffektHög (Huvudtripp, Cerebral effekt)
SmakSöt, Len
Genomsnittlig skörd400 - 500 g/m² i SOG
Blomningstid7 - 9 veckor
White StrainJa
Medicinsk AnvändningNej
Seeds per pack5

Hur Du Odlar AK48 Feminiserad

1. Gro

Täck över dina AK48 Feminiserad frön med max 1/4 tum (ca. 6 millimeter) jord. Håll jorden fuktig. Vänta tills grodden dyker upp. För bästa grodd takt, använd vår Propagator Pro för att skapa de optimala tillväxtomständigheterna, och våran Germination Kit för att skydda dina frön från skadliga influenser samt stimulera groddprocessen.

2. Vegetationsperioden

För att stimulera tillväxt, är det viktigt att förse dina Nirvana groddar med minst 18 timmar ljus och 6 timmar mörker varje dag. Om ditt klimat tillåter kan du välja att plantera om dina AK48 Feminiserad groddar utomhus. Annars ska du köpa bra odlingslampor och plantera om dina groddar inomhus. Använd våran Root Xtender för kraftfull och stark rot tillväxt och Root Pouches för att bättre skydda rötterna. Många av våra kunder använder Soiltabs för att ge sina Nirvana frön optimal långsam-utlösning av näring under vegetationsperioden.

3. Blomningsstadiet

När du odlar utomhus kommer dina AK48 Feminiserad plantor börja blomma när dagarna blir kortare och hösten kryper in. Inomhus måste du ändra din ljuscykel till blomningscykeln 12 timmar ljus och 12 timmar mörker, när dina AK48 Feminiserad växter har blivit hälften så långa som den önskade längden och sedan tvinga dem att börja blomma. Autoblommande arter kommer börja blomma automatiskt, vilket förkortar vegetationsperioden. Istället för att bara odla blad, kommer din planta nu också odla knoppar. För bästa näringslösning under blomningsstadiet, köp Flowertabs, som är specifikt formulerade till att ge din växt långsam-utlösning av näring under blomningsstadiet.

4. Häng för att torka

Efter skörd, låt dina AK48 Feminiserad knoppar hänga för att torka i minst 10 dagar i ett mörkt och stängt, men ventilerat utrymme tills grenarna går sönder när du böjer dem. Hur lång tid detta tar beror på ditt klimat och atmosfärisk fuktighet. Skär sedan av knopparna och förvara dem i konserveringsburkar. Öppna burkarna 2 till 3 gånger per dag i omkring 15 minuter för att förhindra mögelväxt. Klistra på etiketter på burkarna för att påminna dig om vad som finns inuti.


Yeilds 5 to 7 oz. per plant

I met a guy who told he did the following:

He used 10 gallon (42 liter) felt grow bags, filled with Foxfarm Ocean Forest potting soil. He kept the bags a few inches in the air by placing pieces of wood underneath. He said it allowed the bags to breathe like they are supposed to.

During the indoor "season", he only added only mychorrhizae (beneficial bacteria for the root system) twice.
He only added bloom fertilizer once, early in the flowering period.

He said he had to tie them back, as they grew about 60 inches tall. He did not prune the plants.

He grew these under a 1000w HPS and yielded 5 to 7 ounces of trimmed dried bud, from each plant.

He also said they can get damaged from mold, so keep an eye on those buds if they get wet.

He said AK-48 received many compliments and was often sought by those whose sampled it.

That is all he said.


great product

I have ordered this three times it is a great performer , i had 11 1/2 " fruit on one " nice "


bonne plante pour outdoor en France

C'est une plante qui pousse assez facilement. j'ai récolter fin septembre début octobre. avec un peu moins de 200gr par plantes. C’était ma première culture et en guérilla.
C'est possible de faire +


Great Delivery

The delivery flows much better as expected, stealthy with no problem and delivered in 3 days. Starting to germinate to move forward.



Great seeds got them two days ago ann already germed an potted great job nirvana


I love it

Indoors, grow tent, passive hydro/hydroton in reservoir, Advanced Nutrients, two 90w led ufo's(red and blue dominant). I cut at least 3, if not 4 branches early, quick dried at least an 1/8 whilshe dried, and STILL had 30g to put in jars. Best yield for me yet of anything, from anywhere! Oh, and she stones l out of you too!


Grow Review

I've experimented growing with a 96W UFO LED light for the first time, and chose this strain because it has a reputation for being relatively easy. It proved a good pick. This strain grows very fast (it was already at its third node within eleven days after having been planted), and provided no setbacks during its vegetative / flowering periods. Topped and trained it, to make the most of my small growing space.
Yield: just over 20g, but I'm still a beginner, so doubtlessly conditions were far from ideal, and it probably could have yielded more. (Not to mention that I'd used LEDs instead of HPS, which I'm given to believe played a part as well).
Fragrance: smells like the fat guy who sits next to you on the subway. Shame I didn't know why he smells like that up until now, will definitely make conversation next time I see him. :)
Flavor: wonderful! Sweet and fruity.
Effect: High, but not entirely as advertised. While there's no denying the sativa quality this strain has, it can also get you heavily couchlocked.
That's it. Thanks for reading, and hope it's been helpful.
Peace & Love.


Best grow yat

I ordered 10 seeds to try this out and of that 9 germinated. This was my 3rd grow and by far the easiest so far. I had some PH issues but now I think I have a handle on that and am now trying the Master Kush hoping for the same success I had with this. It looks like all the good reviews I've heard about Nirvana have been right on! Thanks Nirvana, I plan to keep you on as my seed bank for a long time.



Okay, I grew this last year. AMAZING everything about this baby.
So I found some of my grow from last year. Smoked some and remembered I got that seed from nirvana seed.com
I ordered some new seeds that showed in 1week 1day (kick ass Nirvana)
Decided to work with 3new seeds (while smoking that old stuff-ahhh memories) decided to do right and store my new seed babies in a nice dark spot
Rooted new seeds in 1 day. Planted the next. 2seeds doing well, 1failed they broke ground the next day and thought, I'm gunna plant more girls now since I lost one.
Ok, remember smoking some stash from last year, but for the life of me, I can't remember what the flock I did with those seeds I just purchased from you guys.
I placed a new order immediately, and already have my new babies in my hands
As far as the seedlings are concerned, they are beautiful healthy younglings. I have great confidence Nirvana sent me all females and I will have to keep a proper progress log as I go (journal first then smoke) on this my second time growing. If I could post photos I would so any guidance is greatly appreciated.
Yo, last years stash is sooo flicking mmmmmhmmmwoooo....and I had no idea what I was doing. Kind of you tubing my way along. And wow...I'm actually researching this time...and yes I can remember research. I just can't remember where I hid the first set of fucking seeds.


Top and GROW

let it grow !!!
! feed molasses the first 4 weeks of flowering along with the cal-mag-pro. Organic soil > tubs of chems. I make my own soil from black gold, CAL_MAG_PO + BONE and BLOOD + HUMIC acid+ Spagnum moss to hold the nuits in the soil bat guan!! water the soil, not the leaves. wetting the leaves Cause powdery mildew. Always check PH after you add the supplements to the water.

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AK48 Feminiserad

AK48 Feminiserad

  • Populär, stark, snabblommande stam.
  • Hårda knoppar, exceptionell arom.
  • Indica/Sativa korsning som ger Sativa rus.

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