Guide till odling av Marijuana


Higher quality cannabis, consistent supply, it’s cheaper. In about 4 months you're ready. Anyone can do it.

Introduction to growing cannabis



Growing cannabis is actually fairly simple and straightforward when you have the right information.

The basics


Grow space

The flowers of these potent plants are grown, harvested, dried, and cured to become buds that can be used to smoke, vaporize, use to create edibles, make into oil and used for both recreational and medical purposes, etc.

Setup & Supplies


Grow medium

When most people think about grow mediums or media they think of soil. And while soil is great and perhaps the best for beginners, most growers move away from it after awhile. There are three main types of grow mediums.

Choosing grow medium


Pick the perfect light

When growing outside you only have two real requirements: 8+ of good sunlight every day and planted in the spring or at at least placed outside in the spring. For growing inside you’ll need at least three things for your light setup:

Natural Light & grow light


Cannabis nutrients

Nutrients are often the scary subject for new growers as there can be a lot of science involved and gauging the plant’s health is still new to them. My tip, Buy nutrients made specifically for cannabis.



Let's grow!

Most growers germinate their seeds in a starter cube or seedling plug. Some growers use the wet paper towel trick or just simply plant their seeds into the medium.

How to germinate


Vegetative Stage

Both photoperiods and autoflowering will thrive under a full 24 hours, and Marijuana Horticulture Bible (pg. 38) states that this is the best light schedule.

Vegetative Stage


Flowering Stage

There is nothing quite like seeing the colas form and engorge the first time you grow.

Flowering Stage


Time to harvest

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for unless that moment is getting high, we aren’t quite there yet.




Alright, put on your best music playlist because it’s time for the most monotonous part of growing cannabis. Trimming, Drying and Curing



Grow tips

Learn more about temperature, humidity, air circulation, smell, how to stealth grow, what to do when your plant is too small and all about how to schedule your nutrient feeding proccess

Tips and Tricks



I’ve mentioned how certain nutrient deficiencies and other issues present themselves in cannabis plants throughout the guide, but let’s put them all in one place.

Common Cannabis Plant Problems



I want to leave you with one of my favorite growing stories and it will act as a good lesson that safety is always import.

Some Fun Last Words