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Black Widow Feminized

  • Adaptable and resilient plant
  • Delivers a potent and long-lasting high
  • Known for its dense and sticky buds

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Nirvana's Black Widow Feminized seeds

Nothing short of perfection, Black Widow Feminized cannabis seeds are a remarkable blend of taste, potency, and efficiency. This sativa-dominant hybrid exhibits exceptional resilience, a short flowering time, and requires minimal maintenance. Black Widow Feminized is a robust and adaptable plant, suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivation in various climates.


Black Widow, a remarkable strain developed by the breeders at Nirvana, is a four-way hybrid cross of Colombian Gold, Thai, Mexican, and Afghani landrace varieties. This unique combination of genetics results in a hybrid strain that possesses strong resistance to wind, cold, and plant diseases, thanks to its Afghani heritage!


Black Widow is characterized by its compact and sturdy growth structure. With a medium plant height of approximately 120 cm (47 inches), it is an ideal choice for indoor cultivation. The plants develop a uniform structure with one central cola surrounded by strong side branching, making Black Widow perfectly suited for Sea of Green (SOG) and Screen of Green (SCROG) techniques.


Black Widow thrives in outdoor environments and is particularly well-suited for cultivation in colder climates or regions with shorter summers. This strain exhibits true hybrid vigor, showcasing the most desirable traits inherited from its diverse parentage. With Black Widow, expect excellent results and a plant that can withstand challenging outdoor conditions.

Experience the power of Black Widow, a resilient and efficient strain that combines the best traits of its diverse genetic lineage

Fungal resistance

Black Widow Feminized is renowned for its high resistance to powdery mildew and mold. This resilience makes it an excellent choice for growers in challenging climates, such as the East Coast or Northern Europe, where shorter summers and wet winters are common.

Flowering time


Black Widow Feminized completes its flowering cycle within a quick 7-9 weeks under a 12/12 light schedule. Some phenotypes with high yields may require up to 67 days to fully ripen.


This strain has a fast flowering time outdoors, typically ready to harvest in around 65 days. With its sativa dominance, expect sativa-sized yields by the start of October.



Black Widow Feminized is a generous producer, offering up to 650 g/m² (2.1 oz per square foot) of premium-quality buds. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced grower, this strain delivers satisfying results.


The potential yield for Black Widow Feminized is outstanding, with each plant capable of producing up to 1200 grams (42.5 oz). This makes it a preferred choice for commercial growers and those seeking high harvest quantities.

Plant height & structure

Black Widow Feminized plants exhibit a tall and bushy structure, featuring long and thin fan leaves along with thick side branching. It's important to provide ample space for these plants to grow and flower, ensuring they reach their full potential.


For growers who prefer training techniques, Black Widow Feminized responds well to various methods. It is recommended to train the plants during the vegetative stage to control their final height and optimize yields. SCROG and the Sea of Green technique are particularly effective with this strain. Additional support, such as a net trellis or bamboo canes, can help manage the weight of the side branches during flowering.

Smell, taste and effect

Prepare to be captivated by the enticing aroma and taste of Black Widow Feminized. With its sweet and earthy notes, reminiscent of an exotic beach at sunset, this strain delivers a truly unique sensory experience. When consumed, it induces relaxation, happiness, and euphoria, without unwanted side effects like anxiety or tiredness and one of the best flavors you can get.

Buy Feminized Black Widow seeds at Nirvana Shop

Black Widow Feminized cannabis seeds check all the boxes for enthusiasts seeking exceptional flavors, a short flowering time, high productivity, and THC levels reaching up to 20%. Don't miss out on the opportunity to add this extraordinary strain to your collection.


Genetics four-way hybrid cross
Plant type Mostly Sativa
Sex Type Female
Cultivation In & Outdoor
Climate Hot and Cold
Plant height Average
Average Yield 550 - 650 g/m²
Flowering Period 7 - 9 weeks
Seeds per pack 5
Product Type Seeds
Seed Type Feminized
THC High
Effect Euphoric Happy Relaxed
Flavor Earthy Pungent Sweet
Helps with Fatigue Headaches Stress
Grow Difficulty Medium
THC value 16% - 20%
CBD value 0.1% - 1%
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