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Years went into experimenting, growing, cross-breeding and developing new Nirvana High quality strains, from which only the very best were selected. Today only the best Nirvana quality cannabis seeds are made available to you.


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On a tight budget? We got you covered with different discounts every week. Especially for you Nirvanashop has the best bargains on the original Nirvana seeds.


Northern Light Feminized

Northern Light

€ 25,00 € 18,75
Aurora Indica Feminized

Aurora Indica

€ 25,00 € 18,75
straight from the source 25 years of experience
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Nirvana Shop can provide you all the tools and nutrients for growing your precious plants. Any marijuana grower worth his salt knows how vulnerable young cannabis plants can be and wants to lavish care and attention on them.

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How to grow your own cannabis? All you need is this guide, Nirvana Seeds and some space. It's cheap to cultivate your own pot, just follow the easy steps!

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Big Pots Little Seedlings ?

What WP Homies... I have never grown an "auto flower", but why do breeders recommend to not transplant auto's ?  I know about stress, but is there another reason ? I wondered this because putting an infant seedling in a 5-7 gal. pot, that will sustain it's life for the ...

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