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Sour Diesel Feminized

  • Upbeat and energetic effects
  • Invigorating and stress-relieving
  • Pungent and diesel-like aroma

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Nirvana's Sour Diesel Feminized seeds

Nirvana’s Sour Diesel seeds will reward you with some of the most dank, fuel powered nugs you have tasted in a long time and stand out from the rest in your garden with her majestic seasonal colors. She is more demanding than others, but will reward you with true West Coast high-grade Cannabis.

Sour Diesel Feminized is a sativa dominant tall lady that is more demanding and a little harder to grow than most strains. A vigorous, large-yielding hybrid that reeks of petroleum, lemons with a powerful pungent citrus edge. She offers a giggly, dreamy, and blissful effect that is perfect for social scenarios as well as daytime use.


By crossing two of the most aromatic Cannabis strains around, we were able to create a difficult to grow hybrid, that enhances the best from Chemdog and Super Skunk. Expect an exceptional resin profile and large, stacked buds that will ripen with dark purple hues.


Best suited for growers with a few indoors grows under their belt, this fast-growing, high-maintenance sativa dominant hybrid will grow tall with long side branches.

She is an excellent candidate for plant training such as tying down, topping, and pruning. The strain will really bulk up during the final 3 weeks of blooming, and be encrusted in trichomes. Sour Diesel Feminized will begin to change color during the final few weeks, where she will reveal various shades of purple, red, and magenta.


Sour Diesel is an exceptional performer outdoors and one of the reasons why so many growers love to plant her year after year.

With training such as topping and tying down, these plants can become very tall, expressing their sativa dominance and exceeding 200 cm (78 inches) tall.

This cultivar does prefer a hotter climate, as she requires a full 63-77 days of flowering before ready to harvest with a complete terpene profile and THC levels in the 20% region.

Fungal resistance

Sour Diesel Feminized is a tough strain that can fight against heavy winds, hot temperatures and heat stress, cold nights and pathogens such as powdery mildew and mold.

Flowering time


This cultivar is highly demanding and will require 9-11 weeks depending on the phenotype. It is best to check the trichomes using a microscope to identify if the harvest window criteria are met.


We recommend planting in Spring time, and depending on the climate, she will be ready for harvesting in mid-October or early November.



The plants can reward you with harvests of 500 g/m² (1.6 oz per square foot), making her a big producer, for those who want commercial-sized yields. Sour Diesel is a demanding cultivar, and will reward you with big yields and stunning terpenes.


Outdoor yields can exceed 1000 grams (35.5 oz) per plant and will require support. Her side branches can become so top-heavy when flowering, that to avoid branches snapping due to their own weight, use a net trestle or wooden canes to hold them up.

Plant height & structure

Once flowering begins, the plants will stretch considerably in height, so growers with limited space should be careful or apply plant training before the changing of the timers to 12/12. Plants will grow as tall as 150-180 cm (59-70 inches).


She will express her sativa dominance and require some training, unless you want very tall plants. Tying down or topping the plants, before inducing flowering, will help control the final height. We recommend Sour Diesel for the more experienced grower who can work with a challenging and demanding cultivar.

Smell, taste and effect

The effects of Sour Diesel Feminized can be described as an exuberant mental boost, that become both happy giggly, and an overall sense of taking it easy. A very social strain that can have you deep in conversation, jumping from one topic to another with reckless abandon. She is incredible for creative individuals, musicians, writers, artists, deep reading, gaming, long walks in nature, or a day at the beach.

A strong blend of earthy, fuel, and citrus terpenes that has chemical and jet fuel overtones. Eye watering dank and undeniable distinctive. Fans of gassy Kush strains will love her bold, long-lasting flavors, with a very upbeat, energetic, focused effect. Fans of Kush and powerful chemical, petrol and citrus terpenes will find Sour Diesel is right up their street. Her flavor only improves the longer she is cured and a multiple time cup winner all over the globe.

Buy Sour Diesel Feminized seeds at Nirvana Shop

One of the oldest and best-tasting sativa around, that make superb extracts. A truly delicious tasting flower that Kush lovers will fall in love with.

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Genetics Chemdog x Super Skunk
Plant type Mostly Sativa
Sex Type Female
Cultivation In & Outdoor
Climate Hot
Plant height Tall
Average Yield 400 - 500 g/m²
Flowering Period 9 - 11 weeks
Seeds per pack 5
Product Type Seeds
Seed Type Feminized
THC High
Effect Euphoric Happy Uplifted
Flavor Citrus Diesel Earthy
Helps with Appetite Depression Stress
Grow Difficulty Hard
THC value 16% - 20%
CBD value 0.1% - 1%
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Verified Purchaser

sd fem

one of my favorites great for sog

Verified Purchaser


Only did 1/2 pack of the seeds to start this new strain all popped from seed i ended up losing one plant was my fault for tht but the plants grew fat during veg the flowering took some time most took 10-11 weeks but not surprised since is mostly Sativa had 3 different types the shorter ones I liked better had much tighter buds and much bigger colas . The taller ones was not bad at all just had more stretch which lead to having a bunch of golf ball sized buds not connected I could have a rigged better all in all sour diesel is a all time favorite and your seeds where good will continue to buy seeds from nirvana

Verified Purchaser

Overall a good strain

Good yield under 200 W LED light, the smell is not so pronounced while growing, the smoke has a pungent aroma, somehow earthy but spicy too, very relaxing.

Verified Purchaser

Better luck second time

First pack of these I only gave a 3 star review, wasn't impressed with any of the phenos I got, compared to the SD I grew for years. Second pack I was much luckier, much better, I'll keep a couple of these for cloning

Verified Purchaser


crowd favorite around here