Tangie Feminized

  • Easy to grow
  • Energetic and uplifting effects
  • Citrus aroma and flavor

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Nirvana's Tangie Feminized seeds

Another world-class hybrid to emerge from California, and one that quickly invaded Europe. With Tangie seeds, you grow a unique hybrid when it comes to the fruity and floral department. Immense resin production and one lady who loves to be trained.

Hash makers and extracts artists will make some magic with this easy to grow classic that can be very productive when grown indoors and outdoors.

Tangie Feminized is a zesty orange, citrus dank hybrid, that will zap you with crystal clear clarity, and focus. Bordering on euphoric, she is an easy to grow strain created by crossing Skunk with Californian genetics, well suited for beginner growers with a superbly floral, dank, and sweet terpene profile. Incredible for hash making, and extracts, as well as beginner growers.


Created by crossing California Orange, known for her tangerine, citrus aroma and flavor, with Super Skunk. The result is an easy to grow, truly aromatic hybrid that boasts bold, fruity, and dank flavors.

She requires low maintenance and loves to be trained. Tangie Feminized is a highly resistant, fast flowering mix of indica and sativa genetics. Thanks to the intense amount of resin she produces during 12/12, Tangie Feminized is a very rewarding strain for hash makers.


She will grow short during 18/6, however will grow tall once flowering commences. We advise LST and SCROG, when growing Tangie Feminized indoors to help control her height.

She will grow one main central cola, accompanied by long and thin side branches. We advise pruning her before flowering to increase yields further and allow the plants to focus their energy on top growth.


Tangie Feminized can get quite tall when grown outside, so it advised to tie her down before the flowering period. We recommend this cultivar for those who live in a hot climate, as she will produce the best results. Plant outdoors in Spring time with the intention to harvest towards the end of October.

Fungal resistance

She is a tough plant that has a good resilience to heat stress and colder temperatures. She can fight off mold and other pathogens, as well as insects and pests.

Flowering time


Flowering time takes 9-10 weeks. She does not require much maintenance, making her a great choice for beginner growers who enjoy fruity, mandarin terpenes. Some phenotypes will finish faster than others, with the biggest yielding requiring 7-10 days more.


Outdoors, we recommend giving her a solid 10 weeks of direct sunlight. She will be ready to harvest at the end of October. Keep the plants in a South-facing location to ensure they receive the most direct sunlight and can fully mature.



Yields of 550 g/m² (1.8 oz per square foot) can be achieved when grown in a Sea of Green and flowering after 7-10 days of 18/6. Using smaller-sized pots such as the 7.5-10 liters (2 gallons) and keep plants closer together.


It is possible to yield up to 750 grams (26.5 oz) per plant under the right circumstances. She does have a tendency to become quite tall and lanky, so it is a good idea to add some support before buds begin to form.

Plant height & structure

Tangie Feminized will grow with long side branches that grow as tall as the main central cola. There will be a medium amount of internodal space, making her great for training, and allowing a good flow of air around the plants. The final height once flowering will be around 120-150 cm (47-59 inches) tall.


She is a very versatile hybrid that reacts incredibly well to basic training, and especially SCROG. We advise keeping in the vegetative state for a longer time, to encourage a bigger root base and more prolific growth, before changing your timer to 12/12.

Smell, taste and effect

Her sweet and dank orange aroma is just as clear as her cerebral effects, with flavors of fresh tangerines, oranges peel with a sweet floral edge.

A mixture of citrus, earthy, and floral, sweet terpenes make Tangie really stand out from the crowd and will produce some outstanding water hash, dry sift, or BHO. Kick-start your day with a joint of Tangie and a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice.

Tangie Feminized is the ultimate pick me up strain that will make you feel rejuvenated as a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. The effects of this hybrid can be described as clear minded, focused, motivated, and mentally sharp. A wonderfully clear-cut effect, that is perfect for morning times, day times, smokers with a low tolerance, busy individuals, musicians, writers, artists, and those who like a euphoric, feel good factor.

Thanks to her well-balanced and feel good effects, she is perfect for smokers with a low tolerance searching for a daytime smoke that won’t tire them out.

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Nothing screams summer than a joint of Tangie! An extractor's ultimate strain that gives intense orange and citrus flavors, which are straightforward to grow.

Order your Tangie seeds today at the Nirvana Shop seed bank and receive fast delivery and discreet shipping.


Genetics California Orange x Super Skunk
Plant type Hybrid
Sex Type Female
Cultivation In & Outdoor
Climate Hot
Plant height Average
Average Yield 450 - 550 g/m²
Flowering Period 9 - 10 weeks
Seeds per pack 5
Product Type Seeds
Seed Type Feminized
THC Medium
Effect Euphoric Happy Uplifted
Flavor Citrus Orange Sweet
Helps with Depression Fatigue Stress
Grow Difficulty Medium
Label Only Online Availible
THC value 14% - 19%
CBD value 0.1% - 1%
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Verified Purchaser

looking forward to getting seeds going

Got seeds in promptly manner. looking forward to spring grow with new variety's

Verified Purchaser

It grew, it worked

Another batch of lovely sticky plants

Verified Purchaser

I don't know

all the grains have sprouted....but my hands are out of my ass. I failed to harvest

Verified Purchaser

flavor flavor flavor

the cali orange was one of my favorites
i think they made it even better with the tangie

a tangie mom was chosen and will be kept next to the cali orange

Verified Purchaser

Not the strain for me / bad experience with Tangie

I like almost every Nirvana strain that I’ve grown, and I’m still learning to grow properly. Unlike the last strains I’ve grown, this particular one hermied on me (both plants) and provided seeded bud. It also was a bad tasting product, so I’ll skip growing this one again. I’ve never had a plant hermie on me before. Just my experience….your mileage may vary.

Kudos to the feminized Blue Dream and Original Glue. Love those strains.