Pure Power Plant Regular

Nirvana™ Original
Positive  5 reviews  - 4 growers recommend this
Pure Power Plant Regular


10 Seeds per pack



400 - 500 g/m² in SOG

8 - 10 weeks

Pure Power Plant Regular
  • Strong F1 hybrid.
  • Good example of hybrid vigor.
  • High Production.
  • Pleasant piney taste and social high.

Strong F1 hybrid.
Good example of hybrid vigor (heterosis).
Commercially interesting.
Pleasant pine-y taste and social high. 

Pure Power Plant, a strong F1 hybrid, was developed in the late 90s from a South African Sativa and a fat Indica from the USA. Pure Power Plant's tremendous growth potential is a prime example of hybrid vigor in marijuana plants. This variety is the latest trend among Dutch commercial growers because of its high yields of valuable buds. Pure Power Plant has a pleasant pine-like aftertaste and a powerful social buzz.

GeneticsOriginal Power Plant x White Widow
Plant TypeHybrid
Plant HeightMedium
Average Yield400 - 500 g/m² in SOG
Flowering Period8 - 10 weeks
EffectEuphoric, Energetic, Happy
FlavorEarthy, Pungent, Pine
MedicalStress, Depression, Fatigue
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Reviews of Pure Power Plant Regular

Positive (5 reviews)
4 growers recommend this
tarek k. 2014-08-25
its a nice grow, good yields, nice smell, but i prefer to try something new from nirvana.
steve c. 2013-11-20
I like this one its nice the bud don't smell until smoked. At first smell and looks like nothing special then after lighting a fat one it def pure power. Looks can be deceiving.
Jason C. 2013-01-31
Not my taste
Although its not the best smelling or greatest tasting bud I've grown, it does yield nice sativa colas. The smoke is smooth and it has a nice "alert" high, but its not all that popular with my customers. They seem to prefer the dank, smelly, and sticky buds best. I'm going to keep it round for another turn and make a few minor adjustments to see if I can't up its other strains yield equally as well so no big loss if I end up eliminating it from the roster.

Pure Power Plant Regular

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