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5 Marijuana seeds

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Blue Dream Feminized

The specs



Blue Dream is a sativa-dominant hybrid, high in THC and popular amongst those that medicate for major stress, depression and pain. She’s relatively easy to grow and can flower within 7 to 9 weeks. She grows dense buds, which gently ease you into a calm euphoria tasting of sweet blueberries.

When we see a name like Blue Dream, we like to picture lying on the beach as the sunny blue sky engulfs us in her tranquil beauty and the ocean waves vibrate the sand beneath us, so it's safe to say this strain has a lot to live up to. And we’re happy to report she resoundingly does!

Also for medical marijuana users

Blue Dream delivers swift relief without the heavy sedative effects. She has a sticky, sweet berry flavor thanks to her Blueberry indica side, but she really shows off her sativa Haze #1 parentage side in flowering. In flowering she can easily double in size and reach a height of over 2 meters. The two strains come together and balance her nicely, producing a high that is both relaxing and uplifting without making you feel tired or anxious.

It's only fitting that these cannabis seeds originate out of West Coast California because this strain sends you off into a dream of Cali in the 70's with Hendrix blaring from the radio and surfboards dawning the roof of your classic Volkswagen.

Our tip for this strain: If you’re looking to go from seed to harvest in a short period, this strain is a great choice with her ability to easily double her height after switching to flowering. This means you can cut the vegatative period short and still get a fairly tall plant. On top of that, her flowering period is super speedy, and she can usually be harvested around 7 to 9 weeks. You should buy Blue Dream seeds for a massive yields, and fast.

What we love about this strain: This is the go-to strain when you love sativa and high-THC, but often have issues with anxiety and paranoia high can produce. She leaves you with some dry mouth for sure, but that’s about it from this Cali-gem.

Quote from a customer: “.. A very enjoyable experience growing Blue Dream. Of course I have more growing this year cuz its my main money tree. It's actually way too potent for me and I can only handle 3-4 hits and I'm stoned for hours with energy to do shit, but I do get the paranoia along with the feel good high and then later, some serious sleeping. My friends, family and customers were extremely grateful for the free and inexpensive heavy large tasty frosty stinky bags of buds spewing forth. ..” - Randy P.

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GeneticsBlueberry x Haze#1
Plant typeHybrid
Sex TypeFemale
CultivationIndoor as well as Outdoor
Average Yield550 - 650 g/m² in SOG
Flowering Period7 - 9 weeks
Grow DifficultyMedium
LabelNirvana Original

Customer experience


  • Relaxed
  • Happy
  • Euphoric


  • Sweet
  • Blueberry
  • Berry

Medical use

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Pain
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By Brad H. posted on 2019-07-04

If you want a beautiful, great producing, potent, get up and go strain, this is a strain to definitely try out. She has big pointed colas with very little leaf to flower ratio. With an 8 week veg and a 10 week flower I got a very good yield of some awesome, dank, blueberry tasting, sticky, blue flowers. She will stretch in preflower so make sure you train her low with LST, a scrog, sog, or some other training technique before she grows out the top of your house. I’ve grown 4 of these and have 1 left. 100% germinate percentage for the 4. Very good strain. If you like a happy but relaxing, pain relieving, high THC effects this might be the one for you. I give it a 9.0 out of a 10 mainly because of color, potency, and yield. I will be ordering it again in the future. It is pretty easy to grow as long as you can keep her short! I recommend her to anyone that has had experience in training plant to stay low, wants to learn, or has no height restrictions. She is a fast vegger once she gets started so she could be flipped early. That would also help keep the height down. You just wouldn’t have as big a plant to harvest. She grows straight up so start training early or you will snap limbs.

By Leo F. posted on 2019-05-17

Just harvested today. Exactly 16 weeks . Awesome weed! Beautiful plants. EXCELLENT! Made 18 nice clones Huge Buds.

By Anthony B. posted on 2019-04-23

Shipping was super stealthy, popped 1 and 3 other Nirvana feminized seeds. The B.D. and others germinated and up and growing within 7 days and all very very healthy. Can't wait for these ladies to flower. The genetics are very strong. I am a former medical marijuana grow manager and head grower so I have a little experience. 2 thumbs up so far!

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