California Orange Bud Feminized


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Nirvana's California Orange Bud Feminized seeds

For those who missed out on the Skunk era during the 1990s, Nirvana Seeds are pleased to be able to offer the original and best version of California Orange bud seeds. She is extremely easy to grow and is a blast from the past, perfect for old school connoisseurs or beginner growers.

California Orange Bud is an old school hybrid that is a massive producer of giant buds that has a head turning bag appeal. Orange candy flavors and the perfect social strain make California Orange Bud Feminized great for morning and day times. An incredible breeding block and distinct citrus, orange, and floral terpenes.

California is world-famous for their orange juice, and this strain certainly showcases that. An easy to grow hybrid that is an even bred of indica and sativa genetics.

Candy-sweet, orange flavors with THC levels testing at 15%. California Orange Bud Feminized is a massive producer and will take between 9-10 weeks to flower, where she grows with orange and pink pistils.


By back crossing the original seeds brought back from the West Coast almost 40 years ago, we were able to recreate all the best traits from this lady, making her extremely uniform and homogenous. We were capable of enhancing the yields and terpene profile of the parental line even further, making this strain ideal for commercial growers.


A great choice for beginner growers as she does not stretch much once flowering starts, making her ideal for indoor growers with limited height.

The flowering period can take up to 65-70 days; however, she is well worth the wait and will reward you with big frosted buds, with orange and pink hairs wrapped around. A beautiful strain that is a real head turner and has incredible bag appeal in terms of appearance and aroma.


Outdoors, she stays short and stocky and will produce thick side branches and short internodal spacing. We recommend plant the California Orange Bud seeds outdoors in spring time, harvesting front the middle to end of October, depending on climate.

Fungal resistance

An old school variety that has a strong resistance to spider mites and powdery mildew. She can endure drought conditions and heat stress with no real issues.

Flowering time


Some phenotypes will finish flowering within 63-65 days, with the largest sized plants requiring a full 70 days. The buds will swell and become thick and dense, so we advise using a microscope to check the trichomes up close.


Growers who live in a hot climate will finish with rock solid buds in 63 days, with some plants requiring a week more before being ready. We recommend planting outdoors in a South-facing location for best results, and to ensure the plants receive the most sunlight over the seasons.



Yields of 550 g/m² (1,8 oz per square foot) are possible with this hybrid, and we strongly recommend growing in a Sea of Green for maximum production. She is an excellent strain for growing in small-sized pots, such as 10 liter (2 gallon) pots.


It is possible to harvest 1000 grams (35.5 oz) per plant outdoors when grown from spring until the fall.

Plant height & structure

California Orange Bud Feminized will grow displaying indica and sativa traits finishing around 125 cm (49.2 inches) tall making her a well-balanced hybrid, that grows medium height. As she is a big-yielding cultivar, her growth structure will remain more bushy than tall, as she fills out with plenty of vegetative growth.


We recommend California Orange Bud for growers who enjoy training their plants, she has incredible potential. Topping and tying down will produce the most productive plants, and we advise pruning the lower 75% of growth before flowering to improve airflow and induce a top-heavy canopy.

Smell, taste and effect

The best way to describe California Orange Bud is to imagine freshly squeezed oranges, lemons, and a lingering skunky aroma mixed. There are earthy and floral overtones that give this cultivar a very smooth, bold, and distinctive orange juice scent.

When lighting a joint, her flavor is zesty, orange, mandarin, and candy all mixed into one smooth sensation, that reveals itself further upon exhaling. It won’t take long before her effects kick in, giving you an overwhelming sense of calmness and clarity, with an edge of alertness like a good old boost of vitamin C.

The effects of California Orange Bud are a mixture of upbeat, high energy with a relaxing physical effect that runs through the entire body. A great choice for social occasions, as well as smokers with a low tolerance who enjoy deep conversation and a spark of creativity.

Smokers who will a lower tolerance to potent, high THC varieties will find this strain a very comforting choice that is a perfect balance of indica and sativa.

Buy California Orange Bud seeds at Nirvana Shop

She was everyone’s favorite way to start their day in Amsterdam in the 1990s, and still ticks all the boxes as far as quality is concerned! Epic fruity and floral flavors and an easy to grow cultivar perfect for beginner or expert cultivators!

Order your California Orange Feminized seeds today at the Nirvana Shop seed bank and receive fast delivery and discreet shipping.


Genetics C.O.B x C.O.B
Plant type Hybrid
Sex Type Female
Cultivation In & Outdoor
Climate Hot
Plant height Average
Average Yield 450 - 550 g/m²
Flowering Period 9 - 10 weeks
Seeds per pack 5
Product Type Seeds
Seed Type Feminized
THC Medium
Effect Euphoric Happy Uplifted
Flavor Earthy Orange Sweet
Usage Depression Fatigue Stress
Grow Difficulty Easy
Label USA Strains
THC value 10% - 15%
CBD value 0.1% - 1%
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Verified Purchaser

simply the best

I have try many tipe,
but this orange bud of nirvana is better than other all.

Verified Purchaser

Germination 2/5

This is the first strain I have gotten that was not 100% germ rate. I did get 2 they are in week 2 of veg. I have another pack of 5 hoping for a better rate.

Verified Purchaser

Great Bud

The California Orange is a good plant, easy to grow and the effects, the HIgh, the Buzz or whatever you all call it now a days, is a (at least for me) is a creative high, smoke, grab the Guitar and the make some noise. I feel this plant also is great for PTSD, get triggered and the day becomes very difficult to deal with, but a puff here and there and the effects are relaxing and mellow the mind. try this one you might like it.

Verified Purchaser

a true classic

old school classic that every old stoner remembers.

Verified Purchaser

Orange skunk

The seedlings were comparatively weak but once established were strong. I topped, trained and pruned and got a decent harvest. A mellow effect and stronger skunk aroma in flower than I expected. I might order again if I ever get through all these new releases.