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Blue Dream


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Nirvana™ Original

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Blue Dream Feminisoitu

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About Blue Dream Feminisoitu

When we see a name like Blue Dream, we like to picture lying on the beach as the sunny blue sky engulfs us in her tranquil beauty and the ocean waves vibrate the sand beneath us, so it's safe to say this strain has a lot to live up to. And we’re happy to report she resoundingly does!

It's only fitting that this strain originates out of California because Blue Dream sends you off into a dream of California in the 70's with Hendrix blaring from the radio and surfboards dawning the roof of your classic Volkswagen. A sativa-dominated hybrid, Blue Dream is high in THC and is popular amongst those that medicate for major stress, depression, and pain.

Blue Dream delivers a sticky sweet blueberry flavor thanks to her Blueberry indica side, but she really shows off her sativa Haze #1 parentage side in flowering, where she can easily double in size and reach a height of over 200cm. The two strains come together and balance Blue Dream nicely, producing a high that is both relaxing and uplifting without making you feel tired or anxious.

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GeneticsBlueberry x Haze#1
ViljelySisällä ja ulkona
Keskimääräinen Tuotto550 - 650 g/m² SOG:ssa
Kukkimisaika7 - 9 viikkoa
LabelNirvana Original

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  • Rento
  • Onnellinen
  • Euforinen


  • Sweet
  • Blueberry
  • Berry


  • Stressi
  • Masennus
  • Kipu

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2 viljelijää suosittelee tätä

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