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Blue Dream Feminized

  • Heavy-yielding harvests
  • Euphoric, uplifting effects
  • Dreamy, fruity aroma

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Nirvana's Blue Dream Feminized seeds

Nothing is said to be perfect, but Blue Dream seeds are the exception. A remarkable combination of taste, powerful effect and efficiency. This lady is highly resistant and solid, has a short flowering time and does not require a lot of maintenance.

Blue Dream Feminized was created by crossing Blueberry with Haze # 1, known to everyone for its unique flavor. We have managed to create a sativa-dominant hybrid that has inherited all the best from its parents. She is highly resistant, easy to grow, does not require a lot of maintenance and gives off an unforgettable, sweet berry flavor.


Blue Dream is a rock solid plant, which makes her suitable for growing both indoors and outdoors in all climates. Blue Dream Feminized is not afraid of wet weather or strong wind, and has a high resistance to both. Due to her sativa dominance, plants may get as tall as 150-180 cm (60-70 inches) in height. 

We recommend Blue Dream seeds to growers with plenty of indoor or outdoor growing space. She can produce a great yield while growing closely together in the Sea of ​​Green. 

The strain is highly efficient and achieves satisfactory results after only 7-9 weeks of flowering. A great variety for commercial growers because she guarantees pure profit. It is easy to grow, and it is perfect for training to increase its yield. Her THC level ranges from 16% to 20%.


These plants can grow very tall, and it is advised to leave plenty of space for the plants to grow into. They are very light hungry plants, and can take a big feeding, and will grow at an exceptionally fast rate without requiring much maintenance. 


Outdoors is where this hybrid really thrives and can grow enormous in some cases. If you are looking for massive yields of glistening, terpene rich buds, then this is the strain for you! In a hot climate, she can become a massive plant that requires support and can grow twice as big as most cultivars.

Fungal resistance

Blue Dream is well known in America for her high resistance to powdery mildew and ability to fight off mold. It’s one of the reasons she is used in so many breeding projects, making her an excellent candidate for growers living in challenging climates. 

A great choice for growers living on the East Coast or Northern Europe who experience shorter Summers and a wet Winter period. 

Flowering time


Flowering time will take 9 weeks under 12/12 before plants are ready to harvest. Some very large producing phenotypes may require 67 days to fully ripen.


Blue Dream Feminized are fast flowering outdoors despite the sativa dominance, and will produce sativa sized yields in 65 days. Buds can grow huge and be ready to harvest by the start of October.



You will see why she is named Blue Dream, as she can produce as much as 650 g/m² (2,1 oz per square foot). A wonderful strain for beginners or advanced growers, and those who enjoy plant training during 18/6 will take this superb cultivar to the next level indoors.


1200 grams (42.5 oz) per plant can be produced outdoors, making her a commercial grower’s perfect choice. With plant training and the Blue Dream seeds planted in April, the potential outdoors is unlimited.

Plant height & structure

Blue Dream Feminized will grow tall, with large sized internodal spacing, long and thin fan leaves and thick side branching. Final height can grow as tall as 150-180 cm (60-70 inches). These plants can get big and bushy, so make sure you provide extra space for these plants to grow and flower.


For those who enjoy plant training during the vegetative stage in order to get the biggest yields possible, will absolutely love how durable and well Blue Dream Feminized reacts. 

It is recommended to train the Blue Dream prior to flowering to help reduce the final height once stretched. 

We recommend SCROG if you have a small grow space, and Sea of Green if you have a large space and limited height. It is a good idea to also use a net trellis or bamboo canes to add support once flowering commence, due to the excessive weight of the side branches. 

Smell, taste and effect

Blue Dream Feminized is a must-have for every connoisseur of the best flavors.

Smoking a joint with Blue Dream is reminiscent of an exotic beach at sunset and blue waves gently caressing your feet. This variety guarantees complete relaxation, interspersed with the feeling of happiness and euphoria. Its name did not come from nowhere.

It does not cause unwanted side effects such as anxiety or feeling of tiredness. It gives off a truly unique aroma that is addictive after the first breath. Be ready for the berry sweetness that will fill up your mouth and make you fall in love endlessly. 

Buy Blue Dream Feminized seeds at Nirvana Shop 

Blue Dream Feminized is a strain that checks all the boxes; it has a wonderful berry flavor, short flowering time, is highly productive, and her THC level reaches up to 20%! Get ready for a real power plant!

Buy your Blue Dream cannabis seeds today at the Nirvana Shop seed bank and receive fast delivery and discreet shipping.

Blue Dream Grow Report

Strain: Blue Dream Feminized 
Lineage: Blueberry X Haze#1
Lighting: Indoor LED
Pot Size: 20 liter fabric pots
Grow Medium: Soil + worm hummus
Nutrients: BioBizz Algamic, Bio Grow, Bio Bloom and Top Max.
Flowering Time: 64 days
Height: 122cm
Aroma: Blueberry, cherry, forest fruits, floral, sweet
Bud Structure: Thumb sized, light buds with great bag appeal 
THC Results: 19.5%

The Vegetative stage - 18/6

We plant the seeds directly into the soil and worm hummus mix and only water. We use only plain water and wait until the seedlings pop up.

After 48 hours all 20/20 seedlings have all germinated with bright green leaves. We now add nutrient solution at 3ml per liter until the plants become more mature.

10 days of 18/6 and the plants are healthy with a strong main stem that is blowing around from the fans. Day 21 and the Blue Dream are growing tall and with a large internodal spacing, expressing her sativa dominance. 

We decide to pinch the top shoot of the plants allowing them to become more bushy and also reduce height once flowering. We check the temperature and humidity and see they are consistently at 24 degrees and 75% humidity.

The plants have reacted to the topping very well and have put their energy into the remaining foliage and have slowed down vertical growth. 

We prune away the lowest parts of foliage to avoid smaller sized buds, and to also improve air flow around the plants. The plants now measure 43cm on average after 28 days of 18/6 with an open and bushy structure that is perfect for training.

After 35 days of the vegetative stage, the plants are now 59cm tall and are ready to be flowered. If not topped the height would be much taller.

Each plant has a thick and har wood main stem with tough woody side branches that are typical of sativa plants. The stem rub reveals a floral and berry scent with a slightly earthy aroma. 

The Flowering Stage - 12/12

After switching the timers over to 12/12 and reducing the humidity levels down, the Blue Dream begin to stretch and grow upwards faster than the other varieties we have in the flowering room.

There is a large internodal spacing making her easy to train and would be an excellent candidate for SCROG. The stems on each plant are thick like a broom handle and look like they can take a lot of nutrients and also pack on some serious weight.

We make a nutrient solution after the first two weeks of 12/12 that is a mix of Algamic, Bloom and Top Max, to ensure the girls have as much nutrition as they need.

After 25 days of 12/12 and the average height is now around 120cm and considering we had topped the plants during 18/6, these plants could have been as tall as 6ft.

There are pre-flowers and buds growing at a very fast rate making her one of the biggest yielding varieties in the flower room. We continue to feed every time the growing medium becomes dry, and the Blue Dream loves high nutrient levels.

35 days of 12/12 and almost half way through flowering, the room is becoming full of buds that have a sativa appearance and structure. The side branches look like long spears of buds that are trying to reach the top of the plants. 

After the 7th week of flowering under 12/12, the girls look absolutely superb and are massive producers. Every single branch is filled with buds and the room has a very fruity and floral aroma. 

All nutrients are cut off and we feed only plain water for the last 14 days to flush the plants before harvesting. The buds are long, tall and measure 2-3 inches in size on some phenotypes.

The plants are chopped and harvested on day 64 making her a quick flowering strain, considering her sativa dominance. A must have for anyone who wants big yields of top shelf flowers.

There is a high ratio of leaves to flowers, making her more demanding when it comes to a clean trim job, but for hash makers it is an added bonus.

Smoke Report:

The buds are lime green with orange hairs wrapped around with a distinct creamy, fruity and blueberry citrus terpene profile. When smoking the flavor is delicious and will linger in the mouth under the final toke. Her effects are long lasting, uplifting and great for morning times and daytimes. 

Grow Diaries Report

“ I bought a pack of Blue Dream, Amnesia Haze and Girl Scout Cookies feminized from Nirvana Seeds last year and they arrived at my home in less than a week. The Blue Dream was the biggest yielder next to the Amnesia Haze, and the quality of nugs from the BD is superb. 

The next rounds I will grom all 3 from clone and see how they do in my NFT system.

Very impressed by Nirvana Seeds and will be trying some other lines from them soon…”

Phil Green - (Birmingham, England)


Genetics Blueberry x Haze#1
Plant type Hybrid
Sex Type Female
Cultivation In & Outdoor
Climate Hot and Cold
Plant height Tall
Average Yield 550 - 650 g/m²
Flowering Period 7 - 9 weeks
Seeds per pack 5
Product Type Seeds
Seed Type Feminized
THC High
Effect Euphoric Happy Relaxed
Flavor Berry Blueberry Sweet
Helps with Depression Pain Stress
Grow Difficulty Medium
Label USA Strains
THC value 16% - 20%
CBD value 0.1% - 1%
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Verified Purchaser

I Really Love This Blue Dream

This plant was just a pleasure to grow. I easily filled the canopy with a blue dream with at least 20 branches holding up heavy sticky buds. I cloned. I trained. I pushed 1300 ppm feedings of a variety of whatever nutes I had around with a little silica. I start cutting tester buds off the plant and they're so sticky and tasty after 8 weeks. Even with a quick dry, I get sense for their sweet deliciousness. I'm excited for the proper 10 day dry and two month cure. I have a vigorous clone going that I could follow up with another plant just the same. This strain just gives me more faith in Nirvana. So far I've gotten some really good plants over the years. I think this will yield about 3 ounces dry, which is pretty much the max I get with a full canopy in my 2x2x4. I suggest this plant for all indoor growers that like bluedream, blueberry, and dutch haze.

Verified Purchaser

Blue Beauty.

This thing is amazing! Over foot long buds in just a few months inside. Out out in daytime and in at night for last week's. WOW. Gonna be my favorite I think.

Verified Purchaser

Blue Dream

Now here we go, the best strain for me! Daytime, evening, morning: any time of the day. The body high is impressively pleasant. Feels like i walk on the clouds literally. One of those strains, that you can control the effects with the amount of intake. If i was forced to choose one strain of all, this would be the one!

Verified Purchaser

no,order came normal time..

fast growing and being tall.. buds are same with indica..cola buds.. easy to grow and nice yields..

Verified Purchaser

Blue dream review

This is by far one of my favorite strains from Nirvanashop. All the plants produce such lovely flowers and have a great fruity taste.