5 tipů, jak získat nejlépe chutnající konopné palice

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"As a beginner grower, achieving the best tasting Cannabis buds possible can take years of experience, and often finding out the hard way. It is easy to fall under the impression the more food you give your Cannabis plants, the bigger and better they will be. In this article, we give you our top 5 tips on how to get cup-winning flavors that will take you from a beginner to a well-versed grower overnight, and have your friends singing your praises for years to come."

Top Tip #1: Use Organic Nutrients

There is no better feeling than knowing the Cannabis buds or hash you are smoking were grown completely organic and PGR free. The thoughts of chemical fed plants can be enough to turn most smokers off, so starting with organic nutrients is the very best way to obtain the ultimate peace of mind.

Our top tip here is to make an organic growing medium that is packed full of nutrients and contains all the primary nutrients and trace elements a Cannabis plant demands during its lifecycle.

Combining coco, soil, worm castings, compost, diatomaceous earth. Mixing with per lite can be an excellent way to ensure there are plentiful amounts of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium, followed by a group of trace elements Calcium, Magnesium, Sulfur, Manganese, Boron, Zinc, Iron, Molybdenum, Chlorine, and Copper.

Top Tip #2: Aerated Compost Tea

When you understand how the soil food web works and how Cannabis plants form a symbiotic relationship with the beneficial bacteria and fungi present, then aerated compost teas are an exceptional way to keep the microbial life optimal. Once you have a healthy population of beneficial microorganisms and fungi, these little helpers will increase the root mass on the root hair and provide food for the roots.

Our top tip here is feed your Cannabis plants an aerated brew that has to sit for a full 24 hours. To make aerated compost tea you need a bucket, water source, a food source for the fungi and bacteria such as molasses, and finally an air pump and air stone.

Many growers choose to make different tea recipes and will often have one specific for the vegetative stage and one for the flowering stage. This simple recipe will turn the microbial count from millions into billions and will allow the optimal plant defense against pathogens and disease, allowing you to achieve the smoothest Cannabis buds and increase yields.

Top Tip #3: Add Enzymes

Enzymes act to break down the organic substrate and play a vital role in how quickly nutrient solution or undissolved salts can be broken down, and made available to the roots. In the same way that a dishwasher requires enzymes to break down all the oils, or our stomach has enzymes that break down different foods. Using enzymes is a simple and very effective way to keep your roots glistening white and the growing medium as clean as possible.

Our top tip here is to feed 5ml per liter of a liquid enzyme's solution with every nutrient solution mix. And during the final two weeks of flowering, use only enzymes and plain water to ensure you have the smoothest and cleanest Cannabis buds. Experiment with using different brands of enzymes together, and try combining.

Top Tip #4: Avoid Chemical Boosters

As tempting as it may be to use high ratio chemical boosters during the flowering stage, using these can often cause the Cannabis buds to have a hot and harsh smoke and cause black ash. It is also easy to overfeed Cannabis plants with chemical boosters, causing nutrient lock outs or deficiencies.

Our top tip here is only use organic nutrients if you truly want the best tasting Cannabis buds and are not bothered about yields. There is no point in wasting all your hard work to end up with flowers that make you and your friends cough hysterically after every toke. Avoid boosters that have N-P-K ratios of 0-50-30 and especially avoid mixing chemical and organic nutrients together as this will only inhibit the buffering zone and encourage nutrient problems.

Top Tip #5: Flush Plants Properly

There are two main reasons why we flush Cannabis plants. And they are to remove any built up salts that may have accumulated over the duration of the vegetative and flowering period, and to also push the plants to use up any internal nutrients. When this is done correctly, using only plain water or with enzymes, the plants will begin to fade and reveal seasonal colors.

Our top tip here is to completely cut off any nutrients during the final two weeks, and to feed the same volume of water as before. Avoid over watering your Cannabis plants under the impression you want to drown the roots, and simply deprive the plants of any more nutrition. The fan leaves will begin to turn yellow followed by an array of purple, magenta, orange, and pink in some cases. This is the point when the Cannabis plants are ready to harvest and the Cannabis buds most mature and developed.

Nirvana Seeds’ Conclusion

If you can combine the 5 top tips in this article, then you will pride yourself as a proper organic grower, who has a well-balanced soil food web and can grow Dutch coffee shop quality Cannabis buds. There is nothing worse than having a jar full of flowers that look great but when smoking are not enjoyable and may as well be considered a waste of months of hard work and tender loving care. Good luck growing your next high-grade crop, and sometimes remember, less is more with Cannabis plants!

Stoney Tark

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