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White Widow Feminized

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About White Widow Feminized

The strain that needs no introduction, but how can you not talk about the blissful euphoric high that enraptures you in pure delight upon toking? Or how when combusting her plump buds, she engulfs the room in a pungent rich earthy smoke that sends you away to a campfire in the woods?

It’s easy to see how White Widow dominated the scene and ocean of coffee shops that filled Amsterdam in the 90’s. Before White Widow, Northern Lights and Haze all but consumed the cannabis market. But White Widow was bred with having a high THC content in mind and with her average hitting between 13-20%, she effortlessly joined Northern Light and Haze as the big three. She gives users a high that creates a “zest for life” and “opens you up to the universe” probably didn’t hurt much either.

Our autoflowering White Widow version is crossed with Northern Lights Auto, resulting in all the best qualities of the White Widow just in autoflowering form. A perfect little mini-me, our White Widow is great for first time growers and those that don’t have a lot of space.

Our tip for this strain: White Widows Auto delivers a higher yield compared to most autoflowering, but be careful not to harvest too soon because the last two week is where she really likes blowing up her colas in size. What we love about this strain: It’s a legend that even your grandma probably knows about, how can you not love it?

But honestly she’s a legend for a reason: she’s easy to grow and durable, has a very manageable stretch making for an average height, and has a nice yield despite her quick flowering period. She’s a great first strain to grow and you’ll love bragging about it.

Quote from a customer: “All my seeds germinated with no issues, the Widow was one of the faster growers, both hydro and soilless mixes. The buds, holy god the buds!! Huge Colas, amazing smell, and delicious taste!! If you haven't gotten this strain, do it, do it now.” - Wayne C.

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GeneticsKerala x Manga Rose
Plant typePredominantly Indica
Sex TypeFemale
Average Yield450 - 550 g/m² in SOG
Flowering Period8 - 10 weeks
Grow DifficultyEasy

Customer experience


  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Uplifted


  • Earthy
  • Pungent
  • Woody

Medical use

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Pain

Reviews of White Widow Feminized

Very Positive (75 reviews)
70 growers recommend this

loni m.


Amazing, very fruity smoke covered in shiny crystals. my highest yielder also with zero problems. I will deffinantly run it again.

Strain Flavor:

Wesley S.


Ordered 5 ww seeds they came in about 14 days.Germinated 4 of the 5 all popped at about 36 hours. So far so good!

vladimir v.


hi guys my first grow un der 1350 wats lights i got from amazon.2 plants one was 1.5 meters the other one just below training one grew tall and strainy the other went small and bushy.both yeild at 100grams a piece. got about 120 grams of leaves for future hash.nutrients are fox farm i went with half of the recommeded dosage so use at own preference.i went total of 128 days total about 70 days of flower.they buds are thick white and orange lots of orange on the smaller one.the bigger one grew very frosty and not as dark so i feel the smoke is at different levels of thc and the results are different.from relaxed and euphoric to sedated and narcotic sedated at times.i think the stone is worth it.its an every day smoke for me so i feel widow gives u that noice high but not like i just smoked blue dream and gorilla glue together and be feeling fucked up by the third the high is strong and relaxed rather than overdosed paranoid tripping u might experience the YOU OD!:)thanks to nirvanashop i will buy here again and again!!!!thnx

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Strain Effects:

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