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"Kush has been a big hit in the Cannabis scene and is well known in California to be the pinnacle of ultra-high grade Cannabis. Knowing which Kush strains offer a knockout effect, or will keep you buzzed and elevated for hours can be tricky for a beginner grower, so in this list you will find our top 10 best Kush strains for a beginner grower. Every strain in this list will keep any purveyor of Kush happy and able to grow a menu any Californian dispensary would be proud of."

Nirvana’s Top 10 Kush strains to grow for beginners 

Kush is a strain that originated from the Himalayas regions and is well known for its resilience to cold weather, a tall stretch once flowering starts and extremely pungent terpene profile. Once breeders from the US and Holland were able to get their hands on the land race Kush genetics, the evolution of Kush hybrids began and has become many growers favorite smoke.

The characteristics of Kush strains are they can stay small during the vegetative period, and once flowering can treble in height with a lanky and thin branched growth structure. The terpene profile of Kush genetics will typically range from a loud, pungent gas, fuel, earthy and citrus profile with some hybrids taking on a more fruity and earthy element. 

When it comes to Sea of Green, you cannot go wrong with planting a high volume of Kush strains together in a small space. Thanks to their appearance, they will all grow uniform and tall with bright green, frosted buds stacking all the way up at every internode with a flowering time of around 8-9 weeks depending on the cultivar.

1. Bubble Kush

We kick start this top 10 list with Bubble Kush, a cross of OG Kush and Bubblicious. A fruity and gassy strain that is easy to grow, and works very well in small spaces finishing around 80-140 cm (31-55 inches). 

Flowering time will take between 8-9 weeks depending on the phenotype, with plants producing one mian central cola, surrounded by thin side branches that can grow as tall as the crown tops. 

When it comes to yields indoors, Bubble Kush can yield up to 600 g/m² (2 oz per square foot), making her a very productive plants, ideal for commercial growers.

Bubble Kush has a complex flavor and aroma that can be described as sour, fruity, earthy with hints of gas and citrus. The effects are strong, physical and heavy bodied and are best suited for evening times or unwinding.

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2. Master Kush

Master Kush is another Kush hybrid created by crossing Skunk #1 and Hindu Kush. You can expect her to express the best from both parents, meaning solid plants with big yields in as little as 7-8 weeks flowering time.

She likes to remain medium height and when fully grown will reach as tall as 100 cm (39 inches). A great strain for anyone with limited height and looking for a short and stealth plants to grow outdoors or inside.

Master Kush has the ability to produce up to 500 g/m² (1.6 oz per square foot) indoors. A fast flowering variety ideal for commercial growers who rotate their rooms every 8-9 weeks.

The aroma and taste of this hybrid is a mixture of earthy, pungent, pine and woody. Her effects are long lasting and can keep you in a creative, uplifted buzz for hours on end.

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3. Hindu Kush

Hindu Kush was created by successfully backcrossing Hindu Kush land race genetics. The result is a stable and uniform strain that grows to a medium height and will require 9 weeks before harvesting.

Plants will stretch to a final height of 90-120 cm (35-47 inches) tall making Hindu Kush perfect for SOG set ups and also home growers with small growing space.

Yields of up to 450 g/m² (1.5 oz per square foot) are easily achievable indoors, and with plants training, the final yields can be significantly increased.  Hindu Kush is a very easy to grow strain that does need much maintenance. 

Hindu Kush has a very special old school flavor that is a mixture of spice, earthy, pine sol with woody notes and overtones of citrus. Be warned when smoking Hindu Kush as she will zapp you of energy and leave you in a stoned slumber. 

Her aroma and taste can be described as a complex fruity, sour, earthy, pine, and spicy with hints of cookie doe. The effects when smoking are mind-bending and have a strong stone, which can become totally demotivating over time.

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4. Skywalker OG

Skywalker OG is a large yielding, extremely pungent variety that was created by crossing Skywalker and OG Kush. She is one of the taller Kushes we have on offer, with plants finishing as tall as 120-150 cm (47-59 inches).

Flowering time will typically take between 9-9.5 weeks depending on the phenotype, with plants growing big and needing support once flowering is under way.

Indoors, Skywalker OG is well suited for commercial growers, as yield of up to 600 g/m² (2 oz per square foot) are easily possible. It is advised to add bamboo canes for support after week 4 of flowering, in order to support the heavy side branches.

The aroma and flavor of Skywalker OG is very strong, pungent, fuel and gas with sandalwood, citrus and earthy notes. Her effects at first will be upbeat, energetic and creative, however over time will lay heavy on you.

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5. Lithium OG Kush

Lithium OG Kush is a wonderful hybrid that was created after crossing OG Kush with Master Kush. Needless to say this strain is an easy to grow, highly resilient and low maintenance. 

Flowering time can take between 8-9 weeks depending on the phenotype, making Lithium OG kush one of our faster Kush varieties. Her final height will only grow as tall as 90-110 cm (35-39 inches) in height.

Indoors, Lithium OG Kush can produce up to  550 g/m² (1.8 oz per square foot), and when grown closely together in small sized pots, will produce the biggest harvests possible. 

The taste and aroma of this hybrid can be described as chemical, gas, diesel with citrus and fruit over tones. When smoking, her effects are not devastating, but are deeply therapeutic and calming. 

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6. Nicole x Banana OG

Nicole x Banana OG is a Kush hybrid to come from the US, and was created by using Nicole and Banana OG. Two heavyweight Kush strains that produce medium sized plants as tall as 100-125 cm (39-49 inches)

Flowering time will require 9 weeks before plants are ready to harvest, and have an exceptionally high resistance to mold and powdery mildew. 

Indoors, Nicole x Banana OG can produce up to 550 g/m² (1.8 oz per square foot), and take a high E.C level meaning she can endure plenty of nutrients.  Her growth structure will be tall and with one main central cola. 

When smoking, the aroma and taste of the buds is a complex mixture of gas, fuel, sandalwood, citrus with sour overtones. A truly delicious flavor that is accompanied by a dreamy but creative, motivated and energetic effect

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7. OG Kush

For number 7 on our list, we have added the original OG Kush. A strain that became famous on the West Coast in the US, and was popularized by rap songs and a strong Kush culture. OG Kush is a cross of Chemdog with Hindu Kush and Magic. 

Some phenotypes are very fast and can take as little as 49 days, with others needing a full 9 weeks. Plants will finish between 100-120 cm (31-39 inches) tall.

Indoors, OG Kush can produce up to 400 g/m² (1.3 oz per square foot), however with a longer vegetstive time under 18/6 and plant training, it is possible to increase yields much more. 

OG Kush has a very distinct aroma and flavor that can be described as a lip licking citrus, sandalwood, pine sol and woody profile.  Her effects are very motivating, creative, upbeat, happy and well suited for busy individuals. 

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8. Candy Kush

Candy Kush is a delsicously fruity Kush strain for those who want the best of fruity and gas. 

Made by crossing OG Kush and Trainwreck, expect Candy Kush plants to grow tall and flower as quickly as 7-9 weeks. 

Once plants are flowering, the final height will stretch to 150 cm (59 inches), but with plant training such as tying down or topping during 18/6, the final height can be easily reduced.

Indoors, Candy Kush is one of our most productive Kush hybrids, and is well capable of yielding 600 g/m² (2 oz per square foot). Some plants can become very top heavy and it is advised to support the side branches to avoid from toppling over.

Candy Kush has a flavor and aroma that is a mixture of sweet, sour, chemical and pine-sol with fruity and candy sweet overtones. A complex taste that has an effect which is mellow, calming with euphoric waves.

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9. Nicole Kush

Nicole Kush is another hybrid to emerge from the US and was created crossing the cup winning Kosher Kush and Nicole.  A seriously pungent and loud variety that will take between 8-9 weeks before ready to harvest.

A medium sized strain that will only reach a final height of 90-120 cm (35-47 inches) tall, making Nicole Kush a low profile and easy to hide strain for outdoors. 

Indoors, it is possible to yield up to 600 g/m² (2 oz per square foot), meaning Nicole is an easy to grow and highly productive cultivar. Despite her short size, it is advised to support the plants during the final 4 weeks. 

Her flavor and aroma is one that Kush lovers will go crazy for, and can be described as a creamy, earthy, citrus, sandalwood and pine sol with fuel and gas. The effects are very uplifting with waves of bliss, euphoria and creativity.

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10. Misty Kush

We end our top 10 list with an old school Kush hybrid that was created crossing Misty and Master Kush. An epic producer that is well suited for beginner growers, and anyone who grows with a Sea of Green set up.

Flowering time may take longer than typical Kush plants, with plants requiring upto 10 weeks in some cases, however is worth the extra wait thanks to her massive yields.

Misty Kush will grow into a bushy plant that once flowered will grow as tall as 90-120 cm (35-47 inches), so is perfect for growers indoors or outdoors with limited space. Indoors, yields of 600 g/m² (2 oz per square foot) can be easily achieved, and we strongly recommend this strain to anyone in search of big buds with little maintenance. 

Misty Kush has a flavor and aroma which can be described as sweet, tropical, candy with citrus overtones. A very unique profile that is accompanied by a well balanced effect, which is a good choice for daytimes thanks to the clear, uplifting and motivated effects.

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Honorable Mentions

These may not have made the Top 10 list, however Chemdog and Girl Scout Cookies are also two superb Kush hybrids that are well recommended.

Growing Kush strains can be quite challenging, however once you dial them in then the possibilities are endless. An excellent choice for any grower who grows small plants closely together, and, thanks to their resilience to cold temperatures and mold.

We are sure that this top 10 list and our honorable mentions covers all your needs and requirements, and allows you to become a master of growing Kush.

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