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"If your goal is to grow your own head stash at home, then look no further than this top 10 list produced by the Nirvana team. The below list are some of our biggest producing ladies that are known for heavyweight production. Not only do these cultivars like large amounts of nutrients, adapt amazingly well to plant training, they are also light hungry and will pack on the pounds, requiring support especially during the final 4 weeks of flower production!"

Nirvana’s best strains for indoor cultivation

There are many reasons why a person may grow Cannabis plants indoors or outdoors, and most often it is for personal use. The thought of growing your home-grown clean medicine makes complete sense, so if the goal is to keep your curing jars full, then big yielding genetics is the next step to success. 

As a first-time grower, you can be left scratching your head wondering why some plants produce tiny little buds, that seemed a waste of time, space, electricity, nutrients and labor. On the other hand, your friend down the road, who uses the same lights and nutrients, is maxing out 2 grams per watt and knocking it out of the park every grow!

Starting with big yielding genetics will certainly give you leverage when it comes to harvest time. We have a massive portfolio of genetics we have obtained over a 30-year period. So are happy to say the top 10 list we provided here will not only keep commercial growers smiling, they are easy to grow, well suited for a beginner grower.

1. Somango XXL

We start this top 10 list with Somango XXL. A cross of Critical 47 and Somango. She is a large yielding hybrid that with plant training becomes huge. With a flowering time of 8-10 weeks, she is well suited for commercial growers.

Somango XXL reacts well to training such as tying down, topping and pruning. As she is a fast-growing and large-sized plant, be prepared to give her plenty of space to grow, as some plants can grow as tall as 140 cm tall (55 inches).

When it comes to production, this lady is capable of easily producing 650 g/m² (2.1 oz per square foot), and it is advised to support the side branches from falling over with the weight of the buds. 

Her aroma and flavor are tropical, earthy, mango and sweet with a clear effect minded, focused, motivated and high energy.

Discover Nirvana’s Somango XXL feminized seeds.

2. Green Crack

Green Crack is a hybrid of Skunk #1 and Afghani, resulting in a large yielding, easy to grow hybrid perfect for a beginner grower. She produces thick golf ball sized buds that are hard to squeeze, making her a prolific yielding variety.

She does not require much maintenance and can take large amounts of nutrients, packing on the pound late into flower. Plants can grow as tall as 120-150 cm (49-59 inches) and with training the final height can easily be reduced. 

Yields of 650 g/m² (2.1 oz per square foot) can be harvested indoors, with a flowering time of 8-9 weeks before plants are ready. An excellent candidate for SOG.

The buds have a tropical, mango, pine and sour aroma and flavor with a blissful, joyful and euphoric high. A great strain for early mornings and inducing creativity levels. 

Discover Nirvana’s Green Crack feminized seeds.

3. Lemon OG Haze

For the Haze lovers out there, we have added OG Lemon Haze to the list. A cross of OG Kush and Lemon Haze that is an epic producer of frosty and pointy buds. 

A sativa dominant hybrid which has a flowering time of 9-11 weeks depending on the phenotype. Lemon OG Haze is one of the best plants you can grow for SCROG, as she is so easy to train.

Yields of 650 g/m² (2.1 oz per square foot) can be achieved indoors, and be prepared to give them plenty of room to grow tall, with some plants growing up to 200 cm (79 inches) tall.

The flavor and aroma of this cultivar is a very bold, citrus with earthy and floral notes. Her effects are electric and will boost creativity, energy and motivation through the roof.

Discover Nirvana’s Lemon OG Haze feminized seeds. 

4. Bubble Kush

Bubble Kush is a large yielding Kush hybrid, made by crossing Bubble Gum and OG Kush. 

The perfect hybrid that is easy to grow, very resilient to heat stress and only requires 8 weeks before plants are ready.

Her structure will be bushy with large internal spacing, making her well adapted to training. Once flowered, expect Bubble Kush plants to stretch as tall as 140 cm (55 inches) in height.

As far as yields go, this girl can produce 600 g/m² (2 oz per square foot), and will need support. The buds will be thumb sized and coated in bright white resin.

The smell and taste of Bubble Kush are gassy, fuel, citrus, spice with a touch of herbs. When smoking, the effects are hard hitting, so ideal for nighttimes.

Discover Nirvana’s Bubble Kush feminized seeds.

5. Grease Monkey

Grease Monkey is a cross from the US which was created using Original Glue and Cookie N Cream. Similar to the Original Glue, she is a massive yielding variety. Incredible resin production and a fast flowering time make Grease Monkey a must-have for anyone who wants heavy harvests.

Plants will require 60 days to flower indoors before they can be harvested, and we recommend this strain for growers who work with a crop rotation every 8-9 weeks indoors. 

Grease Monkey can yield 650 g/m² (2.1 oz per square foot) indoors. She loves to be trained during the vegetative stage and once flowered will grow as tall as 180 cm (70 inches) in height. 

When smoking, the aroma and flavor of Grease Monkey buds is very complex, and a mixture of spicy, cookie dough with overtones of fuel and gas. A real lip licker with an effect that is narcotic, lazy and totally demotivating.

Discover Nirvana’s Grease Monkey feminized seeds.

6. Chemdog

Chemdog is a loud, potent and big yielding variety, that is a cross of OG Kush and Sour Diesel. A very popular, easy to grow strain among connoisseurs and those who enjoy potent Cannabis.

With a short flowering time of 8-9 weeks, she is an excellent choice for commercial scale growers, or anyone new to growing indoors. Some plants can grow as tall 120-150 cm (47-59 inches) tall and can easily be controlled using training techniques.

Yields of 800 g/m² (2.6 oz per square foot) are capable indoors, making Chemdog a massive producer of greasy and dense buds. Plants should be supported early during the flowering stage.

Chemdog has a very bold, powerful and loud chemical, fuel and gas terpene profile, with an effect that is intensely potent and very therapeutic. 

Discover Nirvana’s Chemdog feminized seeds.

7. Skywalker OG

OG Skywalker is a Kush banger that has the yields, potency and outstanding flavor. A cross of Skywalker and OG Kush, that grows huge colas and is perfect for Sea of Green.

Easily one of the most productive Kush hybrids on the market today, with an exceptional resin profile and terpene profile. Indoor growers will find she stays short and stocky, then stretches as tall as 120-150 cm (47-59 inches).

Indoors, yields of 600 g/m² (2 oz per square foot) are possible, with plants requiring between 8-9 weeks depending on the phenotype. She loves a heavy feeding and will reward even a beginner grower with rock-hard fat nugs.

The aroma and flavor of Skywalker OG can be described as pungent, citrus, pine sol, gas with overtones of fuel. The effects are instant, strong and packs a punch and a half! Best for those who love knock out potency. 

Discover Nirvana’s OG Skywalker Kush feminized seeds.

8. Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is a brilliant strain for indoors, as she as the potential to grow into a massive plant. A cross of a South Asian Indica with a Cambodian land race, that requires 10-12 weeks of flowering time.

She will produce long, elongated buds that have a compact and dense quality, which is why she is so sought after by commercial growers. An incredible cultivar for plant training where she can become unbelievably bushy and works superb with SCROG.

Amnesia Haze can produce yields of up to 650 g/m² (2.1 oz per square foot) indoors, and with training or grown using hydroponics, can easily exceed that amount. Plants will finish as tall as 150-180 cm (59-70 inches), so are best suited for those with plenty of indoor space. 

She has a unique citrus, orange and earthy terpene profile, which has a mandarin and lemon dominance. Her effects can keep you in an elevated, happy and blissful state with waves of creativity.

Discover Nirvana’s Amnesia Haze feminized.

9. Green Poison

Green Poison is an indica dominant, fast flowering solid producer. Created by crossing Skunk and Early Skunk together, she can be harvested as quickly as 50 days and possess thumping potency.

Expect plants to stay short, stocky and produce a large amount of side branches and flowering sites. A straightforward to grow and low maintenance strain that can be grown in small spaces, or trained up into a stocky Christmas tree shape. 

Green Poison can produce yields of 650 g/m² (2.1 oz per square foot) and will require between 7-9 weeks depending on the phenotype. Plants will grow as tall as 100-120 cm (39-47 inches).

The flavor and aroma of the buds can be described as tropical, fruity, sour and sweet berry. A complex profile with an effect that will leave you with heavy eyelids and totally relaxed. 

Discover Nirvana’s Green Poison feminized seeds.

10. Ice

We end our top 10 list with Ice, which is a cross of Skunk #1 x Afghani x Northern Lights x Shiva. The result is a monster producer that shows true hybrid vigor and is easy to grow.

Flowering time will take between 8-9 weeks, and plants can become very bushy during the vegetative stage. We strongly recommend Ice to first time growers as well as commercial scale growers.

Ice is capable of producing yields of 600 g/m² (2 oz per square foot). Plant height will reach 100-120 cm (39-47 inches tall), and it is advised to apply training during 18/6 and prune to get the ultimate yields.

The flavor and aroma of Ice can be described as earthy, pine, with menthol and Skunk notes. Her effects are upbeat, happy, blissful and thought inducing, perfect for waking up and daytime. 

Discover Nirvana’s Ice feminized seeds.

Honorable Mentions

These may not have made the Top 10 list, however Original Glue, Candy Kush and Critical are all excellent yielding cultivars.

There is no better confidence booster as a first time, novice or commercial grower than harvesting big, fat, chunky buds that are plastered with resin. Opening your cupboards to an abundance of different curing jars, all labeled and full to the brim, is what makes growing so rewarding.

We hope the strains covered in the top 10 list, as well as the honorable mentions, help you on your way to become a record-breaking growing when it comes to indoor yields.

Stoney Tark

Stoney Tark has been involved with cannabis for over 15 years. During this time, he has become head writer for the long-standing magazine; Soft Secrets, a position he has held for the last ten years, alongside writing for every other main publication.

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