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"Feminized seeds are great and have changed the way that indoor and outdoor growers work. As there is no need to sex the plants before flowering, this allows a grower to maximize their growing space, growing medium, nutrient use and ensure they have the most efficient crop possible. Both Feminized and Autoflower strains are feminized at Nirvana Shop. So should you pick?"

Feminized or Autoflower?

This will depend entirely on your goal as a grower and which is more practical for your next harvest. Feminized seeds have a wide range of benefits, as well as autoflowering strains. Thanks to the diversity of cannabis plants, they can be grown in all circumstances.

Who should buy female seeds?

If you are used to growing with regular seeds, and the idea of throwing away half of the plants every time you switch to 12/12, then feminized cannabis seeds are ideal for you.

Commercial scale growers, who are target-driven, will find feminized seeds to be incredibly practical and beneficial for their operations. First time growers to old school connoisseurs will find female cannabis seeds to be very advantageous.


- All the plants will produce only buds and not male flowers.

- You can fill your grow space with a guaranteed plant count.

- Hydroponic systems can be used totally efficiently.

- There is no waste of electricity, nutrients, growing medium and space.

- It is possible to grow many feminized marijuana seeds at once.

- Feminized seeds offer a much wider range of strains compared to regulars. 

Who should buy autoflowering seeds?

One of the very best things about autoflower seeds, is that they are so versatile, highly resistant and can be grown with amazing results by beginner or expert growers!

We advise autos to indoor or outdoors growers, anyone who suffers in hot or colder climates, and outdoor farmers who can plant all year long with ease. 


- Perfect for beginner and entry-level growers.

- Low maintenance and easy to grow.

- Exceptionally resilient to all types of outdoor weather.

- Well suited for a sunny terrace or private balcony.

- Autos can be easily hidden and camouflaged outdoors.

- Some species can flower rapidly.

Stoney Tark

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