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"Everybody starts out as a beginner, and it is one of the most exciting times, taking your first steps on the long road of becoming a grower. Easy to grow marijuana seeds will make life simple and allow you to learn about the plants in great detail. These strains will require the least amount of skill and experience and will produce wonderful results indoor or outdoor."

Which are the best marijuana seeds for beginners?

We recommend White Widow, Grease Monkey and Chem Dog for beginner growers.

Apart from certain long flowering, and challenging sativa dominant cultivars, we think that many of our seeds are perfect for beginner growers. We are proud to offer a multitude of indica, sativa and hybrid strains that will all produce impressive results for beginner and expert cultivators.

Are cannabis plants easy to grow?

Some are easier than others, and will depend on the genetics of the seeds. The growth structure and how tall or bushy plants become will determine how much maintenance or plant training should be applied. We explain in all our product descriptions if the cultivar is suited for beginners or better for those with previous experience. 

What is the easiest strain to grow indoors?

For an indoor grow we recommend Northern Lights Auto, Blue Cheese Auto and Blue Dream Fem. 

In general, indica dominant or hybrid strains are the best options for beginners. This is because of their medium height appearance and easy to control canopy once flowering is under way. Sativa dominant plants will be the most challenging compared to indica, and will also demand a longer flowering time, root to grow, nutrients and maintaining. 

What is the easiest strain to grow outdoors?

For outdoor cultivation, we recommend Northern Lights Fem, Durban Poison Fem and Aurora Indica Auto.

On the basis that you have the right climate, we recommend growing a fast flowering variety that can finish within 7–9 weeks. Generally, an easy to grow and low maintenance cultivar is always best combined with a high resilience to pathogens such as mold and powdery mildew. We offer a wide variety of fast flowering and highly resistant plants, perfect for any beginner grower working outdoors. 

Is it better to buy autoflower or feminized seeds?

They are both as good as each other in their own special ways, and it depends on which one is more practical for you! If you are a first-time grower, we advise buying autoflower seeds. Autoflowers can be planted without any photoperiod, meaning they can be planted all year long in a hot climate. Feminized seeds save a grower sexing, throwing away plants and eliminate the risk of pollination.

Who should buy marijuana seeds for beginners? 

If it is your first indoor or outdoor grow, or you have a few under your belt but are still learning the ropes, then beginner entry-level cultivars are an excellent choice. The more you grow, the more familiar you will become with the different plants, and learn about how diverse Cannabis plants are.


- Beginner seeds will not require much hands-on maintenance

- Plants will be easy to control 

- These plants will not stretch much once flowering 

- The grower will learn much about the plant during its lifecycle 

- Great for practicing plant training 

- Typically, easy to grow strains have a fast flowering time

Properties of beginner strains

Sturdy plants
They will basically grow themselves, and as a result, produce tough, sturdy and superbly reliable cannabis plants. There is no concern of being overwhelmed by our beginner seeds. Indoors and outdoors, you can rest assured you have some solid performing plants!

Fast flowering
A fast flowering cultivar will allow a grower to reduce the window in which problems may occur, and will also limit the cost of electricity, nutrients, and labor. This is especially important if you are working on a grand scale.

Easy to maintain
Learning about how indica, sativa and hybrids grow in their environment can take years of practice. The beauty of our beginner seeds is that they are super easy to maintain, can take a heavy feeding, are highly resistant to pathogens, hot and cold climates and require little maintenance.

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