AK-48 Feminized

Nirvana™ Original
Very Positive  107 reviews  - 103 growers recommend this
AK-48 Feminized


5 Seeds per pack



400 - 500 g/m² in SOG

7 - 9 weeks

AK48 Feminized
  • Popular, strong, early finishing strain.
  • Hard buds, exceptional aroma.
  • Indica / Sativa hybrid producing a Sativa high.

AK marijuana strains have been gaining popularity and to understand why feminized seeds are so popular, you should know that only female marijuana plants can help you to get high. When growing AK-48 feminized seeds, you won't have to spend your time removing the male plants, which is an advantage for inexperienced and professional marijuana growers alike.

Our AK-48 is one of the strongest early-finishing strains available anywhere. Although AK-48 is a Cannabis Indica/Sativa hybrid, its effect tends toward the 'high' commonly produced by Sativas. Although most growers will opt for a longer vegetative period to improve taste, under perfect conditions, AK-48 may finish in as few as 48 days.

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GeneticsColombian Gold x Thai x Mexican x Afghani
Plant TypeHybrid
Plant HeightMedium
Average Yield400 - 500 g/m² in SOG
Flowering Period7 - 9 weeks
EffectEuphoric, Relaxed, Happy
FlavorSweet, Earthy, Flowery
MedicalStress, Depression, Insomnia
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Reviews of AK-48 Feminized

Very Positive (107 reviews)
103 growers recommend this
MICHAEL E. 2016-11-12
First grow. Seeds shipped to Texas in about 10 days after payment. Grew 3 seeds. 5 weeks veg, 8 weeks flower. Got a little more than 2 oz from each plant. Nice high. Smell/taste just ok. Pretty satisfied. Wonder Woman is next.
Patrick W. 2016-11-02
I bought these seeds 4 yrs ago but with travel for my job, just kept them in the freezer in some rice in a small tupperware container. I planted 4 seeds in June, 3 came up and I grew these inside 600w HID and HPS Although I did have to have a friend watch them for a few weeks while traveling, (he was not familiar with cannabis cultivation!) I was surprised when I returned and only problem was a little under-watering. I probably could of let them flower a little longer but still got over an ounce out of each plant, very citrus smell after curing. Love the high, cerebral and somewhat uplifting. Definitely recommend this to new growers as this was my first grow!! Learned a lot and am deciding what to plant next!!! Thanks Nirvana!!
Andrew W. 2016-11-30
What a great strain. Plentiful, quick, forgiving. Wonderful for beginners, fun to try and push yield for those more experienced. I'm a indoor dirt guy, I can only imagine what you could do outside or hydro.

AK-48 Feminized

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