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AK-48 Autoflower

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AK-48 Autoflower

The specs


About AK-48 Autoflower

AK-48 is one of our best sellers and this is due to her bountiful THC content, lightning fast harvest, discrete smell during flowering, and easy to grow nature.

AK-48’s nugs are coated in sticky crystal goodness that leaves a fresh citrus smell on your fingers. But you would have never guessed that because this beauty has a very neutral smell during all grow phases, and with proper ventilation you might get away with not having to use an odor scrubber at all.

AK-48 is all about the perfect cure because this where she develops a lot of her citrus and flowery notes along with retaining that gloriously high THC level. Which brings us the the high. Ak-48 pairs great with your morning coffee, because she’s makes you energetic, exploding with happiness, and will help reduce some of those coffee jitters.

Our tip for this strain: AK-48 is incredibly durable and forgiving, this makes her great for plant training, especially for those that are new to plant training techniques and are unskilled. So here is your chance to chance to try out that new technique you’ve been wanting to try.

What we love about this strain: AK-48 is a perfect all-around, great for beginners, and those that like a hands-off growing experience. She has absurdly durable, has a fast seed to harvest period, stays short and gives a plentiful yield.

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GeneticsAK-48 x Top 44 x Early Special
Plant typePredominantly Indica
Sex TypeFemale
Average Yield300 - 400 g/m² in SOG
Seed to harvest11 - 13 weeks
Grow DifficultyEasy

Customer experience


  • Euphoric
  • Relaxed
  • Happy


  • Sweet
  • Earthy
  • Flowery

Medical use

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Insomnia

Reviews of AK-48 Autoflower

Positive (40 reviews)
34 growers recommend this



I have grown three grows of this Auto Flower now and they are very consistent, picture perfect looking when fully left to maturity. But you have to hold off on the harvest until its hairs are nice and golden. The Tricomes cloudy with some ambers showing in there. Its hard to wait, I know, But its well worth it. Most of the plants are around 2 feet, with 10-15 tops. If feeding correctly 2-3 oz per, with and occasional 4 footer loaded with 30 tops, 6-8 oz of big beauties.

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AK-48 ReviewI’ve been spending several hundred buks a month on my smoke & I decided I wanted to grow my own. Especially now that California has legalized recreational use. A few buddies and I grew in greenhouses in the 80’s and I have some great memories of those times. So I sent in a 100 buks cash to Nirvana for 25 AK-48 regular seeds, they sent me 30, and soon (about 3 weeks later) early August I started 10 seeds. 7 seeds came up but only 3 were fems, I’ve since purchased a warming mat to better those odds. My seeds from Nirvana looked small & had some lighter colored ones in the batch and I believe they were a bit immature. However after a weak start these 7 plants came up strong, very fast growing and deep green color with huge leaves, even the male plants were gorgeous. I used 7 and 10 gal grow bags. Along with Miracle grow soil, I mixed in worm castings and bat guano & also live worms. I also purchased some clones from a local grower to grow alongside my AK’s. Then I got some 600 and 300 watt LED lights and started growing in my 10’/10’ back yard shed. Fast forward a couple of months and I now have this shed full of 5’ tall mama’s with the stankiest, frosted buds forming. The clones are doing awesome, but holy THC gods, these AK 48’s are getting huge nugs and the strong smell of exotic fruit is orgasmic. They are also fast forming, way ahead of the clones. I’m just starting the 7th week of flower and I estimate another 2-3 weeks and a few additional weeks for the clones. This is a winter grow and as soon as these are harvested I got another batch of AK’s seedlings and some Misty Kush coming up to rotate behind them & ready by spring. I also just ordered 5 AK-48 autos. My plan is to plant them early spring outdoors and have a crop of this early auto flower dank shit by mid-summer while waiting for the outdoor crop of regular AK-48’s and Misty Kush’s to ripen by Oct. This experience of growing has been extremely fun and exciting. But then, the waiting is torture. I’ve been sampling the goodies, still a bit green but already some potent shit. I applied some AK-48 male pollen to the lower branches of all my plants and this morning found 8 seeds in one of the clone samples. It will be fun to grow these and name the new strain. I just ordered 5 Blue Dream feminized and 5 Blueberry Kush Auto fems. I needed a hobby and growing cannabis is perfect, the whole experience is awesome and the feelings of pride and accomplishment is off the charts. Let’s grow. Rando



Received in record time! 9 days to the South Eastern US. I just germinated 1 so far, never gotten a bad seed from these guys yet. Looking forward to the grow.

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