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5 Marijuana seeds

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Somango XXL Feminized

The specs



Somango XXL is the indica-dominate strain that you grow when you want a nice compact and easy to grow indica plant, but prefer to have a sativa high.

She is definitely a weird kid because the cross of the original Somango with a Critical 47 created one super unique strain. First, she is only 25% sativa, but that 25% plays a huge role in with the high. Unlike a lot of indica’s, you don’t feel sluggish or weighed down after smoking. What happens instead is a wealth of creativity and cerebral thoughts enter into your mind creating a rather uplifting high.

This high, of course, plays well with the lively mango and floral flavor, and with just a touch of earthiness she mellows out the bright high notes that many complain about when smoking fruit-flavored strains. This makes her perfect for repeated uses.  She commonly delivers a plentiful yield (575 grams indoors and 600 grams outdoors).

Our tip for this strain: Expect a very compact and dense plant with a lot of foliage that you’ll want to address in late veg and pre-flowering. She’s great for beginners as long as they are comfortable with removing leaves or lollipopping. A plus about the abundance of leaves is she’s a great plant to learn leaf removal techniques on. This is something every grower will need to learn how to do.

What we love about this strain: She does well growing outside and can be twice as tall compared to her brothers and sisters indoors. Outside growers can expect a plant around 200 centimeters. Her short stature and easy to grow nature when growing indoors makes her great for beginners. With the ability to grow twice as tall outside, she makes for a very malleable plant that seasoned pros can really take advantage of for a rather large yield.

Quote from a customer: “Somango strain is growing beautiful. It has a nice smell to it once it goes into flower, highly recommend this strain.” - Nicholas C.

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Geneticssomango x critical 47
Plant typePredominantly Indica
Sex TypeFemale
CultivationIndoor as well as Outdoor, Indoor
Average Yield550 - 650 g/m² in SOG
Flowering Period8 - 10 weeks
Grow DifficultyEasy

Customer experience


  • Relaxed
  • Happy
  • Uplifted


  • Mango
  • Earthy
  • Sweet

Medical use

  • Pain
  • Stress
  • Insomnia


★★★★25 reviews

By Brent y. posted on 2019-10-07 ★★★★★

Quick shipping. 100% propagation. Super easy grow with amazing plant health. SOG w/ 400w broad spectrum led. 20/4 light. Miracle grow soil w/ Flower Fuel 1-34-32 added to natural granite spring water for 7 wks. Then just the spring water to finish flowering. Great smoke. Smooth and powerful.

By mark c. posted on 2019-10-04 ★★★★★

Just started another seed after 18 months and it popped with no issues what so ever. First plant I grew was stressed out from my cooling system that blew a circuit during the hot summer. I didn’t catch it until 2 days later. Plants were in late flower and a matter of 3 weeks before harvest. Buds were still nice size but the potency was shot due to the temps getting to 98-102 degrees in the tent. I will keep you posted on my second attempt. I never had an issue popping seeds from Nervana after 18 months sitting on a shelf in my basement. My advice to people having problems popping seeds is stop reading crap online. Just put them in moist paper towels in a sealed container at room temperature. It’s a weed and doesn’t take a rocket scientist to pop them. My seeds were purchased on1/ 2/18 and I’m still popping them to this very day.

By Ken W. posted on 2019-09-07 ★★★★★

Great grow! She gets leggy during the stretch. Love the smell! Takes topping, LST and nutrients very well. Very easy to grow. Gets covered in Tricomes. Beautiful buds but light and airy. Not as dense as I expected. I flowered for 9 weeks. Should have went 10 or more.

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