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Girl Scout Cookies


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Girl Scout Cookies Feminized

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Girl Scout Cookies Feminized

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About Girl Scout Cookies Feminized

It’s hard to imagine anything as tasty and amazing as a real girl scout cookie. I guess that’s why this lovely lady is one of the most famous and popular strains in the world because she is simply legendary.

It’s only perfect that this cannabis strain shares a name with some of the most universally loved cookies as it’s basically impossible to find someone that doesn’t love this strain as well. And like the cookies, she’s sells out of dispensaries fast making you only want to toke it up more.  

Her pungent blend of sweetness and earthy notes are delicious of course, but the real reason she’s the winner of an ungodly amount of awards lies in her high. She sends you off on a rocket ship of euphoria with full-body relaxation that does not prevent movement or couch-locks you. Which is good because you’ll be budding with creativity after this. You’re also probably going to want to have some actual cookies laying around too, because munchies are common with her.

Our tip for this strain: Girl Scout Cookies is notorious for her high THC content, so make sure take this strain slowly if you don’t smoke a lot. She can definitely overwhelm you fast. Great for session smokers that feel like they can’t get as high as they used to.

What we love about this strain: A pure classic. There’s nothing better than taking a puff and picking up a musical instrument and creating a hit tune, and this is the strain for that!

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GeneticsOG Kush x Durban Poison
Plant typeHybrid
Sex TypeFemale
CultivationIndoor as well as Outdoor
Average Yield400 - 500 g/m² in SOG
Flowering Period7 - 9 weeks
Grow DifficultyEasy

Customer experience


  • Happy
  • Relaxed
  • Euphoric


  • Sweet
  • Earthy
  • Pungent

Medical use

  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Pain

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