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Big Bud Autoflower

  • Heavy yielder, fast grower
  • Relaxing, euphoric high
  • Short, ideal for small spaces

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Nirvana's Big Bud Autoflower seeds

You can expect monster yields of old school funk from this autoflowering hybrid. Created for maximum production and resilience, Big Bud Autoflower seeds guarantee huge harvests every time, meaning she is the best for commercial growers who need short flowering times and commercial scale harvests. Not only can she be planted multiple times per year outdoors, she is an excellent producer and extremely quick auto strain.

Big Bud is a true pedigree that will not let you down! Outdoors, she is capable of yielding enormous amounts and will not suffer with mold due to her environmental resistance. Thanks to her autoflowering ability, it is possible to harvest up to 4 times per year outdoors.

An old school blast from the past with an extremely high resilience to cold and hot weather and an effortless to grow autoflowering strain that every cash cropper needs in their vault.


This strain carried forward all the most desirable traits from her parents. Meaning she is highly resilient to cold and hot climates, grows in 8 to 9 weeks and is unbelievably productive.

Indoors and outdoors, she can yield enormous amounts of fat buds, which makes Big Bud Autoflower one of the most lucrative autoflowering strains available. An easy to grow and maintain cultivar who keeps a low profile and a wise choice for any stealth garden.


This old school hybrid will grow with thick branches and quickly fill out your grow space. Big Bud Autoflower reacts very well to plant training, which we advise to take your yields to the next level.

As the name suggests, she will grow nothing but big buds at every internode. Her calyx to leaf ratio is very high, making her a breeze to trim. The characteristics of the flowers will have a clear old school look with calyx stacking up surrounded by bright orange hairs.


Outdoors, she is a phenomenal cultivar that will produce incredible results for even the first time grower. Her final height once mature will be around 90 cm (35 inches), making this hybrid a medium-sized plant that is ideal for terraces, balconies, or a private back garden.

Thanks to her autoflowering traits, the auto Big Bud can be harvested every 60-65 days, and for best results we advise planting from June until August.

Fungal resistance

A very tough, resilient autoflower, perfect for challenging climates. She will produce thick and dense buds with a high resistance to mold. Well recommended for hot climates as well.

Flowering time


Under HID lighting, Big Bud Autoflower will require 56-65 days from seed until harvest. It is to best to keep the plants growing under 12 or 18 hours of light for the entire lifecycle.


Depending on the climate and where you live, flowering time outdoors can be as quick as 56 days, with some plants requiring 63 days. It is well recommended to plant in a Sea of Green set up, as plants will grow exceptionally uniform.



Indoors, she can yield up to 500 g/m² (17.5 oz per square foot), making her a highly productive autoflowering strain. She also has a very fast turnaround time, making her a wise choice for growers wanting large-scale harvests in a short time.


Outdoors, this autoflower version of Big Bud can produce between 120 grams (4 oz) per plant. Depending on the climate, pot size and nutrients.

Plant height & structure

She will grow short and stocky, with a wide and bushy profile. Similar to a small-sized Christmas tree that has long side branches.

Her final height on average will be around 90 cm (35 inches) and will produce compact and frosty buds from top to bottom.


It is advised to tie some side branches down during the first 4 weeks from planting, to allow more light and air to enter the canopy. This will also improve yields and keep the stretch to a minimum.

Besides, she is a straightforward to trim cultivar that has a very high ratio of buds to leaf.

Smell, taste, and effect

Her aroma when flowering will be more floral than pungent, so is a great choice for growers who require low profile varieties. A dried flower has a floral smoothness that is very earthy with a touch of musk and sweetness.

Big Bud Autoflower has a vintage flavor that will take some old school growers back. A mix of earthy, sweet with a floral funk background that will have you licking your lips after every toke of a joint.

The effects are very relaxing, dreamy, and pleasant. This strain is fairly potent, so is well recommended for relaxing and evening times. Overtime, she can have a heavy body effect, making her a great choice to unwind in front of the TV watching a box set, or for chilling out after a long day at work. A wonderful reflection of Skunk genetics at their finest.

Buy Big Bud Auto seeds at Nirvana Shop

Big Bud Autoflower is a dream strain for fans of autos, Skunk strains and big yields! Super fat flowering, exceptionally resilient and the ultimate beginner growers strain.

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Genetics Big Bud x Ruderalis
Plant type Mostly Indica
Sex Type Female
Cultivation In & Outdoor Indoor
Climate Hot and Cold
Plant height Average
Average Yield 400 - 500 g/m²
Seed to harvest 8 - 9 weeks
Seeds per pack 5
Product Type Seeds
Seed Type Autoflower
THC Medium
Effect Euphoric Relaxed Sleepy
Flavor Earthy Flowery Sweet
Helps with Depression Insomnia Stress
Grow Difficulty Easy
THC value 13% - 17%
CBD value 0.1% - 1%
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Verified Purchaser

Easy to grow

Easy to grow very forgiving plant for begginers. Great producer.

Verified Purchaser

Good buy

All germinated and produced good plants

Verified Purchaser

Favorite strain

Iv had good results with this strain, a good feeling after smoking too

Verified Purchaser


Five stars.

Verified Purchaser

Real big

Me thinking the smoke was going to be less potent then others but real good smoke and u know it's easy to grow