White Widow Autoflower

  • Resilient Growth
  • Balanced effects
  • High THC Content

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Nirvana's White Widow Autoflower seeds

White Widow Autoflower seeds are ideal for beginner growers and a magnificent strain for making extracts. Caked in a snowy white resin, this old-school gem made modern is easy to grow and comes with a blistering, euphoric cerebral high that is perfect for the modern-day philosopher and creative type.

After crossing White Widow with Northern Lights Automatic, the result is a predominantly Indica with a stocky appearance. Grow time will vary between 11 and 12 weeks depending on phenotypes, and she will display a ridiculous amount of resin.

First time and beginner growers will get excellent results both indoors and outdoors with this auto-flowering cultivar. A must-have for hash makers due to the large-sized trichomes and excessive sugar leaf she produces, giving her the name.

Find out for yourself why she took Amsterdam by storm and is revered as the Queen of Cannabis strains.


White Widow Autoflowering is an easy to grow strain, thanks to her indica heritage this girl will remain low profile. When grown closely together, she is capable of producing 450 g/m² (1.5 oz per square foot), making her a large autoflowering producer of super frosty nugs. She is one of the original and best strains to ever be made into an auto-flowering, and super-reliable strains for all types of weather.


This girl is easy to trim and produces plenty of top-shelf sugar trim. A short-sized autoflower that requires little maintenance and is a very reliable plant. Her aroma is earthy, spiced, and not as aromatic as some other varieties, making her an excellent candidate for growers who want a good low-profile plant.


A superb strain to be grown in small-sized pots as a Sea of Green. Thanks to her fast flowering time of 11-12 weeks, White Widow autoflowering can be planted outdoors multiple times per year, with the best results occurring from May-August time.

Fungal resistance

Like many other members of the white family, they are highly resilient to hot and cold weather, and have a strong defense against pathogens such as powdery mildew or mold.

Flowering time


Plants will be ready to harvest from seed after 77-84 days, with most plants finishing around 80 days. As these seeds are autoflowering, there is no need to change the light cycle, and we advise to flower under either 12 or 18 hours of light.


Depending on when the White Widow Autoflower seeds are planted and the climate, most plants will be ready from seed to harvest in 80 days. Growers who experience short summers will get great results with this auto-flowering cultivar.



Grown under HID lighting, it is possible to harvest up to 450 g/m² (1.5 oz per square foot) when grown organically.


Outdoors in a hot climate, Autoflower White Widow thrives and will perform the best. Under the best circumstances, she can produce 120 grams (4 oz per plant), making her a great choice for commercial growers looking for large harvests.

Plant height & structure

She will grow with one main central cola and medium-sized side branches. The structure is very open with a good amount of internodal spacing, allowing for a good flow of air. Plants will grow around 90-120 cm (35-47 inches) tall and will require very little maintenance once flowering starts from the end of week 3.


White Widow Autoflower will grow with an open structure that allows plenty of light to the lowest branches. She is an excellent performer without training, however we advise tying her down after week 3 to reduce the final height if you want stealth plants.

Smell, taste and effect

Her aroma is bold, distinct, and very earthy. There are notes of spice and pepper with a floral edge. When smoking, there is a fruity aftertaste that follows, which gives the flower even more of a complex old school profile.

The effects of White Widow Autoflowering are rejuvenating, uplifting, mentally buzzed with a euphoric edge. She is not too racy and will leave you in a state of deep thought and focus, with gentle physical effect. The ultimate strain for wiping away the cobwebs and getting your mind running in fifth gear.

An ideal hybrid for creative individuals, musicians, artists, writers, enjoying in nature on a long walk and social scenarios. A joint of White Widow Feminized with a cup of coffee in the morning is certainly one way to stimulate the mind and body, leaving you feeling refreshed and energized for a busy day ahead. THC levels will range from 14-18%, making her a medium potent strain ideal for morning until nighttime use.

Buy White Widow Autoflowering seeds at Nirvana Shop

Rich old-school flavors that have been a favorite among many Dutch smokers once upon a time. Now is your chance to see what all the hype was about almost 30 years ago! Buy your White Widow Auto-flowering seeds today at the Nirvana Shop seed bank and receive fast delivery and discreet shipping.


Genetics White Widow x Northern Lights Automatic
Plant type Mostly Indica
Sex Type Female
Cultivation Indoor
Climate Hot
Plant height Tall
Average Yield 350 - 450 g/m²
Seed to harvest 11 - 12 weeks
White Strain Yes
Seeds per pack 5
Product Type Seeds
Seed Type Autoflower
THC Medium
Effect Happy Relaxed Uplifted
Flavor Earthy Pungent Woody
Helps with Depression Pain Stress
Grow Difficulty Easy
THC value 14% - 18%
CBD value 0.1% - 1%
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Verified Purchaser


They call it White Widow because after 3 hits, you're going to want to clean your house. :-D

Verified Purchaser


Not a heavy producer if compared to photo periods but for an auto it produces potent top shelf quality nugs. Good average yield for an auto . Would definitely recommend

Verified Purchaser

Good strain

Not my favorite but decent taste

Verified Purchaser

Excellent for outdoors

a good summer strain. 12 wks from seed to harvest.. QP per plant,,good White Widow effect but slightly more on Indica side.. beloved by all ppl... Will do late grow in July, I don't use nutes until 3 wks after flower.... All you do is set it & forget it....
I recommend this strain to all,, Preist, Police officers, Judges, PO's & CO's, Prosecutors & Customs....

Verified Purchaser

Good for an auto

A good auto version of widow