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Mango Kush Feminized

  • Great flowering time
  • Relaxing, happy effects
  • Mango and earthy flavor

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Nirvana's Mango Kush Feminized seeds

Purveyors of Kush strains will add this hybrid to their vault, as she delivers when it comes to bag appeal, aroma, flavor and how easy she is to grow and maintain. Beautiful fruity and Kush tastes make Mango Kush Feminized an excellent way for Kush lovers to kick-start their day.

A hybrid that has a beautiful Kush flavor with a mixture of mango, banana, and pineapple. With Mango Kush seeds, you grow an easy to grow strain that will take between 9-11 weeks with a THC level of 16%-19%, making Mango Kush Feminized a magnificent choice for smokers who don’t want extremely potent desired effects.

She does not have the typical gas, citrus and fuel terpene profile most Kush hybrids have, and is far less devastating in terms of potency. However, is a superb representation of hybrid vigor and won’t disappoint purveyors of OG Kush crosses.


Mango Kush is created by crossing OG Kush with Mango. The result is an indica dominant hybrid that remains medium height, and will produce thick, compact buds with short internodal spacing.

We managed to keep the best traits of both strains, so expect the rich Kush flavor with a unique blend of mango fruit to come through with this hybrid.

She will grow taller than most Kush hybrids and is a very productive cultivar, and produces a massive amount of sugar leaf ideal for hash makers and extract artists.


Once flowering begins, she will start to frost up very quickly, revealing her electric orange pistils. Flowering time will take 63-77 days before harvesting, where she will grow with a thick and compact appearance.

Her buds are hard to squeeze with a strong biomass, and are all coated in trichomes. A wonderfully fragrant strain that will have your mouth watering upon every time you enter the grow room.


Outdoors, Mango Kush Feminized will display her mixture of indica and sativa genetics, and grow tall and bushy. It is a good idea to add support for the lanky and heavy side branches once flowering begins. We advise planting outdoors in Spring, with a harvest date at the end of October.

Fungal resistance

Thanks to her indica dominance, she will naturally have high resistance to cold and wet weather, making her a perfect choice for growing outdoors. Mango Kush Feminized will also be able to withstand strong winds and hot dry periods.

Flowering time


Depending on phenotype, plants will be ready to harvest after 60-77 days of flowering, with the Mango dominant ones taking longest. Mango Kush is a heavy feeding strain that like a high E.C. so enjoys lots of nutrients with no problems.


Outdoors, Mango Kush Feminized does require a full 70-80 days to be fully mature with the complete terpene and cannabinoid profile. This hybrid will take longer than most Kush crosses, but is well worth the wait!



We advise growing Mango Kush Feminized closely together in a Sea of Green, where she is capable of producing 500 g/m² (1.6 oz per square foot).


Outdoors, she can grow quite tall, exceeding 180 cm (70 inches). She will reward you with massive buds of top shelf quality, that range from 1000+ grams (35.5 oz) per plant.

Plant height & structure

Thanks to her indica and sativa heritage, this girl will grow medium height with a squat structure, making her great for small indoor spaces and growers with limited space.

Once flowered, plants will grow as tall as 150 cm (59 inches), producing one main central cola with plenty of side branching.


Plant training can really take this lady to the next level before flowering. She reacts very well to Topping and LST allowing the height and canopy to be easily controlled and maintained.

We advise tying down to open the top canopy up, and to also prune a week prior to switching your timers over to 12/12. SCROG is an excellent way to get the most out of your grow space with easily achieved epic yields.

Smell, taste and effect

The effects are deeply relaxing and pleasant without being too overpowering for a Kush. She will keep your mind buzzed whilst you enjoy a soothing, therapeutic body high that will keep you at ease all day.

Smokers who find O.G hybrids to be too strong, will really enjoy Mango Kush Feminized and will be able to smoke all night without the droopy and heavy eyelids and heavy bodied effect.

Thanks to her fruity, tropical flavor and highly enjoyable effect, we recommend this strain to smokers who want to enjoy long-lasting Kush flavors with an added fruity funk with a less heavy physical experience. Perfect for a sunny day out, walks in nature, socializing with friends, or getting stuck into a good book or box set.

Buy Mango Kush Feminized seeds at Nirvana Shop

If you love fruity bold flavors, combined with the classic OG Kush citrus kick and want something that won’t blow your head off unlike most OG Kushes. Buy your Mango Kush marijuana seeds today at the Nirvana Shop seed bank and receive fast delivery and discreet shipping.


Genetics Mango x OG Kush
Plant type Mostly Indica
Sex Type Female
Cultivation In & Outdoor
Climate Hot and Cold
Plant height Short
Average Yield 400 - 500 g/m²
Flowering Period 9 - 11 weeks
Seeds per pack 5
Product Type Seeds
Seed Type Feminized
THC Medium
Effect Euphoric Happy Relaxed
Flavor Herbal Pine Spicey
Helps with Anxiety Depression Stress
Grow Difficulty Medium
Label USA Strains
THC value 16% - 19%
CBD value 0.1% - 1%
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Verified Purchaser

Top Notch

another killer strain from Nirvana... Grew indoors, then re-vegged & put outdoors in ground... Nice fat nuggs wit tropical scent.... easy to grow... Gotta hav a lil patients due to its 11wk flower time . For the record,, there is a zillion seed banks out there but I stick wit Nirvana.. awesome genetics from Amsterdam,, customer support is awesome & there product puts me in a state of Nirvana..... Need Blue Mystic Fem back on Menu,,lol.


Verified Purchaser

nice fruity buds

if you like fruit salad you'll love the smell of this one . I will keep her around for another run. I like it. :)

Verified Purchaser


5 for 5. Good phenotypes.

Verified Purchaser

Fruity skunky smell AMAZING!

this is my go to head stash I like going between chem dog and Green poision and mango kush, to keep the tolerance at bay a little longer, Its def hits well but some peheno's be creepers where you aint high and the blam you dbl baked lol

Verified Purchaser

Easy grow

4 out of 5 seeds germinated was easy to grow and had tight dense buds that had a fruity aroma. Was very relaxing to smoke.