Exodus Cheese Feminized

  • High yielding, fast flowering
  • Euphoric, cerebral high
  • Skunky, cheesy taste

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Nirvana's Exodus Cheese Feminized seeds

A wise choice for beginner growers, and flavor chasers worldwide. Exodus Cheese seeds work incredibly well when grown in a Sea of Green, and thanks to her tremendous levels of resilience to pathogens and disease are well suited for all climates. A very productive hybrid that can take a high amount of nutrients and produce impressive yields in as quick as 7-8 weeks. We strongly recommend this strain to commercial scale growers and anyone working off an 8-week crop rotation.

Exodus Cheese Feminized is an extremely pungent strain with phenomenal loud terpenes. As the name suggests, this rock solid performer will have a special, skunky, soapy, buttery and creamy flavor and aroma.

She produces super tight and dense buds that are exceptionally sticky, with THC levels testing as high as 19%. An excellent choice for growers with limited height thanks to her short and squat growth structure.


Exodus Cheese is an ideal starting point for anyone new to growing cannabis indoors or outdoors. During the vegetative stage, she will express her equal balance of indica and sativa lineage, and will grow short but bushy plants. Some phenotypes can finish within 50 days and produce abundant harvests. Make sure you have your carbon filter working overtime when flowering this cultivar.


A wonderful strain for working in small spaces and anyone limited with height. Exodus Cheese Feminized plants are light hungry, meaning they will grow fast, and can drink plenty of nutrients. Once plants begin flowering, the stretch is very little, and most plants will finish around 90 cm (35 inches) high.


Outdoors, she stays short and keeps a stealth and low profile, making her a good choice for those who want a discreet plant. Internodal spacing will not be as tight as indica dominant cultivars, so it is possible to apply training whilst the plants are still in a vegetative state. When grown in a greenhouse or poly tunnel in small-sized pots and closely together, Exodus Cheese Feminized will produce very uniform plants, perfect for Sea of Green setups.

Fungal resistance

She is a tough and study hybrid that has the best traits from Skunk lines, making her highly resilient to cold weather, heat stress, drought conditions, cold nighttime temperatures and high amounts of nutrients. A must-have for anyone who faces challenging weather and short Summers.

Flowering time


One of the very best things about Exodus Cheese, and why she is so popular in the UK, is down to how reliable and fast she is. Within 50-56 days under HID lighting, plants can be harvested with excellent results even for the entry-level grower.


Depending on the climate, flowering time will vary from 7-8 weeks. It is best to plant in Spring and harvest at the end of September or early October. Exodus Cheese Feminized is fast flowering and absolutely thrive in a hot climate such as California or the Mediterranean.



Yields of 800 g/m² (2.6 oz per square foot) can easily be achieved when grown indoors. A truly productive plant for such a short flowering time.


When planted outdoors, growers can expect to yield 800 grams (28 oz) per plant under the right circumstances. With plant training, it is possible to enhance yields even further.

Plant height & structure

When growing, this lady will express a mild indica dominance and produce medium-sized plants that will finish between 80-90 cm (31-35 inches) in height. The width is similar, causing the plants to have a wide, bushy appearance with thick side branches and a huge main stem.


We recommend topping the plants during the first 4 weeks of the vegetative stage. This will cause plants to produce many more primary shoots and increase yields more.

Smell, taste, and effect

Exodus Cheese has a very particular terpene profile that can be described as skunky, nutty, buttery, creamy, dank with pungent and sweet and soapy overtones. The aroma is intense, and a small bud has the power to stink a room out in no time.

The taste is delightful and is like a mouth wash of skunk, creamy, nutty and butter with a lip licking soapy after-taste. You will be rolling another joint immediately after finishing one, and she is easily one of the most moorish cultivars you can smoke.

Her extracts will blow you away with how refined the terpenes become, making her a special candidate for any aspiring extract artists.

Thanks to her even balance of indica and sativa parents, the effects when smoking are soaring euphoria, combined with an upbeat, happy, feel good and giggly vibe, with a relaxed physical sensation. Well recommended for social scenarios, creative individuals and enjoying time out in nature on the beach or on a long hike.

Be warned though, the aroma of the buds is unbelievably strong and should be triple bagged and carried around in an airtight tub!

Buy Exodus Cheese Feminized seeds at Nirvana Shop

The Exodus of Cheese to the UK scene is like the OG Kush for Americans. A household legend and the ultimate entry-level strain for a beginner or expert grower.

Order your Exodus Cheese cannabis seeds today at the Nirvana Shop seed bank and receive fast delivery and discreet shipping.


Genetics Skunk #1
Plant type Hybrid
Sex Type Female
Cultivation In & Outdoor
Climate Hot
Plant height Average
Average Yield 600-800 g/m² in SOG
Flowering Period 7 - 8 weeks
Seeds per pack 5
Product Type Seeds
Seed Type Feminized
THC Medium
Effect Euphoric Happy Relaxed Uplifted
Flavor Earthy Skunk Sweet Woody
Helps with Depression Fatigue Pain Stress
Grow Difficulty Medium
THC value 16% - 19%
CBD value 0.1% - 1%
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Verified Purchaser

Such a amazing plant!

I'm speechless!
I have never had such a smelly and voluminous plant!!! It's amazing how quickly this plant is ready! I will definitely be ordering more of these, just amazing! 5 stars from me.

Verified Purchaser


I grew a couple of these alongside Swiss Cheese, and I felt Swiss Cheese was by far the better strain. The buds weren't as dense as the Swiss, plants were leafier and harder to trim, and plants were smaller. I have a couple more going in to next run, maybe they'll do better, but if you want a Cheese strain, I recommend Nirvana Swiss Cheese

Verified Purchaser

Exodus Cheese

Great strain, not easiest to grow, but rewarding in quality! It took full 10 weeks for all plants to finish. Three finish within 8-9 weeks and they are little smaller compared to later finishing plants.
Smell from this grow was exceptional in any way, buds are hard as rock literally, frosty and full of trichomes. Lovely purple, lilac color are apparent in last weeks off flowering. I think it have good amount off THC percentage. Not so fast in vegetative period but when introduced to flowering it will stretch triple in height so LST and SCROG is a must if you want bigger plants to grow. Got two types off phenotype, but all smell on fruity cheese with tropical notes, very complex terpene profile, can wait to smoke!!?

Exodus Cheese

Verified Purchaser

stinky pheno

nice and stinky !

Verified Purchaser

She's a Keeper

Awesome strain plants looking like medium sized Christmas trees with nice Dank buds and very easy to grow and definitely a keeper to add to your garden Im very impressed how beautiful the buds looking.....