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Sunset Sherbet Feminized

  • Thrives in sunny outdoor conditions
  • Induces a euphoric and uplifting high
  • Produces resinous and aromatic buds

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Nirvana's Sunset Sherbet seeds

For purveyors of the finest flavors that the US has to offer, we present Sunset Sherbet feminized. A cross of the terpene rich Girl Scout Cookies and Pink Panties, this strain created by the Cookie Fam, is a medium-sized plant, which is easy to grow and will require a flowering time of only 8–9 weeks. Sunset Sherbet feminized is a solid yielding variety that will produce tight, frosted buds with the classic Cookie structure.

The terpenes of this cross is what makes her so popular in Europe and the US, and has won countless cups. Sunset Sherbet feminized is the perfect smoke for socializing and keeping well motivated, and due to her prolific resin profile, will be extra rewarding for hash makers and extract artists. With a THC level testing at 24% THC, expect a world-class cultivar that loves to be trained and is a good entry level strain for a beginner.


Sunset Sherbet feminized will grow into a medium-sized plant, which is ideal for short spaces or growers with limited height. She is also a fast flowering variety, with some plants finishing as quickly as 56 days, making her ideal for commercial scale growers who need a fast turnaround time. We recommend this cultivar to beginner level and first time growers, thanks to her low levels of maintenance and high resilience to mold.


Similar to the Girl Scout Cookies, Sunset Sherbet feminized likes to stay small and squat during the vegetative stage, and once flowering will double in height with one main central cola surrounded by long side branches full of buds.

It is a good idea to train plants during 18/6 to increase yields further. The biggest yields it is advised to plant this strain in a SOG set up, as she is ideal for smaller sized spaces or those limited to height.


When growing outdoors, Sunset Sherbet thrives in hot weather and is resistant to heat stress and can endure colder nighttime temperatures well. She is a tough and solid performer in all climates and is well suited for green houses. A great strain for mountainous regions that experience heavy winds and colder nighttime temperatures.

For the best results, we recommend planting your Sunset Sherbet feminized seeds into large sized pots, such as 50–100 liters / 13–26 gallons.

Fungal resistance

Sunset Sherbet feminized can take on all climates and loves a hot tropical climate. She is resilient to mold and mildew, and can be grown in a windy environment with ease. During the colder months, her buds will take on a purple and magenta color, giving her the ultimate bag appeal.

Flowering time


When growing Sunset Sherbet feminized indoors under HID lighting, the flowering time will vary between 56 days to 63 days, depending on the phenotype. She is a light hungry plant and will produce excellent results for a first time grower.


We advise planting Sunset Sherbet feminized seeds at the end of April, with a harvest date around the end of October or first week of November, depending on the climate.



Indoor yields of around 500-600 g/m² / 0.102-0.123 lbs per square foot are easily achievable when growing this cultivar. With training, yields can be enhanced even further.


Outdoors, Sunset Sherbet feminized will grow into a bushy plant that is able to yield up to 800 grams / 1.7 lbs per plant. It is advised to add support to help hold the side branches up once flowering starts.

Plant height & structure

The height of Sunset Sherbet feminized will finish around 120 cm / 47 inches indoors, making her a medium-sized plant, and the final height outdoors will be close to 180 cm / 70 inches.


We recommend applying training techniques such as L.S.T, super cropping and pruning prior to flowering when growing Sunset Sherbet feminized plants.

Smell, taste and effect

The aroma of Sunset Sherbet can be described as earthy, sweet, citrus, berries, sherbert combined with sweet and sour candy. There is a pungent funk to the buds, and when broken open reveal a more earthy and gassy profile with a pronounced citrus edge.

Sunset Sherbet feminized will blow you away with the flavor that she possesses, and when lighting up a joint or blunt. The flavor can be described as a mouth wash of fruit, earthy and gassy terpenes, that express sour overtones and sweet earth. A truly delicious variety that is one of the tastiest strains on the market today.

The effects of Sunset Sherbet feminized will keep you in an elevated and blissful state, with waves of euphoria washing over you. It won’t take long for this strain to have you feeling well motivated and deeply creative, making her a popular choice amongst gamers, writers, musicians and any other artists who love to bring out their inner creative streak.

Buy Sunset Sherbet strain seeds at Nirvana Shop

If you loved Cookies and Pink Panties, then Sunset Sherbet feminized is the next best thing to add to your grow room and seed collection. Her flavors are out of this world and a must-have for an aspiring connoisseur, and hash makers will find this cultivar to be the one that lands you your first ever cup. A world-class and multiple cup winning variety that stands out from the rest!

Order your Sunset Sherbet feminized seeds today at the Nirvana Shop seed bank and receive fast delivery and discreet shipping.


Genetics Girl Scout Cookies x Pink Panties
Plant type Mostly Indica
Sex Type Female
Cultivation In & Outdoor
Climate Hot and Cold
Plant height Average
Average Yield 500 - 600 g/m²
Flowering Period 8 - 9 weeks
White Strain Yes
Seeds per pack 5
Product Type Seeds
Seed Type Feminized
THC High
Effect Energetic Euphoric Uplifted
Flavor Citrus Earthy Sweet
Helps with Anxiety Fatigue Stress
Grow Difficulty Easy
THC value 22% - 24%
CBD value 0.1% - 1%
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