Northern Light Feminized

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Nirvana's Northern Light Feminized seeds.

She is one of the toughest strains on the block and produces excellent results in the worst of climates. Dense, frosty buds that will put you to sleep if you keep coming back. Northern Lights seeds are perfect for beginner growers and commercial growers seeking something superb.

The world-famous indica, notorious for her rock-hard dense buds, immense plant resistance and potency. A short-sized plant that is easy to grow, great for plant training, requires very little maintenance and has a fast flowering time, perfect for commercial growers wanting big yields in a short time. One of Holland’s best performers and the breeding block to most of the modern-day strains.


When it comes to stability, you can rely on this strain, as she is an interbred line. Meaning, she has been back crossed to the point of a pure lineage. Using our Afghani, we were able to create a line that is extremely uniform and homogenous.

Indoors, she grows exceptionally well in a Sea of Green and is one of the toughest strains on the planet, suited for both hot and colder climates.

Thanks to her Afghani heritage, except this lady to grow short and stocky, with a fat main stem. She will grow with a dark green, waxy appearance where she will finish low and not stretch much once flowered. Her internodal spacing will remain short and tightly stacked, meaning when she flowers, her buds will grow into small rock hard nugs filling up the entire branches.

Outdoors, Northern Lights is brilliant at keeping a low profile, thanks to her short and chunky growth structure. Her final height will finish around 80-100 cm / 31-47 inches, and she will not have the most aromatic terpene profile, making her a good choice for stealth growers.

We recommend planting during Spring and thanks to her fast flowering traits, she can be harvested after 50 days of flowering.

Fungal resistance

Easily one of the most resistant plants around and one of the reasons why she is the backbone to so many old school breeding projects.

Flowering time

She is a fast flowering variety well suited for growers who experience challenging climates. Flowering time will take as little as 7 weeks, making her one of the fastest-blooming strains we offer.

We advise growing her closely together in a Sea of Green formation. As she remains low and out of sight, she is well suited for balcony and terraces.

If you plan to grow outdoors, we recommend planting from seed in April and harvesting in early October, depending on the climate. 


Indoor yields of 500 g/m² / 1.6 oz per square foot can be expected. THC will range between 16-20% and her terpene profile is a vintage old school, earthy, spicy, with overtones of fruity and floral fragrances.

Outdoors, she is capable of producing 600 grams / 21 oz per plant. To increase yields further we advise topping, L.S.T. and plating in a large-sized pot.

Plant height & structure

Once flowered, Northern Lights Feminized will stretch to around 100-120 cm / 31-47 inches, keeping a low profile. She will have short and thick side branches that produce thick round buds at every internode. An unbelievably uniform plant ideal for Sea of Green where she can produce incredible results in such a short amount of time.


Northern Lights react very well to being topped and tied down during the vegetative stage. This will open the top canopy more, allowing for a bushy structure and even growing side branches. Avoid topping once flowering has started as this will stunt the plants.

Smell, taste and effect

Northern Light Feminized is a strong strain that has an up-beat, feel good, giggly, and dream-state effect. Smoking her long enough will leave your eyes feeling puffy with a big smile on your face.

She can have a heavy physical effect due to her full-blooded indica heritage, so is best suited for evening times after a long day at work, or when you are putting your feet up and lounging around.

Her flavors are old school and can be described as earthy, spicy, peppery with sweet hash overtones. When smoking a bong or pure joint, the mouth is coated in a hot and spicy earthy essence that is similar to old-school hash.

Buy Feminized Northern Lights strain seeds at Nirvana Shop

There is no school like the old school, and Northern Lights is the headmaster! A wonderful breeding block, rock-solid performer, and old school Dutch gem, that is a must-have!

Buy your Northern Lights marijuana seeds today at the Nirvana Shop seed bank and receive fast delivery and discreet shipping.

Northern Light Grow Report

Strain: Feminized 
Lineage: Afghani IBL
Lighting: Indoor LED
Pot Size: 15 liter
Grow Medium: Canna Coco
Nutrients: Canna A+B, Canna Boost, Cannazyme
Flowering Time: 53 days
Height: 104 cm
Aroma: earthy, citrus, floral, spicy
Bud Structure: tight, dense and bright green buds
THC Results: 16.8% THC

The Vegetative stage - 18/6

We place the Northern Lights feminized seeds in a cup of water and leave overnight. When checking, we see there is a thick bright white tail showing itself, so we take the seeds and transplant them into the 15 liter pots with coco.

As always, we keep the environment consistent and use multiple oscillating fans to keep the air fresh and cool. When checking the hygrometer, the reading says a temperature with the lights on of 25 degrees and a relative humidity of 68.5%.

We are using hydroponic nutrients designed for coco, so start with a solution of 3 ml per liter of nutrients and use Canna A+B and Cannazyme.

Day 28 of the vegetative period and the height and structure of the Northern Lights feminized plants are bushy, and can be measured at a height of 35 cm, with a width of just over 30 cm. The leaf shape is a mixture of indica and sativa and when rubbing the stems of the Northern Lights feminized plants, there is a minty, musky and spicy smell.

Day 40 and we now increase the nutrient solution to 4 ml per liter nutrients of Canna A+B, and Cannazyme, as the plants are looking very healthy, happy with an exotic glow. The structure is very open with small side branches.

The height of the plants can be measured at 49 cm tall, with a bushy profile, so we now tie down the side branches to allow for more light to enter the lower canopy, allowing for large yielding buds. 

The Flowering Stage - 12/12

We change the timers to 12/12 and lower the relative humidity down to 50%. As the Northern Lights feminized plants are thriving and growing very fast, we increase the nutrients to 4 ml per liter nutrients of Canna A+B, Canna Boost and Cannazyme.

Day 14 and the Northern Lights feminized have stretched quite fast and now have taken on a bushy Christmas tree structure. The height has now grown to 96 cm tall, with a width of 103 cm. The LST training has really paid off and allowed for such a bushy shape. 

Day 35 and we check the grow room environment is still at a temperature of 24 degrees Celsius and a relative humidity of 40%. We increased the feed to 5 ml per liter nutrients of Canna A+B, Canna Boost, Cannazyme and are now feeding once a day.

Day 40 of 12/12 and the height of the Northern Lights feminized plants is just over 100 cm, making her a short but large yielding variety. The bud structure is rounded, bulky and has a lime green and bright orange combination. The entire plants are covered in white sugar sized resin. 

We begin the flush on day 41 of the flowering period, and will only provide water for 14 days. 

The plants are chopped down on day 53 after inspecting the maturity of the trichomes, with a final height of 104 cm.

Smoke Report:

Northern Lights feminized is an old school legend that produces tight, frosted buds with a classic Dutch terpene profile to match. The aroma and flavor are very similar and can be described as creamy, spicy, earthy with a hash floral after-taste.

The effects of Northern Lights feminized are fast acting and a well-balanced effect, ideal for social scenarios with friends, and for igniting a creative spark.

Grow Diaries Report

“ This was my first time growing Nirvana Seeds outdoors in Seville. Here, the weather is very hot, and some days can get to 40 degrees. A lot of plants cannot survive here in the mountains where I live, but Northern Light is one of the best for a harsh climate. I grew 9 plants in my homemade greenhouse, and kept them in my own soil and compost we make on the farm. All the plants grow with a fat size and wide structure. Some plants have insect damage on the leaf, but only a small amount, otherwise the girls love the heat and the high humidity. We feed with fresh compost, and worm castings from the worm bin. We give molasses and honey with water. All the plants have fat buds that are very spicy to smell when they are growing. We harvest in late September, and my girlfriend and I are very impressed with the quality. Lots of resin and amazing quality. ”

Manuel-Jose_Seville - Seville, Spain


Genetics Afghani IBL
Plant type Mostly Indica
Sex Type Female
Cultivation In & Outdoor
Climate Hot and Cold
Plant height Short
Average Yield 400 - 500 g/m²
Flowering Period 7 - 9 weeks
White Strain No
Seeds per pack 5
Product Type Seeds
Seed Type Feminized
THC Medium
Effect Euphoric Happy Relaxed
Flavor Earthy Pine Sweet
Helps with Depression Pain Stress
Grow Difficulty Easy
THC value 14% - 19%
CBD value 0.1% - 1%
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Verified Purchaser


My first strain I've ever had and the first one I purchased from nirvana. Really solid genetics on this one . You can see why it is the backbone of so many other strains. Very resilient plant

Verified Purchaser

Gold Standard

I've ordered these so many times over the last 20 years. I'm waiting on more of these right now. The flavor is my fave. No citrus or skunk smells or flavors. More of a sharp ammonia or cat piss scent while flowering with a spicy earthy background. Hashish like flavor can be very expansive and cough inducing. Very easy to grow: don't over water and give plenty of nutrients. Short phenos finish early. Some degree of purple on every plant when it's cold like my garage is.

Verified Purchaser


very good. grow nice & fast

Verified Purchaser


By far one of the best plants I grew. Thick hard solid nugs, with very strong thc and cbd levels, great stanky taste

Verified Purchaser

Indica Classic

Time and again:
One of the most outstanding expressions of Cannabis s. sbsp. i. var. afghanica on the market speaking in terms of stable IBLs with some but nonetheless minor and not irritating phenotypic expressions.
If you're looking for a pure Indica you do not have to look any further than here!
The smoke is so deeply relaxing that it literally renders ailments keeping you from peace and quiet (and falling asleep, for that matter) effectively inert.
Utterly easy to handle in whatever setup, can take a severe beating or three in rainstorms, wasn't even affected by a hailstorm last year, sure enough worth growing, definitely worth collecting and preserving, do not let this one slip through your hands.
Nirvana did a nice job on that one:-)