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Aurora Indica Feminized

  • Relaxing Indica effects
  • Body high and euphoric
  • Resilient and adaptable

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Nirvana's Aurora Indica Feminized seeds

Aurora Indica seeds are straightforward to grow, have short flowering times with a low profile, and through the roof potency. A heavy hitter and one that we recommend for nighttimes only or for smokers with a high tolerance. She is an old school hybrid composed of rock solid and stable lines that go back to the Dutch era of the 1990s.

She remains short and yields rock-hard buds, meaning she is ideal for beginner growers with limited space looking for a fast flowering variety. A wonderful performer in Sea of Green setups where smaller sized plants are grown closely together.

Aurora Indica is a 90% indica dominant hybrid, so be warned it is a real powerhouse when it comes to potency, and is exceptionally resilient to all climates.


By crossing Afghani and Northern Lights together, Aurora Indica inherited the tough resilience and growth structure of her parents. This F1 hybrid will be able to take cold and wet weather meaning she performs impressively in colder climates, however due to the density of the biomass from her buds, be vigilant of mold late into the flowering stage.


Because of her indica dominance, you can expect Aurora Indica to grow with a low profile during the growing phase of 18/6, and when flowered will not stretch much.

Not only does this strain do very well when grown closely together, she is also well recommended for growers with limited height.

Aurora Indica will grow with thick fingered fan leaves with very short internodal spacing and may require some pruning to improve the airflow at the lowest parts of the canopy.


A very reliable strain outdoors that is a great entry-level strain for a beginner grower, who wants the challenge of an indica dominant hybrid.

Her fan leaves outdoors can become large sized and may need removing to help light enter. Once flowering, her main stem becomes massive, and she can take large amounts of nutrients.

In colder climates, the plants will turn purple and produce dark purple buds.

Fungal resistance

Aurora Indica seeds produce very tough and solid performing plants, and thanks to her parental stock, will naturally be resilient to hot and cold weather. Buds can become thick and dense during the final 3 weeks, so check for mold and make sure there is plenty of air around the buds.

Flowering time


Flowering will take between 9-11 weeks depending on phenotype, and during this time we recommend using a dehumidifier to control the humidity levels indoors.

Aurora Indica will produce extremely compact, resin soaked golf ball sized nugs that when trimmed are all uniform and around 5 cm (2 inches) in size.


We recommend planting Aurora Indica seeds at the start of Spring time, with a harvest date around the middle of October. Depending on where you live, flowering time will vary when grown outdoors.



Yields of 550 g/m² (1,8 oz per square foot) can be harvested when grown closely together in a SOG set up. With hydroponic systems, she is capable of producing even more and is a wise choice for hydroponic farmers.


Outdoors, Aurora Indica is well worth the long flowering time, and can produce 650 grams (22 oz) per plant without training. For the biggest yields outdoors, we recommend keeping plants South-facing.

Plant height & structure

Aurora Indica will grow bushy, uniform plants that require little maintenance, meaning this strain is best suited for Sea of Green setups in comparison to SCROG. On average, plants will grow as tall as 80-100 cm (31-39 inches).


It is a good idea to give the lower canopy a prune before flowering starts. This allows the plants to focus on the remaining canopy, and improve airflow.

Removing large-sized fan leaves that are blocking light may also be necessary with some smaller and more compact phenotypes.

Smell, taste, and effect

Aurora Indica Feminized produce aromas that are very bold and earthy, spiced, dank, and pungent, with overtones of pepper and mixed herbal spices. Fans of old school strains will instantly recognize the distinct profile that brings together earthy, floral and spicy terpenes.

Her flavors are intense and much more spicy, earthy with a touch of gas and burnt rubber. She smells and tastes like she is about to knock you over after a few hits of the bong, and she certainly delivers!

Smoking Aurora Indica will have an immediate effect, thanks to her full-blooded indica nature. A heavy couch locking strain, so recommended for evening use to avoid feeling sleepy all day. Her effects will cause eyelids, arms, and legs to become heavy followed by an urge to eat and then to not want to do much after that.

Aurora Indica is a good choice for chilling out at home with friends, taking it super easy, and making sure that you do not have anything important planned or urgent to take care of!

Buy Aurora Indica Feminized seeds at Nirvana Shop

If you enjoy spending your nights glued to the sofa, then we highly recommend Aurora Indica for you. An extremely stable hybrid that will display hybrid vigor and true breeding potential.

Order your Aurora Indica seeds today at the Nirvana Shop seed bank and receive fast delivery and discreet shipping.

Aurora Indica Grow Report

Strain: Aurora Indica Feminized 
Lineage: Afghani X Northern Lights
Lighting: Indoor LED
Pot Size: 7.5 liter pot
Grow Medium: 50% coco and 50% perlite
Nutrients: House and Garden range
Flowering Time: 66 days
Height: 89.5cm at harvest
Aroma: Earthy, pepper, herbal, spice, incense
Bud Structure: frosty golf ball shaped hard buds
THC Results: 17.3% THC

The Vegetative stage - 18/6

We connect the dripper lines upto the 9 pots and plant the feminized seeds inside. The medium is 50% coco with 50% perlite and the nutrient will be recycled back to the reservoir and pot size is 7.5 liter.

All 9 seedlings sprout out after 72 hours with a dark green healthy glow. Every day they will receive 500ml of nutrient solution.

Temperature is 22.7% during the daytime and nighttime with the aid of a heater, staying at 18 degrees Celsius. With 3 oscillating fans in the room, and a humidifier the humidity levels are constantly at the 75% range.

We feed the plants with a pH of 5.5 and slowly build the nutrients by starting them off at 0.8 E.C.

The vegetative time will be 21 days as it is a hydroponics grow.

After 18 days of growing under the LED and being fed at an E.C of 1.0, the Aurora Indica are now 41cm tall and with wide, fat and claw looking fan leaves.

As this hybrid is indica dominant, we take the chance to prune away the large sized fan leaves that may block light and reduce air flow. The internodal spacing is very close and short, which makes this strain ideal for staying low.

The Flowering Stage - 12/12

The timer is changed over to 12/12 and we lower the humidity levels down. The main stems of  are hard wood and thick with short and stocky side branches. 

We decide to also prune the bottom 75% of foliage off the plants to allow for better air flow and so the plants can focus their energy on the top buds. 

There is a strong indica dominance in the room, with all plants having a thick and wide fan leaf with wide fingered blades. After 14 days of stretching the plants have grown to a height of 63cm and the internodal spacing is now between 3-4 inches in height. 

After day 28 of 12/12, the Aurora Indica has an average height of 90cm, and is a short and stocky plant. There are small buds forming at each internode producing a stacked and top heavy appearance. 

The humidity levels now remain as close to 35-40% as possible, to make sure the buds have plenty of air flow around them, to prevent mold. 

The buds are becoming dense and golf ball shaped with smaller leaves protruding out. When smelling the buds there is a pungent, herbal, peppery and earthy aroma that has an eye watering quality. 

Day of 40 of 12/12 and the buds are now rock hard to touch and every side branch has a rock hard structure due to the buds stacking. When ever the buds on a plant are this dense and tight, to avoid mold setting in, we make sure the air flow around the buds is at a maximum. 

The final 2 weeks of flush and we now use only plain water and no nutrients. The plants are beginning to fade colour revealomg purple, red, orange and even black colors on the leaves. 

A very beuatiful hybrid that when shaken from the main stem reveals plenty of weight.

The 9 Aurora Indica plants are harvested at 9.5 weeks (63 days) and left to hang in our dry room for 2 weeks, where they will be hand trimmed. 

Smoke Report:

The buds are round and very tight. When breaking them open they reveal a strong and pungent terpene profile that can be described as earthy and peppery with a hint of rubber. The effects are heavy hitting and we recommend Aurora Indica to those who enjoy potent indica Cannabis. A very therapeutic strain that will give you the munchies and let you sleep like a log.

Grow Diaries Report

“ Hi Nirvana Seeds, I want to let you know about your Aurora Indica feminized…I buy these online and grow them inside a home made grow room in my attic. My room is 3 x 2 metres In Norway there are very cold seasons, so it is important the plant I do have strong fight against cold weather. My lighting set up is  Metal Haliide combined with 2 x 600w HPS. I grow with WIlma 9 pot system and 10 litre pots. This grow uses 100% hydroton. Seedlings stay under 18/6 for 10 days and blooming for 55 days. One plant produce 73g dry and the smallest 65g. I like the hash I make very much and lot of good 73 micron bubble hash. The plants grow to medium height and don’t get tall…”

Andre_93 - (Oslo, Norway)


Genetics Afghani x Northern Lights
Plant type Mostly Indica
Sex Type Female
Cultivation In & Outdoor
Climate Hot and Cold
Plant height Short
Average Yield 400 - 500 g/m²
Flowering Period 9 - 11 weeks
White Strain No
Seeds per pack 5
Product Type Seeds
Seed Type Feminized
THC Medium
Effect Euphoric Happy Relaxed
Flavor Earthy Herbal Pungent
Helps with Insomnia Pain Stress
Grow Difficulty Easy
THC value 14% - 17%
CBD value 0.1% - 1%
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Verified Purchaser


Une plante petite et rapide de floraison donc efficace, j'ai bien aimé à la cultiver à plusieurs reprises

Verified Purchaser

This is good

Grew 1 plant outside with a 4 year old seed. This thing was a monster. It grew 7 feet tall, and a perfect Christmas tree shape, a big beautiful cone. It had to be cut a week early due to an early oct frost. There were just a few trichs that had turned amber, most cloudy and some still clear. It really needed another week. Even so, this giant was powerful, 2x better than the GSC Auto that was grown along side. Nearly 2 lbs of just great bud. This I would certainly do again.

Verified Purchaser

Easy grower

3 out of 5 germination rate so not too bad. Definitely a full blooded indica in terms of effects. Slightly harder nugs then most . Overall would purchase again

Verified Purchaser

Growing Aurora

Sorry this took so long, but didn't grow this one till last summer. This is a great strain to grow indoors or outdoors, I did both. took a cutting from the outdoor plant and grew it inside under a 400 watt solistek MHHPS system. Great results both ways. Just like to say this is a really stoney strain,get ready for couch lock!! Absolutely loved the flavor, reminded me of Afghani hash from the early 70's but with a more floral taste. Very good!

Verified Purchaser

extra week

took a bit longer than other strains outdoor here but worth it