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Skywalker OG Feminized

  • High potency
  • Relaxing and euphoric
  • Resistant to pests and diseases

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Nirvana’s Skywalker OG Feminized seeds

One of the biggest producing Kush hybrids around, and a powerhouse in terms of potency. An extremely loud and pungent terpene profile that will keep connoisseurs of Kush strains licking their lips. Solid fuel, citrus, lemon and dank aromas and flavors make this one a keeper in any grower's garden. Skywalker OG will send you into a galaxy far away!

With Nirvana’s Skywalker OG seeds, you will grow one of the most potent Kush hybrids to be found in all the galaxy. A super loud, gassy, pine, citrus terpene profile that will work your carbon filters overtime and put them to the test!

This knockout artist is easy to grow, a massive producer and will flower in just 8-9 weeks. Prepare for a journey into another realm and dimension, after lighting up a joint of Skywalker OG Feminized.


Created by crossing Skywalker known for its sturdy, easy to grow nature and thick, classic indica bud structure, with the terpene rich OG Kush from the West Coast.

She is more generous than OG Kush crosses and will produce huge colas stacked with bright-green buds. Expect ultimate hybrid vigor with this indica dominant hybrid, perfect for commercial growers looking for large-sized yields of pure dank.


A great choice for growers with limited space, who want an easy to grow hybrid. Once flowered, she will remain medium height, with tightly packed internodal spacing and thick fan leaves.

Skywalker OG Feminized will grow with an indica appearance, meaning that she will stay low and bushy. Her side branches will grow as tall as the main cola, making her a great choice for Sea of Green and keeping plants closely together.


Outdoors, Skywalker OG will grow fast and display a mixture of indica and sativa lineage. During the vegetative stage, plants will keep a short and stocky profile, and may tend to stretch quite aggressively once flowering starts.

Tying down can help control the final height, as some plants may get tall and demand a lot of space.

Fungal resistance

She is a tough strain that will deliver excellent results outdoors, with a high resistance to mold, making her perfect for growers who experience colder climates and shorter summers.

Her buds can become very thick and dense, so be vigilant during the final few weeks of flower production, and do your best to keep air flow around the buds to a maximum.

Flowering time


Indoors she is a fast flowering variety that will require 56-63 days depending on the phenotype, pot size, light intensity and nutrients.


Outdoors, it is best to plant Skywalker OG seeds early Spring time.

Most plants will require 8-9 weeks, with a harvest date outdoors in the first week of October.



She is a very productive strain, producing yields of 600 g/m² (2 oz per square foot).

Supporting her side branches is well recommended once blooming starts, due to her excessive weight, and to avoid plants from tipping over with excessive weight.


Outdoors, she can produce 650 grams (23 oz) per plant when grown in a hot climate.

For the best results, keep plants in a South-facing location.

Plant height & structure

The final height will be 120-150 cm (47-59 inches) tall, so be careful if growing indoors or outside and are limited to space, or be prepared to train the plants.

Skywalker OG will grow taller than most Kush hybrids and will also produce a more bushy profile.


We advise performing LST and Pruning to enhance yields further. With training, she has the potential to become a massive yielding strain that will require support before flowering starts.

Using bamboo canes or a net trellis will help support the extra weight of the buds.

Smell, taste, and effect

Skywalker OG will have you licking your lips, every toke of the joint. Her flavor profile can be described as spicy, herbal, piney, gassy and earthy that will linger in your mouth like a Kush mouthwash followed by a citrus punch. One of the strongest smelling Kush hybrids you will come across with a super moorish aroma.

Be careful when drying her out, as her terpene profile is extremely dank and overwhelmingly pungent.

The effects are powerful, long-lasting and will keep your mind in another galaxy. After smoking a joint, your entire face will feel her physical grip, as it transcends into your legs.

THC levels will range between 18-21%, making her a strong strain that is best suited for smokers with a high tolerance and fans of couch locking Kush goodness.

Highly recommended as a night nurse, and smoking in the day time can put you in a heavy slumber laid out on your couch.

Buy Skywalker OG Feminized seeds at Nirvana Shop

It won’t take long before you feel like you are walking on the sky, with this belting Kush hybrid! Easy to grow, highly aromatic, very generous producer and powerful enough to send you to a galaxy far away.

Order your Skywalker OG seeds today at the Nirvana Shop seed bank and receive fast delivery and discreet shipping.


Genetics Skywalker x OG kush
Plant type Mostly Indica
Sex Type Female
Cultivation In & Outdoor
Climate Hot and Cold
Plant height Average
Average Yield 500 - 600 g/m²
Flowering Period 8 - 9 weeks
Seeds per pack 5
Product Type Seeds
Seed Type Feminized
THC High
Effect Euphoric Happy Relaxed
Flavor Earthy Pungent Sweet
Helps with Depression Pain Stress
Grow Difficulty Medium
Label Only Online Availible
THC value 18% - 21%
CBD value 0.1% - 1%
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Verified Purchaser

You will love it

Skywalker OG was exactly how I hoped for. Smell was phenomenal and flowers were sticky Anytime I’ve had a question or an issue they’ve always handled my concerns promptly.

Verified Purchaser

Lots of sugar!

This one sparkled in the sun

Verified Purchaser


one of my favorit of the og strains

Verified Purchaser

WOW Nice

Good Outdoor plant , very good Profit

Verified Purchaser

Incrediblly potent and energizing

Seeds arrived timely, germinated two, both sprouted. Been doing biz w Nirvana for years - service and genetics rock.

Wife and I just sampled freshly dry bud, uncured. The most incredible buzz - left two of us energized and - amazingly clear headed. It was the euphoria of cannabis without your head getting foggy or feeling burned out on the tail end. Wasn’t the knockout couch lock we had expected. This felt like a good 25% THC - and this was from a whole bud that hadn’t been trimmed yet. So this stuff is potent.

I am curious to see if the buzz changes with curing. I’ve tried maybe 12-15 Nirvana strains over the years. This could become my new favorite. I highly recommend their master kush (excellent for physical ailments), blue dream, and Lemon OG haze (the photoperiod and auto versions) - collectively the best cannabis I’ve had ever, going back more than a few decades.

Back to SWOG, it was super easy grow, 8 wks veg, 8 wks bloom, plants matured around 30”, and stretched moderately during flowering. Buds and surrounding leaves were drenched in trichomes; I doubt I’ll trim those buds at all.

Grew in 5-gal bucket w promix, perlite, vermiculite, osmocote plus fertilizer (makes growing fool proof) and Mars TS3000 LED; yielded about 3-oz on the one plant harvested so far. Remaining plant developed amazing purple foliage.

Plants started getting LED burn 6 wks into bloom and I had to raise my light a good 4”. I’ve noticed this before with other strains, And heres why lights have to go up the last few weeks - cannabis is in late blooms mid-September to mid-October. The sun is lower and the light less intense. The plant has evolved to use that light accordingly. Yes you can overdo it and hurt, not help the plant, and your yield. Try with a few plants in a tent so upyou can compare, and judge for yourself.