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Indica strains

Who should buy indica marijuana seeds?

There are many benefits associated with growing potent indica seeds, and we would advise to indoor growers with limited space, and who also work with Sea of Green setups. Beginner growers will find indica cannabis plants to be the ultimate entry-level starting point, and will have plenty of success applying plant training techniques. Anyone who is growing outdoors and is concerned the climate may be challenging, so demand a highly resilient and fast flowering cultivar.


  • Indica weed seeds grow into very resilient and tough plants
  • Flowering times will range from 7-9 weeks, with most needing 8 weeks
  • The stretch once flowered will be minimal and not cause height issues
  • Indica plants can be grown closely together in a Sea of Green formation
  • Outdoors, they will remain low and easier to hide than a sativa
  • Growers who rotate every 8 weeks will want to work with indica seeds

Properties of indica strains

Small, bushy plants

You can expect indica plants to have very short internodal spacing, and produce a bushy and dense canopy. Perfect for SOG formations and anyone with limited room indoor or outdoors.

Great for indoor

Planting indica marijuana seeds indoors is a great way to control your plants, without them becoming too overwhelming. Indica plants will grow with a uniform and homogenous appearance and an excellent choice for a beginner grower.

Great for training

If you are green fingered and love to be hands-on with your plants, then indica seeds are a wise choice. Unlike aggressively fast and tall growing sativas, indica plants are great candidates for tying down, topping, fimming, super cropping and pruning. All of these plant training techniques will enhance the canopy and increase yields.

Fast flowering time

There are many growers who for years have only worked with fast flowering cannabis plants. Many enjoy rotating their rooms every 7-8 weeks, for the quickest turn around and return on investment. Indica marijuana seeds are a wonderful way to keep the flowering time to a minimum.

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