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Hybrid strains

Who should buy hybrid cannabis seeds?

Hybrid cannabis seeds have helped the cannabis plant evolve and have opened up the gene pool to a whole new dimension. Perhaps you want a shorter flowering time, bigger yields, more resistance or just different flavors and effects. If you want to try something that offers fruity, floral, earthy or fuel terpenes with a well-balanced yet potent effect then hybrid weed seeds are for you.


  • Hybrid marijuana seeds will express the best traits from the parents
  • Potency levels are increased, making a much stronger plant
  • Undesirable traits are bred out, allowing only enhanced traits
  • Hybrids will have a balanced effect that can be enjoyed all day
  • Yields are generally far greater from hybrids

Properties of hybrid strains

Best of both worlds

Thanks to the way that cannabis plants evolve and become better, hybrid weed seeds will enhance only the most desirable traits such as yield, flavor, aroma, and potency. Now you don't need to worry about working with short and stubborn indicas or aggressively fast sativas, and will find hybrid cannabis plants to be the perfect blend!

Solid for indoor and outdoor

As the pinnacle of breeding projects, hybrid marijuana seeds will display excellent stability. This means they are great for indoor or outdoor grows, and will outperform most other indica or sativa plants in the yield, potency, and terpene department.

Mold resistant

One of the things that hybrid seeds inherit from their parents is their ability to fight off pathogens and disease, such as mold. Moreover, outdoors they are genetically programmed to endure heat stress, hot and cold temperatures, wet weather and challenging climates.

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