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Sativa strains

Who should buy Sativa seeds?

Finding out about long flowering sativas the hard way is never fun, so we advise our cannabis sativa seeds to indoor growers who can flower a variety out for up to 13 weeks in some cases. Those well versed in plant training, can anticipate and control the aggressive stretching phase that is typically associated with sativa cannabis plants.

Growing sativas may become highly impractical for less experienced growers indoors. However, we strongly recommend sativa seeds to more experienced growers, who have the benefit of hot Summers and long seasons.


  • Very resistant to heat stress and ideal for high altitude, mountainous locations
  • Resilient to mold and other pathogens such as powdery mildew
  • Massive yields that may take some time, but are well worth the wait
  • The buds will have tropical, fruity, floral and spicy terpenes
  • A unique and electric effect ideal for morning and daytime
  • Sativa’s can be cloned easier than indica and will root quickly

Properties of sativa strains

Tall plants

Sativa plants are notorious for their fat rate of growth during the vegetative stage, and to triple once flowering is induced. Needless to say, without training some plants may grow as tall as 180-275 cm / 72-108 inches tall indoors, and exceed 365 cm / 144 inches when grown outdoors in a tropical climate.

Grow well in hot climates

Sativa’s thrive in a hot climate, such as the Mediterranean or California. Here the seasons are long, and the plants can mature without any issues, producing epic yields of mind-bending buds.

Harder to grow

Before you germinate a pack of our sativa marijuana seeds, remember that sativas are much harder to grow than indica or autoflowering seeds. If you are ready to take on the challenge, then ensure you have plenty of room for the plants to flower.

Long flowering times

Some of our sativa strains can require over 90 days of flowering time. Most will require 11-13 weeks, depending on the genetics and phenotype. So be prepared to be in for the long haul when working with these plants indoors and outdoors!

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