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Beginner seeds

Who should buy marijuana seeds for beginners?

If it is your first indoor or outdoor grow, or you have a few under your belt but are still learning the ropes, then beginner entry-level cultivars are an excellent choice. The more you grow, the more familiar you will become with the different plants, and learn about how diverse Cannabis plants are.


  • Beginner seeds will not require much hands-on maintenance
  • Plants will be easy to control
  • These plants will not stretch much once flowering
  • The grower will learn much about the plant during its lifecycle
  • Great for practicing plant training
  • Typically, easy to grow strains have a fast flowering time

Properties of beginner strains

Sturdy plants

They will basically grow themselves, and as a result produce tough, sturdy and superbly reliable cannabis plants. There is no concern of being overwhelmed by our beginner seeds. Indoors and outdoors, you can rest assured you have some solid performing plants!

Fast flowering

A fast flowering cultivar will allow a grower to reduce the window in which problems may occur, and will also limit the cost of electricity, nutrients, and labor. This is especially important if you are working on a grand scale.

Easy to maintain

Learning about how indica, sativa and hybrids grow in their environment can take years of practice. The beauty of our beginner seeds is that they are super easy to maintain, can take a heavy feeding, are highly resistant to pathogens, hot and cold climates and require little maintenance.

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