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Growing outdoors

Who should buy outdoor cannabis seeds?

Anyone and everyone should buy outdoor seeds! Even if you experience short Summers and cold Winters, then we have many seeds that are well suited for all climates, and will produce very impressive results.


Outdoor marijuana seeds when planted in Spring can grow large

Yields per plant are often much greater compared to growing indoors

Large-sized pots such as 50 liters upwards can be used for outdoor plants

There are no electric bills or other expenses, unlike with indoor cultivation

Plants will receive a full spectrum including UV

Properties of outdoor strains

Mold resistant

In order for plants to battle the elements and provide us with terpene rich buds, they need to be mold resistant. This means they are better suited for temperature spikes, wet weather, poor airflow and heat stress. We encourage you to read the product descriptions, as each will state the levels of resistance to pathogens and disease.

Big plants

When it comes to outdoor weed seeds, you can expect big plants! What starts life as a seedling that is carefully nurtured, will soon become a massive tree that requires a ladder in some cases to access. Make sure you give plenty of room and space, and always be ready to add support at the right time.

High yields

Big plants and big yields go hand in hand! Meaning that outdoor seeds can be extremely rewarding and will not only keep your curing jars full for months, there will be plenty of material to make water hash, dry sift or extraction with!

Perpetual harvest with autos

Don’t forget that with autoflowering seeds, you can plant outdoors in a hot climate, from March until November! Otherwise, planting back to back from May until October will be just fine.

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