Grease Monkey Feminized

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Nirvana's Grease Monkey Feminized seeds

Unbelievably resinous and a dream strain for hash makers and extractors, who want to take their work to the next level. Grease Monkey seeds are well suited for beginner growers, and massive yields make her a wonderful choice for all types of growers. The resin on the buds are so sticky they have a greasy glue feel and some say can even stick to a wall.

Created by crossing Original Glue with Cookies and Cream, the results are an outstanding Original Glue dominant hybrid, that commercial growers will admire. Expect hybrid vigor that will express the heavily resinous traits of the Original Glue and retain her knockout potency, as well as the highly desirable Cookie characteristics. If you are looking for the best of the best when it comes to flavor, then Grease Monkey strain seeds are a must.


She is an easy to grow strain, with enormous yields of super greasy buds, perfect for beginner growers, hash makers and extractors. During the growing phase, she is easy to train and will stay low in height, and once flowering will grow to be quite tall and may require staking for extra support.


Grease Monkey Feminized will produce massive buds that are covered in sugar leaf, making her a great voice for extractors.

It is advised to add support once flowering starts to avoid side branches from falling over under weight. She does not require much maintenance and is a very easy to grow strain that reacts well to all types of training and stress.

When harvesting, this cultivar will produce a prolific amount of trichomes that can be used to make bubble hash, dry sift, rosin or BHO.


Similar to the Original Gorilla, this hybrid has the potential to grow huge and exceed 180 cm (70 inches) in height in a hot climate. Growers who experience colder climates will still achieve excellent results outdoors.

Fungal resistance

Grease Monkey is fairly resistant to mold and mildew, and has a strong resilience to heavy winds. Thanks to her Cookie and Gorilla lineage, she is a tough plant that is a good choice for growers who experience short Summers.

Flowering time


Flowering time will range between 8-9 weeks. Grease Monkey Feminized is a prolific producer of trichomes with THC testing above 20% meaning she is best suited for smokers with a high tolerance. Once flowering begins, be extra careful to mask her powerful, pungent aroma indoors, thanks to her excessively loud terpene profile.


We recommend growing in a large sized pot that is 50 liters (13 gallons) and to plant the seeds at the end of April. Plants should be fully mature and ready to harvest by the middle to end of October, depending on phenotype. Grease Monkey Feminized can get very big when grown in a greenhouse and is a heavy feeder.



Grease Monkey is capable of producing abundant harvests of 650 g/m² (2,1 oz per square foot). Smaller sized plants will finish within 60 days and when grown together in a SOG, make for a quick turn around perfect for commercial growers.


Large sized plants have the potential to harvest more than 1000 grams (35.5 oz) per plant, and growers who live in a tropical climate may achieve over 1200 grams (42.5 oz) per plant. Adding support before flowering begins is well recommended to avoid heavy side branches from toppling over with weight.

Plant height & structure

Grease Monkey is a great strain for growers with limited space and plant count. Indoors, she may grow as tall as 120 cm (47 inches) tall once fully mature before harvest, and will develop a bushy, chunky and top-heavy canopy.

Growers with limited height may want to tie the tops down to help control the final height, and those who enjoy being hands-on with their plants and performing training techniques.


Grease Monkey is another wonderful cultivar for training that will reward you with epic yields. Topping the plant can lead to very large plants, and the longer she is kept under 18/6, the more will produce in terms of dry flower. Using a screen can result in enormous yields.

Smell, taste and effect

It will not be long before you feel like you cannot shake this indica dominant monkey off your back. She lays on you heavy with a couch locking, narcotic effect that will blast you into another realm. With THC levels testing at 25%, this strain is best suited for smokers with a high tolerance and those in search of the most potent varieties around.

Her flavors are very special and truly complex, and can be described as a diesel funk and sweet cookie dough combined. Fans of fuel and Cookie strains will quickly fall in love with Grease Monkey Feminized as she expresses the best of both worlds. Also, she is well suited for evening times, lounging out with friends, watching movies, box sets and avoiding any type of heavy movement.

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Genetics Original Glue x Cookies N Cream
Plant type Hybrid
Sex Type Female
Cultivation In & Outdoor
Climate Hot and Cold
Plant height Average
Average Yield 550 - 650 g/m²
Flowering Period 8 - 9 weeks
Seeds per pack 5
Product Type Seeds
Seed Type Feminized
THC High
Effect Euphoric Happy Relaxed
Flavor Citrus Herbal Spicey
Usage Anxiety Pain Stress
Grow Difficulty Easy
Label USA Strains
THC value 18% - 21%
CBD value 0.1% - 1%
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Verified Purchaser

Outdoor Colorado

Omg she grew fast and full as promised. As always service was excellent. She is a heavy resin producer. Greasy sticky is well described. Smell is Diesel FUNK so far no sweet notes 3 weeks into cure. I will repost update after a good smoke session. Large yield. Heavy with leaves. Trimmed very well in my Centurion pro.

Verified Purchaser

Smooth & Flavorful

This one is easy to grow and easier to enjoy. Mine are in 14” pots outdoors. Being potted, they are thirsty girls who love food too. The huge flowers they’re producing look beautiful and the sample bud I tried is very tasty. Harvesting them soon.

Verified Purchaser

Great sticky icky

always a good yield, good conditions yield good results.

Verified Purchaser

Easy to grow

Have grown a couple of times outdoor. Easy to grow, decent producer. Would recommend

Verified Purchaser

Very easy to grow

This was the first plant I grew successfully after killing about five plants in a row. Definitely a great strain for beginners! Very resilient