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Southern Europe is blessed with a hot climate that enjoys sunny skies most of the year, with hot, dry and harsh Summers. Winter months are cooler, mild, and long-winded, meaning that even the most demanding sativa cultivars have a chance to produce spectacular results.

There is so much more leverage when it comes to planting outdoors, living in a Mediterranean climate, so we have taken the time to sift through our favorite strains best suited for Southern Europe. In this list, you will find the more exotic cultivars from our collection, ranging from sativa dominant, to sativa hybrids.

The Mediterranean and surrounding parts may sound like paradise, however to really grow the very best plants in such harsh heat, you need to start with the best genetics and most resilient genetics possible.

From this list, you will be able to find the most suitable cultivars for growers who experience blistering hot, heat waves, followed by a cool and calm Winter season!

Hawaii Maui Waui

Number one on our top 10 list is a tropical sativa from Hawaii, created by back crossing IBL lines together. The result is an aggressively fast-growing, tropical sativa that is well adapted to hot climates, heat waves and drought conditions.

Some phenotypes can finish as quickly as 9 weeks, making her extremely rapid for a sativa and a wise choice for those with colder Winter months. Unbelievably resilient to hot weather and a very impressive yielding cultivar.

Outdoors, this Hawaiian landrace is able to produce 500 grams / 17.5 oz per plant, between 9-11 weeks depending on the phenotype. Expect the buds to form at every part of the branches from top to bottom, so adding support is well advised.

Her aroma and flavor can be described as exotic, tropical, fruity, zesty with lemon and mango notes. The effects are heart racing and intense, with an upbeat, focused and highly motivated mentality, making her perfect for morning and day times.

Super Silver Haze

Super Silver Haze is a Dutch coffeeshop favorite that is on every menu in Amsterdam, that was created by crossing Skunk, Northern Lights and Haze.

A multiple old school cup winner, well known for her massive yields and fat dense colas that can topple over with weight. She is a solid performer outdoors in a hot climate, where plants can become huge. High resilience to mold and powdery mildew, and a good choice for mountainous locations that experience strong winds.

Outdoors, Super Silver Haze can produce a whopping 1200 grams / 42.5 oz per plant in 10 weeks, so be prepared to support those huge side branches early on. Some plants can become very tall, so topping or tying down is one way to help reduce the final height.

Super Silver Haze has a very sharp and bold citrus, floral, earthy and sour aroma and taste. Her effects are sweat inducing, with a racey and cerebral dominant soaring high.

Granddaddy Purple

Granddaddy Purple is a cross of Purple Urkle and Big Bud, well known for her large yields, and how easy she is to grow. A beautiful purple colored plant, that is well suited for a beginner grower.

Thanks to her Skunk parents, this cultivar can endure very hot weather and also adapt well to cold night time temperatures. She fights off pathogens such as mold and mildew, making her well suited for a hot and humid climate.

Outdoors, this hybrid is able to produce yields of 1000 grams+ / 35.5 oz per plant, and even more with training early on. We strongly recommend this cultivar to commercial croppers and anyone who has the space to grow monster plants.

The buds have a fruity, grape, sweet, and berry taste and smell, with an effect that is heavy hitting and best suited for evening times and unwinding.

Candy Kush

Candy Kush is a fast flowering and large yielding cross, made from OG Kush and Trainwreck genetics. A very popular choice amongst growers in California, as she produces incredible results in hot climates.

One of the fastest flowering Kush hybrids we have on offer, with some phenotypes only requiring 50 days to flower. A wonderful strain to grow in a SOG set up, and ideal for greenhouses.

The buds have a sweet, floral, fruity and fuel profile that is long-lasting and very bold. Her effects are more on the cerebral side, so not as devastating as other kushes, and will allow you to get through a to-do list and focus throughout the day.

Lemon OG Haze

Lemon OG Haze is a cross of Lemon Haze and OG Kush, to bring together the best of both worlds. Expect an eye wateringly strong citrus and lemon profile, with thick and long frosted buds.

Well suited for hot and humid Summer months, as well as long Winter seasons, Lemon OG Haze is easy to grow, likes a large amount of nutrients and will reward you will reward you with massive amounts of high grade nugs.

Outdoors, she can produce yields of up to 1000 grams / 35.5 oz per plant, and we advise giving her plenty of room to grow, and add support before flowering starts.

Lemon OG Haze has a very distinct citrus, lemon and tropical taste and aroma, with an effect that can be described as energetic, focused, vibrant and intensely thought-provoking.

Mango Kush

Mango Kush is an exotic cross made using Mango and OG Kush genetics. The result is an exceptionally tough hybrid that performs well during extreme heat. A very versatile and wind resistant cultivar ideal for mountainous regions.

One of the best things about this cultivar is how she loves hot and humid weather, making her ideal for greenhouses and hot stuffy Summers.

Outdoors, Mango Kush will require between 9-11 weeks to flower, and is capable of yielding up to 1000+ grams / 35.5 oz per plant. Well suited for commercial growers and anyone in search of massive yielding hybrids.

The aroma and smell can be described as a cocktail or mango, fruit, sour and floral terpenes with a happy, upbeat and chatty effect perfect for social scenarios and daytime use.

Green Crack

Green Crack is a cross of Skunk #1 and Afghani genetics, known for her intense effects and large yields. A strain that does very well in hot or colder climates, and with a short flowering time of just 8 weeks, you can rest assured you will have some huge frosty buds.

Thanks to her parental lineage, pathogens and disease such as mold and mildew do not affect Green Crack, and she seems to repel insects also.

Outdoors, yields of 1000 grams / 35.5 oz per plant can be achieved and, with plant training during Summer, can easily exceed. We advise applying techniques such as topping, tying down and pruning.

The aroma and flavor of Green Crack is a mixture of fruity, pine, tropical, woody, and mango overtones. Her effects are dreamy, euphoric and very peaceful, accompanied by a relaxing and creative mindset.

Raspberry Cough

Raspberry Cough is a cross of a Cambodian Inter Bred Line with Ice and Haze #1. A sativa dominant long flowering cultivar, that has incredible terpenes and a prolific amount of resin.

She can endure hot weather, drought conditions and is not phased by harsh and dry winds. An excellent strain for greenhouses and polytunnels thanks to her resilience to mold and mildew.

Outdoors, Raspberry Cough is able to produce yields of up to 500 grams / 17.5 oz per plant, in a time of 9-11 weeks depending on the phenotype. Some plants can become very tall, so we recommend tying the canopy down during the vegetative stage, to reduce the final stretch.

Her flavor and aroma can be described as a jam tart, with earthy, pine and berry notes. The effect is well-balanced and will express the racey and energetic sativa influence more, enhancing creativity and focus throughout the day.


Papaya is a long flowering hybrid created by crossing Citral and Ice. We brought together some of the most resistant plants possible to produce very resilient and tough performers.

An incredible strain for hot and humid Summer seasons, and a solid performer under the worst conditions. She is not phased by mildew, insects, or mold and can be left to flower over the Winter season without any problems.

Outdoors, Papaya plants are able to produce 500 grams / 17.5 oz per plant, and will require 11 weeks before ready to harvest. She can take large amounts of nutrients and, thanks to her bushy and stocky profile, is an excellent candidate for plant training. Papaya is difficult to grow and is best suited for growers with experience with sativas.

Papaya has a very rich and fruity aroma and taste similar to fresh papaya fruit, mixed with tropical fruits and mango. The effect is clear, focused and energized, followed by a calming body buzz.

Green Poison

We end the list with Green Poison, created from interbreeding and forming an extremely stable line, this strain is a fast flowering and large yielding cultivar.

Well adapted to heat stress, dry winds and cold temperatures, Green Poison works amazingly well outdoors in a hot climate. Plants will stay short and bushy, making her a good candidate for Sea of Green setups.

Outdoors, yields of up to 650 grams / 23 oz per plant and be ready to harvest in as little as 7-9 weeks. Combined with resistance to pathogens and a rapid flowering time, she is the ideal choice for growers in Southern Europe who demand a quick and sturdy, special outdoor cultivar.

Green Poison has a taste and aroma that can be described as tropical, fruity, earthy and pungent. The effects can be devastatingly strong, leaving you glued to the couch.

Honorable Mentions

These may not have made the Top 10 list, however, Sour Diesel, Gelato, and Matanuska are also excellent candidates and thrive during hot and humid Summers and long Winter seasons.

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We hope that our top 10 best strains for Southern Europe have helped you gain the upper hand. Heat stress is a serious problem for many outdoor growers, so this is why all of the above cultivars and ones from our honorable mentions list can endure heat stress, drought conditions and hot dry winds.

Stoney Tark

Stoney Tark has been involved with cannabis for over 15 years. During this time, he has become head writer for the long-standing magazine; Soft Secrets, a position he has held for the last ten years, alongside writing for every other main publication.

Author of Stoney Tark’s Top Tips on Growing Cannabis, host of The Roll Models Podcast, breeder and sponsored by SANlight LED. Stoney is well versed in many systems and methods of growing, including, Organics, Hydroponics, Breeding, and Hash production. 

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