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"This story starts off almost 40 years ago, during a time when Amsterdam was the pinnacle of Cannabis in Europe. The founder of Nirvana Seeds is Mau, who gathered his experience working alongside Positrons during the late 1980s and discovered the blueprint to run a successful seed bank combined with an endless passion for the plant."

Origins of Nirvana Seeds

Mau would travel in search for the very best and most diverse Cannabis genetics on the planet. That would later be taken back to Amsterdam and extensively worked on. With a vision to create unique, top-quality hybrids that had not been seen before.

Nirvana Seeds was officially started in 1995 and since then, working as a close-knit and highly driven team, has created over 40 different hybrids that are offered as regular Cannabis seeds, feminized Cannabis seeds or feminized autoflowering Cannabis seeds.

It has been over 25 years that we have worked with a long-term vision in an ever-changing marketplace to strive to be the best seed bank we can be, keeping our repeat customers more than satisfied during that time.

The Dutch Influence

Nirvana Seeds is extremely proud to have established our roots in Holland when Cannabis breeding and a thriving coffee shop culture were at the forefront. We believe one of the reasons why Dutch breeders are the best choice is down to the history associated with Holland. Some old school pioneer breeders that established many of the original seed companies and breeding blocks many of us are familiar with today.

Over 30 years ago, working on breeding projects in Amsterdam was not so easy, and a constant cat and mouse scenario with the local authorities. It was during this time when Amsterdam became famous for the top quality flower that was available 24 hours a day in most coffee shops. This would also become the standard for many breeders to see what strains were selling in the coffee shops and what the marketplace wanted.

Combined with seed sales in stores, we were able to fine tune our breeding projects to exactly what the growers and smokers at that time wanted in terms of effect and diversity. Since then, we have strived forward and persistently adapted to the demands of recreational and medicinal users, as well as keeping up with the latest trends emerging overseas.

Old School and Modern Genetics

With over 25 years of experience, moral authority and expertise, we have managed to create a portfolio of cultivars that boasts over 40 photoperiod strains and 16 autoflowering feminized strains. We feel at Nirvana Seeds that choice is everything and one of the reasons we offer the old school vintage Dutch hybrids, down to the modern-day American hybrids that are soaring with popularity within the European marketplace.

Stoney Tark

Stoney Tark has been involved with cannabis for over 15 years. During this time, he has become head writer for the long-standing magazine; Soft Secrets, a position he has held for the last ten years, alongside writing for every other main publication.

Author of Stoney Tark’s Top Tips on Growing Cannabis, host of The Roll Models Podcast, breeder and sponsored by SANlight LED. Stoney is well versed in many systems and methods of growing, including, Organics, Hydroponics, Breeding, and Hash production. 

Well known in the public eye for his easy-to-understand and detailed breakdowns of all things related to cannabis. 

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