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There's truly nothing quite like the exhilarating satisfaction of surpassing your own personal best records and reaping the rewards of robust, top-quality cannabis plants. From our extensive selection of feminized strains, we've carefully curated a list of the top 5 cultivars that stand as the pinnacle of high yields and exceptional quality.

These varieties are an absolute dream for commercial-scale growers and individuals fortunate enough to bask in long, sun-drenched summers and hotter climates. With these strains, you can experience the joy of cultivating flourishing cannabis plants that consistently deliver impressive harvests.

Amnesia Haze Feminized

Kicking off our list is the illustrious Amnesia Haze Feminized, a true cannabis connoisseur's delight and the proud recipient of the 2012 Amsterdam Sativa Cup. This strain, renowned in coffeeshops across Europe and especially beloved in the UK, is a sativa-dominant hybrid that demands a patient grower. With a flowering time of 11-13 weeks, the wait may seem extensive, but trust us, it's well worth it. Amnesia Haze lives up to its reputation by bestowing cultivators with an abundant harvest, ranging from 550 to 650 grams per square meter.

Sporting a THC content hovering around 20%, this hybrid is versatile, catering to both novice growers and those with ample experience. To accommodate its massive yields of sharp, resinous, and densely packed buds, we recommend providing support to the side branches during the flowering stage. Prepare to be amazed by the bounty this lady can produce.

Amnesia Haze Feminized offers a flavor profile that's as vibrant as its cultivation reputation. With bold notes of earthiness, citrus, lemon, and a delicate hint of floral undertones, this flavor journey remains consistent from the very first puff to the last draw of a joint or blunt. The hash and extracts crafted from this strain have attained legendary status, boasting numerous accolades and cups in recognition of their exquisite quality.

Beyond its extraordinary taste and resinous rewards, the effects of Amnesia Haze are equally impressive. This cultivar delivers a euphoric, invigorating, and upbeat mindset that's perfect for those seeking a morning or daytime companion. Whether you're looking to boost creativity, motivation, or simply elevate your mood, Amnesia Haze has you covered.

Furthermore, this world-class strain shines outdoors, thriving remarkably well in hot climates. Its resilience and exceptional performance make it a valuable asset for growers seeking bountiful yields and top-tier quality. In the realm of cannabis cultivation, Amnesia Haze Feminized is truly worth its weight in gold.

Original Glue Feminized

When it comes to potency and big yields, you can always rely on, Original Glue Feminized has THC levels of 25% and has won multiple Cannabis cups in recent years. A cross of Chem’s Sister with Chem’s Sister and Chocolate Diesel, this lady is capable of producing huge yields of 550 - 650 G/M², growing tall and taking between 8-9 weeks before flowering is finished. A very aromatic hybrid that has exceptional resin production, giving her the name.

The flavor can be described as musky, solvent, chemical, earthy, pungent with pine notes, that is very distinct and easily recognizable. The effects can be on the heavy side and leave you couch locked with a feel-good high and clarity. One of the most complex terpene profiles around, and an excellent choice for beginner and commercial growers looking to keep their curing full to the brim for months at a time.

This truly a strain that should be shared with all growers. Use the following code: PM8HWVL2 during checkout and receive one pack of these magnificent beasts for free!

Chemdog Feminized

This lady is easily one of the biggest producers we have to offer, producing whooping yields of 800 G/M². Chemdog Feminized is a fast flowering hybrid taking 63 days and was created by crossing OG Kush and Sour Diesel, resulting in a fuel powerhouse that tests at 21% THC and 1.5% CBD. Plants will grow with a bushy structure and grow thick side branches packed full of stacked up nugs oozing with resin. A highly recommended strain for both cash croppers and medical patients searching for abundant yields of knockout flower.

Her aroma when flowering can be described as diesel, fuel, pine, musky, spicy woody with a mild citrus edge. When smoking Chemdog Feminized has a very earthy, chemical, gas, and fuel taste with a lip-licking coating of creamy fuel with citrus notes. The effects can be very potent and physical, meaning this strain is best suited for smokers with a high tolerance. Chemdog Feminized is an easy to grow strain that has the power, flavor, terpenes and yield to keep any grower happy.

Somango XXL Feminized

For those who enjoy tropical and fruity terps, then we offer Somango XXL Feminized, and as the name suggests she is one of our biggest-yielding hybrids. A cross of Somango and Critical 47, so flowering time will take 56-70 days depending on phenotype, with harvests as large as 550 - 600 G/M². Her chunky compact colas grow from top to bottom of every branch, and we recommend growing Somango XXL Feminized in SCROG, to take her yields to the next level. THC levels will test around 20% and will finish to a medium-tall height.

Somango XXL has a mouth-watering flavor that is very moorish and tasty and can be described as fresh mango, tropical, sweet, floral, and fruity. An absolutely delicious flavor that comes out incredibly well as rosin or BHO. Her effects are clear, relaxed, happy, joyful with a rising euphoria. A wonderful strain for daytime use, social scenarios, and sparking a creative side.

Blue Dream Feminized

We added Blue Dream Feminized to our top 5 list because she will not only keep you in an elevating dream state, but she is a dream to grow and can produce huge yields. A local cash cropper in Humboldt and a great choice for a beginner grower. Created by crossing Blueberry and Haze #1, flowering time will take 7-9 weeks and yields of 600 - 650 G/M² can be achieved indoors with a Sea of Green and outdoors upto 1000+ G/M². This lady can grow tall and is recommended to add support using bamboo canes or a trellis to stop the large buds from toppling over as flowering is under way.

Blue Dream Feminized has a remarkable sweet and floral taste that has overtones of blueberry, cherry, candy with citrus notes. Her effect is calming, clear with a soothing and relaxing physical body that is not tiring and ideal for morning and daytime and can keep you in an alert but dream state. A massive producer that is famous in California and a wise strain for commercial growers and anyone who relies on heavy harvests of top shelf flowers.

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